Basic Buttercream – Cake Making!

A lot of people really liked my sponge recipe so I think the next step after perfecting your lovely sponge is the icing.

Now there are lots of different types of icings but a quite simple icing which is used for cakes is buttercream(also known as butter icing) but it can take a little bit to get it right.

For a while I couldn’t make buttercream as I kept on over beating it and let us just say there was a lot of tears and curdled buttercream.

So it is a little different ways for making buttercream it really depends on your equipment.

If you have an electric mixer I would recommend using that as you will get an extremely creamy icing and it is really nice and quite.

If you do not have an type of electric mixer that is fine. It is not neccasary to have one especially if your just starting to bake so your wooden spoon will be fine

I will tell you the different ways seperatly but first I shall give you a recipe which is enough icing to decorate 12 cupcakes. Or to fill a two layered cake and dirty ice it(I will explain in another post what this means.).


100g butter (I use stork but you are best to use proper butter.)

225g Icing Sugar

1 tbsp Milk (You can add less or more if your like depending on the consistency.)

1/2 tsp Vanilla Extract (You can choose to leave this out because it tastes fine with or without)

By Hand

In a bowl place the butter and icing sugar. Slowly with a wooden spoon cream gently together. When the butter and sugar are combined if consistency to stiff add milk and mix.

If you would to add vanilla add now.

By Mixer

In a bowl place the butter. With a hand mixer beat until pale and fluffy(about 4 – 5 minutes). Slowly add the icing sugar in stages to make sure you don’t get covered in it. (No snow storms today, thank you very much.)  Beat in between each stages until all icing sugar is mixed in. When the icing is light and fluffy add the milk and beat for about a minute.

Add the flavouring if you would like and have quick final beat to make sure everything is combined.

And et swala!!! You now have a small amount of buttercream.

If it didn’t really work out for you the first time. Don’t worry just try again, everything will be okay just don’t cry. (I did that once was not fun.)

Baking is suppose to be enjoyable so there is no point crying over curdled buttercream. Honestly you will laugh about in a few months times looking back after you have nailed the art of making buttercream.

So now you have learnt how to make a basic sponge and a basic buttercream (icing) to go along with that lovely cake. But what would you like to learn next??

Another flavour of cake??

Another Icing??

Something completely different??

You choose!!! I will try my best to show you how and if I can’t I can easily try and see what I can do.

So I hope you enjoyed my second recipe. I am back in action now on this blog so keep an eye out for some new posts.

I am thinking about taking in the booktubeathon even though I am not a book tuber I would love to take part so I am thinking of what books I have to read and I will keep you all posted.

Lauren x




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