On July 1st I travelled by train to Edinburgh to attend a weekend filled with Senior Section Spectacular fun. I came back with a mass of great memories and friends who I hope to stay in touch with.

I had never been to a weekend away with just Senior Section members (well Senior Section Members from across Scotland) but I was really looking forward to meeting like minded people who enjoyed the amazing opportunities of guiding.

When I arrived in Edinburgh I met in with a group of Perth Rangers and quickly started chatting with them. After some food we waited for a group of Orkadians (People from Orkney) while waiting for the bus that would transport us to Netherurd.

On the way there I talked with the girls and we discussed school, guiding and where we were from.

I am from the Banff and Buchan county which I found out very quickly that no one knew where it was…. However everyone did know the location of Aberdeen so my basic and very vague way of explaining the location of my town was Its north of Aberdeen.

We arrived at Netherurd and were giving a necker, a health form and a name tag. On the name tag aswell as your name it said your county which was helpful in some cases.

After being told where our rooms were I was surprised to find out that one of my roommates was a guide I had met before at a different event. Also joining me was the Perth Ranger Guides. In the room across from us were the Orkney group we met on the bus.

If there is one thing that there is always plenty of at guide camp is food.

On the Friday night we had three types of pasta to choose from then later that night we had the best hot chocolate I have ever tasted.

WP_20160707 1

There was a campfire where we sang a lot of songs. The majority I had never heard of but I have now found my new favourite guide song, An Austrian. The best part of it is that you yodel a bit and it is in my top 5 guide songs now!!!!


On the Saturday we woke up to a delicious breakfast which was Lorne Sausage (or square sausage) and tattie scones. I had both in a roll with ketchup, one of the best ways to eat tattie scones!!!

In the morning I was going to a castle but not Edinburgh Castle. This was a castle that wasn’t really open to public all of the time.


I am a big history nerd so I was looking forward to this. The castle was called Nepdeith Castle and it was huge. It wasn’t fancy in anyway but it was huge. Turns out Mary Queen of Scots had stayed in this castle because it belonged to William Grey which was one of her husbands. Also because it was a huge castle and in ye olden days they didn’t have radiators they used a fire. Now, this was biggest fire place I have ever seen. We managed to fit the whole group of about 20 girls in this fireplace.


There were balconies which had an amazing view but it was very windy. Very windy.

After the tour we headed to the bus. I asked one of the Rangers if they would take a picture of me with this epic castle and while taking one of the pictures there was a car I could hear coming so I panicked. So I have a nice picture….


Then I have a panicked one.


When we arrived back at Netherurd and had baked tatties with chilli con carne which, again, was delicious.

After having a small break and putting waterproofs on as it had started to pour of rain I headed to the main house for my second activity of the day which was archery.

I have done archery a few times but one of those times I was pretty good, the other time was a bit of a fail.This time however even though it was raining the whole time I hit the middle of the target quite a few times.

WP_20160707 3

We fired arrows for a good few hours and then back to house to dry off and to have a chill out as we had a gala dinner and a ceilidh later on that night.

For the gala dinner we all had a three course meal and it was delicious.

I had tomato soup for a starter, Curry for main and an apple and pear crumble. After that we pushed the tables to the side and had a ceilidh.

I love a ceilidh so I joined in with nearly every dance apart from two but the best was saved the end. The Orkadian Strip the Willow and I dance this with an Orkadian.

After our ceilidh and a quick shower it was off to bed so we would be wide awake for the Senior Spectacular Tea Party which was happening on the Sunday.

We woke up the sunday and did a Mad Hatter Themed Wide Game around Netherurd. My team were not successful in collecting all of the things we needed but in the afternoon we had the tea party.

WP_20160707 7

At the same time that we were having our tea party all of the commissioners were having their own tea party in the Netherurd House. (Before hand we had a little look around the house and it was sooo cute)

WP_20160707 4

But back to the tea party. When we entered the room there were huge tables filled with cake stands filled with delicious treats which were explained with a menu.

WP_20160707 5

There were a variety of sandwiches. My favourite was the maple glazed gammon (it was literally the best thing I have tasted ever).There were two different types of punch you could have and a selection of teas, flavoured and the usual. There were scones and cake and tarts.

It was lovely.

After stuffing ourselves full of all of the amazing food we had a chill to let all of the food to digest.

That night we did a movie quiz/challenge. Which included guess the tune bingo, match the princess to the castle and make a dress out of newspaper and cellotape.

WP_20160707 6

My group’s dress was modelled by Hannah who wore it fabulously. Sadly we did not win anything but in our hearts we were the real winners.

After that we watched Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland. While watching we were giving the choice of cheesy nachos, hot dogs or pizza (well you could have a bit of each if you wished to do so). Half way through the film we were giving slushies and popcorn.

Then once again our bed was well appreciated as we were all quite tired.

The next morning was an earlier start but we were giving French toast (or eggy bread) which was very filling. The rest of the morning contained stripping beds and packing as we were leaving that afternoon.

We were told to make up a sandwich which was slightly like a deluxe version of subway. Over two big tables there were many different types of fillings to choose from. Cheese, ham, tuna, salad, sauce and what I choice Maple Glazed Gammon!!!!!!!

I was very happy to fill a wedge of crusty bread with cheese and a lot of the delicious gammon.

After making up our deluxe pack lunch myself, the orkadians, the Perthonians and two girls from Aberdeen headed to wait for the bus that would take us to Edinburgh Waverly station.

When we arrived I had about 20 minutes until my train but as the train was at the platform we decided to head to the train. (Just a little explanation… it turned out that the two girls from Aberdeen were on the same train as me which was quite cool. we then found out we were on the same carriage as each other.)

I said my goodbyes to the Orkadians and the Perthonians and walked through the barriers to the train. Once on the train we found out that our seats were little parallel with each other.

After a 3 hour train journey which included an amazing sandwich and some great conversation we arrived in Aberdeen. I said goodbye to the girls and then headed to costa to get a coffee while I waited for my next train.

I enjoyed my coffee while trying to get through some of Lord Of the Flies (which is my book for Higher History) then it was time for round two of train journeys. Then two hours later I was home.



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