Fall Out Boy Concert

On the 4th October I went to see Fall Out Boy in concert.

I enjoyed it but I found out the hard way that I do not like being surrounded by too many people. Yeahyyy.

I have been to quite a few concerts in my time but I have always had a seat and I have always gone with an adult so this was the first time of going to a standing concert and without an adult, which was interesting to say the least.

I went to the concert with my friend Phoenix (yes that is her real name and it is even more awesome because she loves harry potter (I know right)). When we went into the venue, it wasn’t overly busy when so we managed to get not too far from the stage. But by the time the concert started at 7pm it was packed and we ended up realising we were right in the middle.

Sadly we had to troll through three support acts which I wasn’t too impressed with. There was Charley Marley, who I found annoying and overly Lad like, then we had Matt and Kim, who were partners but swore a lot when speaking to the audience but Kim (a female) was a drummer which I thought was so cool, because female power. Then there was Professor Green, who I am not that keen on but he was as annoying as on the recording, so yeah.

Finally just after 9pm, Fall Out Boy entered the stage, they went straight in with three songs in a row. By this time I was really hot and pretty sweaty as the gap of personal space went to a minimum.

Fall Out Boy played quite a few older songs and they sounded amazing. I was really impressed. It was just so good.

Phoenix and I eventually ended going to the side as it was getting really hot and stuffy and she needed a drink.

We both bought band tees which cost £25. £25!!! Which I kind of grudged but I will probably not go to another Fall Out Boy concert for a few reasons so I just decided to get the classic band tee with all the dates on the bag.

It was about 11.30pmish and we were both feeling kind of tired. We decided that we would leave a little early because we both had school and we just decided it was probably time to go. We listen to the amazing awesome My Song Knows What You Did in The Dark and then walked to the car park where my mum picked us up.

I did really enjoy it but I wouldn’t say it was my favourite concert because the support act kind of let it down and I have now found out I like to have a seat. But it was definitely worth seeing Fall Out Boy live because they sound exactly the same as they do on the recording which is really, really good.

I am writing this post the day after, while I am at school feeling pretty damn tired from having just about 6 hours sleep but I hope you enjoyed this post and I shall see you soon.

Lauren x


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