The Killer Queen – Short Story

A woman sat on a majestic throne in the middle of an empty room. The only decorations were four large red drapes that hung over the four windows that let in only a small amount of light. On all four of the drapes was a crest made up of a sword that was speared through an apple which was a dark moss green.

The woman in the room would be described by everyone as beautiful but this was not true all of the time. For instance at that moment the woman had small cracks in her skin as if she was a china doll which had been played with roughly by an ungrateful child. Even though her seven servants were horrified by these unnatural cracks they did not dare say a word, afraid they might lose their head or worse their soul.

The woman had dark red lips, pale skin as white as snow and hair as black as coal. Her eyes were dark blue and burned with anger. She was clothed in a dark blue gown which fitted to her chest so that you could see every curve on her body. The dress flared out draping over her legs. The woman had her hair in a pleat which rested over her shoulder and was nearly as long as her dress.

Although her mind was filled with fury she had not always been this angry and so addicted to dark magic. She, like every other girl had been good once. When she was younger she had grown up in a very privileged household but even though her child hood was filled with fond memories she had spent a short time under a sleeping curse. This was her first taste of magic. It was as though her whole body felt more alive than ever, she wished that it would never end. But this never came true as she was awoken by a prince whom she married not for love but power. Suspiciously her new husband fell ill and died a few days later. This was when her rule began. This was when she destroyed her name of Snow White and transformed into a power hungry, magic addicted queen that was known as the Killer Queen.

This new title had given after people from the Kingdom that she ruled in started to go missing. Nothing was done about these mysterious disappearings. So her people decided to be patient and wait for a new leader to come but their Queen’s death never came and still many years later she was still as young and beautiful as the first day she stepped into that kingdom.

The doors jolted open, snapping the woman out of her daydream. She was feeling weak and needed something to make her feel more youthful. Two of her servants dragged in a young girl. She was kicking and screaming, trying to get away from the grasp of the Killer Queen. Sadly her efforts were unsuccessful as she now found herself face to face with her queen.

The Queen sneered “You peasant girls are always so filthy,” she said in disgust. The Queen lifted the girl’s arm to inspect it “And you’re always so thin.”

She let go of the girl’s arm and cleaned her hands on a pristine white handkerchief. The Queen walked back towards her throne, her hair and gown flowing across the ground behind her. She turned to face the girl and effortlessly moved her hand to the side. A small cloud of green smoke appeared and faded away. There was now a small round table holding a large bowl filled with moss green apples. The girl stepped back slightly terrified by this magic.

“Are you hungry, dear?” the Queen asked politely.

The girl didn’t make a single noise.

“ANSWER ME GIRL!” the Queen commanded, frustrated that this girl wasn’t like the others who would run towards the fruit filled bowl and eat with delight but while slowly suffocating and then have their soul taken away from them.

“Of course I’m hungry with you as my Queen,” the girl answered with spite. Her cheeks were red with rage and her eyes filled with tears of long years of pain and suffering.

“We have a feisty one here,” the Queen cackled throwing her head back making it echo around the room in an eerie way.

“You have been my Queen for all of my years and there has not been one moment that I have not starved.” The girl pleaded “Why won’t you die?”

Tears spilled out of the girl’s eyes and rolled down her cheeks.

The Queen came close to the girl and replied quietly “Well this is your lucky day.”

The girl looked confused, she wiped the tears that were still in her eyes and started wondering what this meant.

“You’re going to find out my secret to life,” the Queen whispered in her ear.

The girl’s eyes were filled with terror, trying to guess what the Queen was going to do with her. She looked around the room hoping that there was some way to flee from this evil tyrant. Her eyes pleaded with the stony faced guard but there was no response, no flicker of emotion.

The Queen clasped her hands around the girl’s face.

“This won’t hurt a bit,” the Queen said then inhaled and starting chanting.

White smoke rushed out of the girl’s body and dashed into the Queen’s. The girl let out a loud shriek of pain.

The cracks that once were on the Queen’s face were now gone and the once young girl now lay on the ground shrivelled and old. The girl was barely breathing and sobbing quietly.

“Oh, I lied,” the Queen said wickedly. “Take it away and bring another one!”

The servants lifted up the withered girl and dragged her out of the room while another girl was brought unaware of the fate that awaited her.




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