Roverway 2016 – Breifing Two




This is my third post about Roverway so if you have no idea what I am talking about then click here to go right back to the beginning.

On Wednesday 13th April I took a plane from Inverness to London Luton Airport. This was 3 days before the actual briefing weekend but my family and I decided to stay in London for a few days and sight see.

We went to Primrose Hill, Buckingham Palace, the Globe Theatre and Pax Lodge, which is one of the Girlguiding world centres. I have now been to 2/4 world centres. Pax Lodge in London and Our Chalet in Switzerland.

After doing our sightseeing over the few days I woke up on Saturday and went on the tube with my family so I could go and catch my train to Apsley. When we arrived with quite a lot of time to spare as I was not missing anymore trains the platform wasn’t up on the boards yet. So I bought some food for when I arrived at the campsite and then went back to find that the platform still wasn’t showing. Finally after waiting anxiously the platform went up and I rushed off through the gates and got on the train. 30 minutes later I was off the train and in a car that took me to Phasel Wood, my home for the night.

I registered quickly and went to find my patrol. I was greeted enthusiastically by everyone and then helped put up the tent that I would be sleeping in that night.Roverway - Breifing Two cooking

As I was coming down by plane I was borrowing a tent from one of my patrol members who has taken an extra tent just incase there wasn’t room in anybody else’s tent. It turns out that the rest of the patrol all had one or two man tents which in many cases do not fit two people it. So I was going to be sleeping in a large four man tent by myself. But that was fine, I wasn’t fussed.

After tents were up I ate my delicious lunch that consisted of a chicken and bacon sandwich, salted popcorn and a berry Oasis. I chatted with my patrol, very happy to be speaking to them in person rather than over a computer screen that would freeze after a few minutes.

Once everyone had arrived we went into another building where we were told lots of information about the weekend, what was happening in Roverway and found out a little more about our CMT()After some other presentations we got some patrol time where we talked for a while about how we were getting there and what we wanted to do.


Then back into the hall we went for more presentations. I went to a session about being my patrol’s Communication Champion (but I am sharing this role with Joe from my patrol). This simply means that I am in charge of shouting about what my patrol is doing over social media especially twitter. So if you would like to follow my patrol’s twitter to follow what we are up to please do by clicking here. (Thank you very much)

Little side note – I will be taking my camera and phone with me during the actual event in France so I will be doing a few blog posts about the main event after I come back.

Back to the weekend. A few more sessions later it was ready for FIREEEE!!!!


Over the course of Roverway we are going to be cooking on fire so we had a practise at the weekend. So we were all split between the twelve fires and giving the following ingredients.

  • Chick Peas
  • Chopped tomatoes
  • Some type of bean
  • Quorn meatballs
  • Quorn chicken
  • Spinach
  • 2 Baguettes
  • Tortillas Crisps
  • Grated Cheese
  • Rice

Simply what we did was we threw the majority of the ingredients into a pots boiled it added some stock cube and tomato paste to add flavour and then watered it down to eek out the “Stew” a bit.

I have to say I really enjoyed it. It was tasty but the best part was after the main.


If you have never had smores you need to sort this out and go and make smores straight away. What this combination of loveliness is toasted marshmallow and chocolate digestives.

The 7 Step Guide On How To Make The Perfect Smores (You’re welcome!)

  1. Have a fire or tea light candle (fire is better)
  2. Get a marshmallow, try and find the biggest ones you can find.
  3. Put marshmallow on either a screw or a stick from tree
  4. Lightly toast the marshmallow so it is a golden brown colour
  5. Collect 2 chocolate digestives
  6. Sandwich the marshmallow between the digestives.
  7. Shove in your mouth and ENJOY!!

After roasting marshmallows and eating them (obviously!) we went to the big fire.



Then we sang songs. Now this started with some scout and guide songs then some girls that were beside me starting singing other songs. First it was queen songs, then it was one direction and then we went through high school musical and it was great!!!


It was quite a cold night but you didn’t realise how cold it was until you stepped away from the lovely cosy fire. But the later it got the less people there were and as it was getting a bit quieter I could hear the familiar sound of a ukulele. When hearing this I turned to Joe (Patrol member) and just went “Oh , it s ukulele over there…. I wonder if he would let me have a shot…. I really want a shot.”

So after a little while of me looking over at the ukulele Joe said “Okay we are going over” so we went over to the little group who were around the guy with the uke.  (I don’t remember hearing his name which is terrible) We sang some songs then someone had a little shot and then there was a bit of a silence and Joe was like “I think Lauren should have a shot” and I did.

But it was so cold and trying to play taylor swift shake if off when your fingers are shaking is a skill!!! A little on I was asked if I knew any other songs which I replied “UMMMMMM.” which I was told means yes.

I was very happy to have a shot of the uke but it was getting colder and later so I went back to my giant tent. I would not suggest sleeping by yourself in a four man tent because it is so cold. So cold….. But I survived and managed to get a good 6 hours sleep. This is because I have the amazing ability to sleep nearly everywhere. (I say nearly because I don’t like sleeping on public transport because I don’t want to be stared at by strangers, thank you very much!)


We had breakfast then some free time which included taking down tents. Also we got out kit. (I will be doing another post on all the kit that I will be taking)

I got two participant tops, a jumper, a huge blanket badge, uk contingent wristbands and mini tent badges!!!

When I got home on the Sunday, I had Brownies on Monday so I wore my lovely red top and kept on going “I got my kit WOOOOOP”

Before we leaving we got a photo taken of the whole UK contingent.

So here it is (if you click on the picture it gets bigger!!!)

Roverway Uk Contingent

I am going to link a blog that one of the UK patrols started and I thought it was such a great idea. So please go check it out -> Un Wy

Finally it is less than 100 days til Roverway and there was a mini celebration on twitter!!



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