On the 18th June 2016 I went into Aberdeen and heading to the Girlguiding Headquarters in Aberdeen for the first time. This was where the beginning of Aberdeenopoly would be.

Now I had no idea of what was happening until I arrived and was explained about what I was going to be doing.

We were split into teams of 3 or 4. The majority had came with other guides from their unit but I was a solo guide which meant I was paired up with two awesome girls from Portlethin. We were giving some maps and a piece of paper that had a list of multiple different places in Aberdeen. The majority of which I had never heard of before. On another piece of paper there was a monopoly board which had letters on each of the different squares. Theses letters matched up with the different places.

The rules were simple. You had to try to get to as many places on the list as possible. When you got to each place you would take a picture.

Like this…..

WP_20160619 1

Then you will tick off that place on the checklist. Each place had a different amount of points but if you had found three of the places that were the same colour on the monopoly board you would achieve an extra 100 points.

Also you would get points for a picture of water works, electricity company, jail (well a policeman) and GO signs. In addition if you found 4 GO signs you would achieve another 100 points. As well as those extra points if you found Aberdeen Bus Station, the First Bus Depot, Aberdeen Train station and a taxi rank then you would earn 20 points each then an extra 100 points (it may have 200 points but 100 sounds about right)

So after the rules were explained, we were issued with our playing piece. Well inflatable animals…. (Actually one group had an inflatable banana). My group got a crocodile. We named him Collin. (This will explain the excessive tweets which had random pictures of people holding and inflatable crocodile, which looks like a lizard in some pictures, with the hashtag Collin Rules.)

Also just a little side note. We got to name our team so we chose…… CHOCOCROCS!!!

After naming our crocodile and our group we conjured up a game plan. We were going to go to closest places first then the further away ones. Also during the day when we had access to free wifi we were to tweet the pictures of the places we had been to. (This also explains the mass amounts of tweets I did on this day)

Off we went and heading to Robert Gordon’s College. Then we turned around and took a great picture of the Academy (which is just a small shopping centre).

WP_20160619 WP_20160626


We walked along the road a bit and got Bon Accord and St Nicolas Centre (Also shopping Centres)

But just a short walk down the road was the Martial College…. which was worth a great wopping 640 points!!!!!

WP_20160626 1

After that we stopped to grab a pic outside a police station and then followed the road onto Union Street where we got three groups of points. One for the Tollbooth, one for Ship Row and one with a Policeman.


We then headed to Union Square where we added another 3 lots of points. The Bus Station, the Train Station and Union Square its self.

WP_20160619 4 WP_20160619 8

After stopping for lunch we headed towards the bus stop which would take up to the beach.

On the way to the bus stop we spotted a taxi rank!!!

WP_20160707 1

Then we hopped on the bus and arrived outside Aberdeen University.

We then asked for directions for a cathedral and then realised while walking towards this beautiful church that there was a wedding on.

WP_20160619 5

Took this sneaky photo as proof.

Then we walked towards the beach.

WP_20160619 7

We went to Aberdeen FC grounds, the sports centre, the Ice Rink, Beach Boulevard (which the name of a restaurant),the Stratosphere (Sciency Place)  and the beach promenade.


After our touring around the beach we decided that we would wait for a bus back into the centre of town.

So we waitied…….

WP_20160619 10

Then after a few minutes of waiting we decided to walk back and then hoped onto another bus that took us to Duthie Park.

WP_20160619 9

Our last place, that we would be able to claim before going back to head quarters, was RGU. More commonly known as Robert Gordons University. Our original plan was to walk to nearest bus stop that has a bus that can take you the door step of RGU. So we walked. And we walked some more. We had a lovely view of the river Dee. Then we walked some more.

When we finally arrived at the bus stop we would have to wait 10 minutes for a bus. We came up with a new plan. We could see where it was so we walked. We walked up the gigantic hill that was bigger than we thought.

By the time we reached the top we found the first sign we could see.

WP_20160619 11

After collapsing on the ground for a few minutes we waited in the bus stop that we should have stop off with the bus that we could have waited for and headed back with our photos.

I had to leave early because I needed to get a train to meet my parents but I texted my group to see what the results were and…….

We weren’t in the top 3.

darth vader no

So we were left gutted and after spending a day becoming attached to Collin. He was taken away from us.

But after walking around the majority of Aberdeen I was extremely happy to crawl into my bed at night.


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