Roverway 2016 – Jambville

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After a two and bit hour drive in the bus we arrived at Jambville!!!!


We were shown our campsite which was part of the Moulin Rouge sub camp. We set up our tent for the final time on once again solid ground. Our campsite was under trees so I decided to give up on guy ropes for the sake of my sanity and my pegs.

After we had set up our campsite we were given the task of building a table for the tribe. I had no idea how we were going to build this table so I stepped back and watched. In the end we had an oriental style table as it was easier than making seats.


We then decorated the table with our flags.

After that we met up with the rest of our UK contingent so we could go to the open ceremony together and take some group pictures. We were given an update about different bits and bobs and then we marched!!!! Well… walked to the open ceremony while singing. Oggy oggy oggy and Everywhere we go. Both are very noisy and make sure that everyone can hear us.


After our group photo we ate and then it was the opening ceremony!!!

At Jambville as part of our entertainment there was the Rover Band which was made up of Roverway participants, two of which were from the UK contingent!!! The first thing played was the official Roverway song which everyone danced along to. The Rover Band also played other songs including champs Elysee and  Imagine by John Lennon. During the opening ceremony I was pulled along into multiple congas that intertwined through the group.


When the Opening Ceremony finished all of the cafés opened. These included the Rainbow Café and Moulin Orange which was set up by the Dutch Contingent. There was also the silent disco which me and Hannah went along to first. After dancing to some questionable music I decided to go to sleep because I was extremely tired and it was just after midnight.

The next morning we were wakened up by music. EXTREMELY LOUD MUSIC. One of the songs was the Circle of Life. So you can try and imagine a very tired Lauren trying to wake up and all you can hear is AAAAAHHHHHHSWENYYAAAAAAAAAAA. There was a lot of grumbling from me that morning.

During that day we had different activities that we could choose to do. I went, with the majority of patrol, to an activity that was about the badge Free Being Me which was made in a partnership between WAGGGS (World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts) and Dove (A soap company). We had to certain things to achieve this badge. One of the activities was that you had to write down three things about your body that you like. I said my eyebrows, my eyes and I think I said my hands. Then we had to walk around in the group we were in and then stop and say one of the features you liked about yourself and why. So basically you had to say, to the majority of these people I had never met before, Hello I like my eyebrows because they are nicely shaped and I like them! This was a bit awkward but I now have the Free Being Me badge and I have a lovely wristband aswell.


In the evening we had some more music and went off to the different cafes and such at night and then went to sleep.

The next day we were all very tired and quite exhausted after again being wakened by loud music. As a patrol we decided to go to an activity that we listened to this really friendly man talk about minerals. I felt quite sorry for him because I was nearly falling asleep and I was consciously trying to make sure I didn’t fall off the bench. But I am just not that interested in science so when he is talking about different things I was just thinking that I could do with a nap.

After we finished listening about minerals I headed back to my tent to have a sleep so I could enough energy for an activity in the afternoon.

The activity we did in the afternoon was one of my favourites. It was another WAGGGS activity but this time we were talking about gender equality and as a feminist myself I found it really, really interesting.

The final day was a bit strange. We did an activity which resulted us being in groups which resulted in that group to make your own culture. As part of your own culture you have rules, song, monument and clothes. I chose to do the rules and we had a really interesting conversation about politics and such. I didn’t really know what to make of the whole activity but it was fun anyway.

In the afternoon I found some of my patrol and we went and got an ice pop from the Rainbow Café which was well needed as it was a very, very hot day.


After our ice pops were devoured we tried to nap in the shade but Eleanor and I couldn’t sleep but while Caitlin was asleep we started to put bits of grass and twigs to see if she could sleep through it which she did!!!

We were then reunited with the rest of our patrol and played some more Frisbee. I at some point used face paint and painted a lovely flower on Matt’s arm.

That night was going to be the kind of closing ceremony as the next day we were parting ways with everyone. However there was still the night to dance away. But as I am not really a party animal and because it was a bit of an early rise the next day I decided to go to my bed early and try and pack my bag. I ended up having to remove a cricket and a spider from my tent as they managed to get in somehow. However that isn’t strange part of the night. I was all snuggled up in my bed (sleeping bag and blanket) and I started hearing Matt half whispering half shouting LAUREN, SCOTMAN MOVE OVER. I thought he was outside my tent and was just being a bit annoying. But half asleep I looked down to the door of my tent and there is a bright light being shone in my eyes. Once again LAUREN MOVE OVER SO WE CAN GET CAITLIN IN. So I groaned rolled over and fell asleep instantly. The next morning I woke up and stared at the side of the tent. I started thinking of the night before and tried to figure out if it was real or not. I turned over to see a pile of tin foil which had Caitlin underneath it all. I later found out that Caitlin had a bit of a fainting spell and they were trying to get me to move over because I was right in the middle of the very small 3 man tent that we were sharing. When I told the rest of the patrol that I thought it was a bit of a dream they found it highly amusing.

Because the night before was so eventful the majority of the UK patrol was tired and the thought of having to strategically fold a tent to fit into a bag was very hard to think about. Thankfully we had the wonderful Austrians. I have never seen a tent been taken down so quickly and folded once and then put in the bag without any struggle. I asked if they wanted to come home with me and come to all of my camping trips but they refused (must be the weather). Also because Caitlin was still not completely 100% from the night before the wonderful Austrians offered to carry her backpack…. At the same time as carry their own.

Roverway 2016 125.JPG

The funny part is that when we were walking to the bag drop off points they were miles a head of us and they were carrying more!!!!!

After dropping bags off we decided to take a tribe picture underneath the Jambville Eiffel tower.

Roverway 2016 134.JPG

A thing that Caitlin pointed out, that also made me smile was that if you look at this photo you can see that we are all mixed up there is a complete mixture of uniforms.

What this photo doesn’t show is the aftermath… About 5 minutes after this photo was taken I started to cry a little and did a very bad job at hiding my tears behind my sunglasses. This was the beginning of the end of Roverway 2016.

After I mopped up my tears we headed down to the stage for the actual closing ceremony where the baton (well a baguette) was passed onto the Dutch contingent who are hosting the next Roverway in 2018. The Rover Band played a few songs including Imagine – John Lennon, Champ Elyse and I’m Yours – Jason Mraz.

We all said our promise together which sounded like a mumble of different types of promises but was a lovely moment all the same. Then the words were said. “Thank you all for coming to Roverway 2016 and we hope to see you all in 2018”

I was okay for a few moments. I took I deep breath to try and stop water works happening. But I turned around and spotted that Elias had started to try and that was me off. I was sobbing my heart out. I gave up on the sunglasses because they weren’t helping in any shape or form. I think I hugged nearly everyone in our tribe. Some people I hugged twice because we just kept on crying. Eventually I ended up hugging Matt and Joe because I was just crying and couldn’t really stop. Matt then called my the Crying Scotswomen a few times while we were trying to get away but still hug everyone. I eventually walked away and took a deep breath. But as we were waiting for Caitlin to finish her good byes I was asked by one of IST who were with Matt and Joe if I was okay which I answered with a little sob and a no. I then received another hug which was very appreciated.

We then got our lunch and had to sit in the hot sun for a couple hours waiting for our bus to go into Paris which we would then build our own Adventure.

Roverway 2016 142.JPG




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