Booktober Catch Up – Week 3

Final week of Booktober, holy moly it’s been a busy month for me. A recurring sentence I have been saying is, and I quote “I have no time.” So once again any time turners or if you have a spare tardis lying around, please can I borrow it?

This week I got a lot of reading done because I was in the car for a while and now I have finally finished Dorothy Must Die.

You all should totally go and read this book right now. It is so, so worth it. I love it and I need to read the other books but I can’t buy them until I read some of the books I haven’t read yet because I have a problem that includes 35ish unread books. Not good people, not good.

But as I have finished 3 of my books it means I am actually on schedule. (Round of applause, please. Thank you.)

I started One Million Lovely Letters and just now I am about half way through. It is such a great book and Jodi’s story is pulls at the heart strings. Also I did not know this but she has a website which is One Million Lovely which you should all go and check out because what these lovely people are doing is just amazing. If you need some reassurance that there still is good, friendly people please go read this book.

I haven’t finished the book yet but I would totally recommend it.

So final week people, we will get through this and then next week I will be doing my wrap up and telling what I am planning on reading for November.

I think I am going to have a film review next week as well because I recently went to see the Martian and oh my, it was amazing.

I am going on an adventure this weekend and I will explain it more in my next post.

See you Soon

Lauren x


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