Too many Books.

I haven’t been reading that much lately which is slightly stupid for me. Even though I haven’t dived into a new book I have recently bought five new books. Let me explain why this is a bit of a problem.

1. I have no more room on my book shelves.

I have tried really hard to fit more but it there no room.  I now have the problem of slowly growing pile of books on the floor which I have nearly stepped on quite a few times. I have moved the pile beside the shelve but it hasn’t helped that much.

2. I have around twenty books I still haven’t read.

I have become a little obsessed with buying books. I will happily pay over £5 for a book (over £10 is my limit though, I sadly do not own a river of money flowing out of my purse.) I have only once successfully went into Waterstones (a book store in the UK, I don’t know if its world wide.) and walked out empty handed. That was only because I had made myself a challenge to not buy anymore books until after my birthday. Which I failed by buying three beautiful new books a month before. (I did go three month without buying books this is a accomplishment, right?)

I am also finding that now I know that by buying really pretty books I can have an awesome book collection that looks great in my room. I end up buying more and more. It has come to the point that sometimes after finishing one book I will have raised my collection with at least three more books.

I do know that this post has turned slightly into a rant but anyway…

I love finding new books that I would never have thought of reading and I love my fast growing book collection but I need to start reading again before I don’t even know which books I have read and which books I haven’t. This is where you my fellow readers get involved. I don’t know where to start. I have listed three of the books I haven’t read and it is up to you guys what I  will read next. So please could you help me, a fellow reader in need of some help? Also I will do a book review on it after wards.

I will upload a new film review soon also I am thinking of reviewing the BBC Series of Sherlock ( Series 1 – 3) as the fourth series is coming soon. I think.

Thank you for reading

Lauren x




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