Booktober Catch Up – Week 2


I have gone off schedule with my books. In my week one catch up which you can see here. I had started Dorothy Must Die and I was about to get my friend’s copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone. Now I read the Harry Potter very quickly and loved it and I was going to get the second book off my friend when I decided to look on a USB stick my mum was given a while ago that someone had put a lot of ebooks on there because they knew I liked to read. But that was when my reading range was quite small and I hadn’t discovered Waterstones yet.

I looked over the different authors and OMG THERE WAS SO MANY GREAT AUTHORS AND BOOKS. You have no idea how irritated I was that I hadn’t looked sooner. Just to give you a little taster of what was on there.

  • Game of Thrones (the majority of the series) – J.R.R Martin
  • The whole entire Harry Potter series
  • The whole entire Lord Of The Rings series
  • A lot of Charles Dickens
  • The whole entire series of Narnia
  • Rivers Of London – Ben Aaronovitch (A book that I have been wanting to read so badly)
  • A few books by Markus Zusak
  • Clockwork Prince – Cassandra Clare (Book One)
  • Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass
  • And many many more

You know can see why I was annoyed with myself but I did a happy dance then happily transferred about 20 new beautiful books to my kindle, a device I haven’t used in ages.

So as I own the whole Harry Potter Series and I loved the first one so much, I decided to start Chamber of Secrets and my kindle says that I am 76% the way through. At the same time as reading the Harry Potters I have finally made some progress with Dorothy Must Die and now I am more than half way through. Ohhhh it is a good book. I really do love it, I love the characters the twist in such a classic story. I just can’t wait to see what happens.

But this means that I will probably not read one of the books that I planned to do so in October but I will just wait and see what I am feeling like reading and I will keep you updated.

I have been lucky with my book choice seeing that I am enjoying the books I am reading or have read so far. Are you have a successful Booktober aswell?? What are you reading and have you ever had a moment finding out that you have had wonderful books under your nose and not known about it. Well please leave a comment telling me if you have any Wonderful tales for me and what your Booktober reads are.

I hope you enjoyed this post and hopefully it is a higher standard than my other update. Onwards and upwards. Also my next post is about something exciting I plan on doing during the month of November which I think some of you may enjoy aswell *in a cheesy presenter voice* so stay tuned kids.

I shall have a post as soon as I can.

Lauren x


4 thoughts on “Booktober Catch Up – Week 2

    • LaurenTheBookNerd says:

      I definitely would have a go and see if you like it but it totally worth the read. But I still haven’t finished but would recommend it. Especially if its on your TBR. I have been wanting to read it for quite a few months so go for it!!


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