Star Wars : Force Awakens Film Review

I have finally seen the new Star Wars and it was seriously good.

*****SPOILER ALERT*********

There was a local showing of Force Awakens so I decided that I was going to see then because it wasn’t going to cost as much as your usual cinema. Also during my Christmas holidays I was quite busy so I didn’t have time to go see the film during my time off.

But finally I have seen it and honestly it felt like you were watching the next part of the original films. I really liked that.

If you don’t know what Star Wars is or if you don’t like Star Wars, all I have to say is you either have been living under a rock or you haven’t actually watched the films. So if you do get the chance to watch them, give them a chance because they are amazing.

Force Awakens is simply about the next generation of Jedi. Han Solo and Princess Leia have had a son but he has turned to the dark side.

I really enjoyed the Force Awakens. I loved it. The new characters are amazing, there were some funny references from the past films. There is simply everything you could ever want from a Star Wars films.

The good guys, a new evil Darth Vader type figure, epic battles, battles in space, space ships, light sabers, more light sabers and more epicness.


I really enjoyed this film but the only thing was and this may sound slightly strange but I have watched What If (I wrote a review of this wonderful film which you can read here!!). In this film you have Adam Driver who is a great actor and in What if he plays a really funny character. Now if you have watched the film you will understand the moment I am meaning when I say the nacho moment.

What if - Nacho gif

I knew Adam Driver was in the new Star Wars but I was given quite a big suprise when he took off his mask. I just kept on picturing him saying the quote that you can see in the gif above.

But honestly the best way to show you my reaction is with this.

reaction to star wards


I did honestly really enjoy this film and I cannot wait to see what happens next.

(Ba ba ba baaa baaaa ba ba ba baaaaa baaa ba ba ba baaaa ba bada da baaaa) (That is the Star Wars theme by the way)

(Also this is the representation of my mind (as it was blown) the film blew my mind okay…)



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