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The other day I was just having a read of a blog post on Bibliophile Gathering and it was a tag post and at the end Taylor (one of the bloggers on the blog) tagged everyone who was reading the post.

So I decided to answer the questions because I really have wanted to do another tag and the question were quite interesting. By the time I finished reading the questions my brain was wizzing about with ideas. Now here I am going to answer those questions.

1)  If you could only read three books for the rest of your life, what books would you pick?

I couldn’t really pick three but  I was trying to think of books I could reread and not get bored. So I would pick :

Fault in Our Stars – John Green

Because I love to have a good cry and it is a great book.

Fangirl – Rainbow Rowell

It is such a great book and I love it.

The Queen of Tearling – Erika Johanson

I really loved this book aswell and I think if I reread it I would learn alot from the characters. It also mentions alot of books and there a few moments that make me smile.

2) What’s the most recent book that changed your life?

Am I normal yet? – Holly Bourne

Holly Bourne always focuses on such series issues so I have learnt alot from the two books of hers that I have read. Also after reading Am I Normal Yet? I realised I was a feminist which sounds a bit strange but it is a strong topic in the book and I agreed with alot of what was being said. So I think that has been the most recent.

3) If you could turn one book into a movie, what would it be?

I really want the Uglies series by Scott Westerfield to be turned into a film. I think it would be really cool because I love the story line anyway but to actually show people and say this is what our planet it turning into would be cool.

But I am going to be really picky here and say that because I would love to make films as a job when I’m older I would really like to make the film myself. That may sound a bit strange but I’m really picky with films that are made from books and I have been disappointed before.

4) How many books have you read this year?

I don’t really know. Now I have a really rubbish reason but I don’t normally count how many books I read in a year but I would really like to know. Just to see how much I read. But I am thinking that it would be about 15 or more.

For some reason I cannot remember what books I read in January or February which is annoying. But around about 15 + I think.

5) What’s your top five most hated/disliked books that you’ve read?

In no particular order.

Paper Towns – John Green

I was just a bit confused and there was parts I liked but I was so confused by the end. Super disappointed because it had so much hype about.

The Cone Gatherers – 

I am doing this book for my English exam and it is so weird and some of the characters creep me out. But we are like taking everything apart and I just hate it. It is really well written but I just don’t like it.

Exodus –

Another book from school. I am not going to read the other two in the series because I just don’t care for the story. I would love to know what happens to the character but it took so long to read the one book in class that I am just so fed up with it. So fed up.

The sad thing is that I think I would of liked it if I read it by choice and not got dragged through it by my English teacher.

Mrs Frisby and the Rats of Nimh

As you may guess another school read. This was the one and only book my english class read in my first year of Secondary School and man it was boring.

The story was about talking animals and animal testing and horrible humans and it was just terrible.

It took about 2 -3 months to read and it was about 200 pages long.

Now the next two books I didn’t hate them but they were a bit disappointing.

Eleanor and Park – Rainbow Rowell

I don”t know why I found it disappointing. Okay I wanted a different ending. I demand a sequel to tell me what happens please!!

Looking for Alaska – John Green

It looks like I don’t like John Green but it just was an okay ending. Alot of hype about it and it had some pretty good moments but I just didn’t feel satisfied with the end.


6) If you could spend the day with three authors, who would they be and what would you do?

Jacqueline Wilson

Because I have read so many of her books when I was younger and I adore her so much.

Holly Bourne

Because I would love to discuss her books and how she manages to get so much serious issues into her writing without making the reader feel like you are being giving a boring lesson about something.

anddd finally

Giovanna Fletcher

Because I love her books and she seems really lovely.

We would have afternoon tea somewhere and talk about everything. Also I would get writing tips from them.

Side note

I have just realised the authors I chose were all females. Oh well. GIRL POWER!!

7) If you live in a fictional world, what would it be?

Narnia or Game of Thrones (Kings landing)

I really like Narnia because everyone seems so lovely but I would love to be in like Game of Thrones world because I love the clothes and I think there are some badass women that I would be friends with.

 8) What do you love most about reading?

The thing I love most about reading is when you dive yourself into a fictional world and you meet these amazing people and you feel like you are part of the story. I really love that I can get attached to characters so quickly so if something bad happens to them, I will cry as you all may be aware from my many reviews where I tell you that I have cried once again.

9) If you could turn a book cover into clothing, what cover would it be and what kind of clothing?

Ohhhhh, ummmmm,

It would have to be a cape because I really want a cape because I am weird and sometimes I use my blanket (it has snowflakes on it) and I feel like I am a Jedi (a very festive Jedi).

So it would be a cape. But oooohhh I don’t know. Dorothy must Die.

I love the cover, I haven’t read the book yet, because I’m reading it next month but I love the cover.

Dorothy must Die cape.

10) Do you read in public?

Sometimes but I feel really awkward because I can’t dive myself into the story. I think I might cry or laugh stranglely and I feel like someone might be watching me for some reason. I am very self aware so yes but not that much.


There are my answers.

Now for my questions

1) What was your favourite book as a child??

2) Favourite snack to have while reading.

3) Top 5 Books you have read.

4) Favourite reading spot.

5) The worst book you read at school.

6) Top 3 books recommendation for people who would like to start reading.

7) A book you bought but don’t remember why?

8) What one author would you like to meet and what would be the one question you ask them?

9) Most disappointing book adaptation.

10) Favourite go to book recommendation.

I tag you, yes you, the person who is reading this, answer my questions, please and leave a link to them in the comments!!!

I hope you enjoyed the tag and I shall see you next week with a another new post!!

Lauren x







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