The Potion Diaries – Amy Alward

I read this and well it was pretty good.

So as you may have guessed from a few posts back I was having a kind of reading slump. Simply I was reading a book that I has been on my bookshelves for a while so I read it and I plodded through it slowly and I just didn’t really get in the story. It was a nice ending but it wasn’t great. Then I started The Potion Diaries and it was a nice book.

The book is about a princess who gives herself a love potion and people have to try to find a cure for her. One of those people is called Samantha Kemi(I think its that but her name is Samantha, its too late at night.) and she is part of what used to be one of the most respected potion makers. But as the world is being taking over with synthetic potions will Sam be able to win the competition, save the princess’ life and prove that natural potions are better than synths.

I enjoyed this book. It was cute and at some moments I thought I was a bit old for reading it but I liked it. The story line was slightly predictable but I think I’m used to a lot of twists and turns.

But I have one problem. I finished the book and the next page had a picture that looked like the cover and it said The Potion Diaries 2. Now, there was nothing wrong with the ending of this book so I do not understand why I you need another book when there is not really anything you could add. Bear in mind it is coming out next year and I will probably not reading the sequel.

I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to have an easy read which is funny and just a lovely story.


So I think I’m going to bake something next week because it has been a ridiculously long time since I have baked something, and I call myself a baker.

I shall post about whatever I end up making because I think it would be interesting!!! (Maybe, maybe not I don’t know!)

I am about to start The Queen of Tearling which I bought in the airport on my travels so keep an eye out for a review very soon. Also I have finally watched this first hobbit and loved it so I bought the first lord of the rings which I shall watch and review!!!

So I have a few things planned for le blog which should be cool but I will post soon.

Lauren x





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