Roverway – Briefing One

So this has eventually went up because stupid Lauren had decided to do too many things. Which was very stupid especailly when she should be revising rather than making a blog post. Exam problems. Am I right!!

A few months ago I went on my first briefing event for Roverway 2016. This was to meet the people who were going to roverway aswell as being told more information. Everyone was really freat. That is what I have found with guiding events (and scouts) everyone there is so lovely and you can have a good old laugh which is great.

I can now say I am in a patrol. A crazy patrol which is nameless at the moment as were thinking of calling the patrol #squafgoals. But we have all decided to change it but we haven’t thought of anything to replace squadgoals yet.

This was probably the only camp I have been to where we had dominos pizza for dinner and it was great. But myself and a few others have learnt if food is arriving you should stay in the hall rather than go back to your tent to get something.

At night we had a party that you had to dress up as something beginning with R and som eof the costumes were really impressive. There was a Ron (Weasley), some French revolutionaries, red riding hood and Russell from Up which I have to say was my favourite costume. I was ashamed at myself at how little effort I had put in my own costume. Which was Ramona Flowers but all I did was wear a tshirt that looked like something she would wear.

After prizes were given out to the best costumes there was some music put on. But as it was getting late and my patrol were getting a bit tired so we sat round a table. This was only until Let It Go started playing, this was when I found out we had som big frozen fans who were not afraid at all to join the others on the dance floor to belt out the Disney tune.



I didn’t let it go (yes that is a frozen joke, you’re welcome) until Bohemian Rhapsody came on which was just our table belting out the words and instrumental parts as you have to anytime this song is played. (I honestly think this should be a law for British people even though it may end with some awkward situations!!)

I did have a laugh when 500 miles by the Proclaimers came on as it is a tradition at any primary school disco to play it and everyone to sing along. But even though we were all teenagers and slightly weary everyone san along.

Even though I was having a ball sitting at a table singing along to some classic songs I was very happy to crawl in my sleeping bag to get some well needed sleep. (Little side note, I can sleep anywhere so I seriously enjoy sleeping in a tent.) So that night I fell aswell very happily in a tent with a fellow senior section member who I have just met the day before. But I couldn’t have been happier.

I am in the guides (well senior section) and at guide camp we are usually up quite early so we have time for all the activities planned but in the morning at breakfast I found it absolutely hilarious seeing at how tired everyone looked. It was so funny. A scout in my patrol explained that they are used to getting up at 9/10am at camp rather than 7.30. That was probably the most quiet breakfats ever.

We all were told lots and lots of information about roverway and tips on how to survive a jamboree. We were also shown pictures of the kit we would be able to get and in a few months time we shall be getting our kit. Which is super exciting.

One of the things talked about was swaps. If you have been abroad with guiding or scouting you will know what these are but for you none guiding/scouting folk.

Swaps are different badges, neckers, food or basically anything from your country that you can take to a jamboree that has guides/scouts from other countires who will also take things from their own country. Then you can swap badges/neckers etc with the other people and then you have a memory from that camp.

I am all organised with my swaps and I am using my scotiishness as an advantage. Let us just say I have many scottish badges.

This was just the first briefing weekend for Roverway. There will be another brieing weekend in April which I have sorted out how I’m getting there already!! (Organisation) I will do a post about that after returning and I promise it won’t be so late. Ooops

I hope your enjoying reading about my Roverway 2016 adventure so far if you have no clue what I am talking here is a link to my first post about Roverway.


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