Roverway 2016 – Paris

This is the third and final part of my Roverway 2016 Adventure…. So if you need to catch up check out the links below.

The Beginning

Briefing Weekend 1

Briefing Weekend 2

The Road


After a 2 hour bus journey from Jambville we arrived at Gard Du Nord train station. We took a few moments to figure out how to get to our hotel but finally after two metro rides and a 10/15 minute walk with carrying full kit we found our accommodation for the next two days.

For a little side note.

While we were at the different Briefing weekend we were encouraged to build our own adventure whether that is to come to France earlier than Roverway started. Or in our case, we decided that as we were getting dropped off in Paris we might aswell spend a few days exploring the city because when in Paris!!!

Once we went into our budget hotel, we decided to make a plan for the rest of the afternoon so we could try and use our two days very carefully.


The first thing we all did was use the lovely warm showers. The best part was that you didn’t have to be as quick as possible because there was only two of you sharing the one hot shower. I was very happy to be lovely and clean and finally gave my hair a well needed scrub.

After that we took the metro towards Notre Dame and found an Italian restaurant to have our first dinner in Paris!!!


Then we went for a little walk around the streets of Paris and bought some snacks.


That night I had a wonderful sleep on an actual mattress. The next day we got up bright and breezy, bought a delicious pan au chocolate in the bakery on the way to the metro.


We went on the metro to the Louvre. I fell in love with the old metropolitan signs.


Then we walked through part of the Louvre to see the glass pyramids that I have seen many times in pictures but now have seen with my very own eyes.


It turned out that near the Louvre there was a macaroon place that Eleanor had been to before and recommended that we went. It was beautiful.


After buying some absolutely delicious macaroons we headed for Shakespeare and Company. We walked along the Seine river.


First we went to see Notre Dame Cathedral again but this is daylight.


Caitlin then remembered about a crepe place that was close so we went and had a snack of some yummy crepes. I chose a simple crepe with sugar and lemon juice.


After our food we went to Shakespeare and Company.


This is a lovely bookshop which you see all over pinterest and it is adorable. You weren’t allowed to take pictures inside because this is some people’s local bookshop so it is just respectful. I had to buy something and as it is Shakespeare and Company I decided to buy something Shakespeare. I chose Macbeth because it was the first Shakespeare play I read. I obviously got it stamped so I can prove where I bought it. Also I bought a lovely tote bag which has been used many times already!!

After daydreaming in this beautiful bookshop and waving to some other scouts we spotted, we headed to the Eiffel tower. On route we picked up some bread, cheese and ham so we could have a picnic underneath the Eiffel Tower.


We enjoyed our picnic in the shade under the amazing Eiffel Tower. A little story is that, while being in Paris we all had neckers on to make sure we could spot each other easily, when we were having our picnic there was a small group of some girls and boys who sat near us in the little grass area and they asked us if we were scouts. Turns out they were also Scouts and we ended up chatting with them. The funny thing is that they hadn’t been to Roverway!!! Which just made it even stranger but amazing at the same time.

It also turned out that some the Austrians from our Road had stayed in Paris with Elias and we ended up meeting up with them on front of the Eiffel Tower.


After had a small chat with the Austrians we headed to the Arc de Triomphe and Champs Elysees.


During the day we found out that the majority of our Tribe was still in Paris and Elias was having a little party that all of the Tribe was invited to. As we didn’t have time to go back to the hotel and change(I didn’t even have anything of party material) we decided to try and find a shop of some kind. We ended up going into H&M where I bought a lovely summery dress which is now known as my Champs Elysees dress!!!! Which makes it fancier than it is!!

After spending a few hours at my first ever house party, a few of us went back to the hotel. I had to deal with my backpack that managed to explode all of my clothes all over the hotel room. I spent a good hour sorting out clothes that I couldn’t remember how many times I had worn!!!

The next day we finished sorting out our backpacks and headed to the Garde Nord to drop off our bags in the lockers so we could explore a little bit with the small amount of time we had left.

Some of our patrol were a bit grumpy from partying a bit too hard the night before and decided to hangout in the Macdonalds while the rest of us walked up to the Sacre Coure.

roverway-2016-223 sacre-cour-selfie

After our very sunny visit we headed back to the train station and get ready to head home. We sat in the non- air-conditioned train station while completely sweating because of the temperature being 30 degrees!!!!! That is something I am not used to!!

When on the way home we played buckaroo with Caitlin by balancing some pieces of paper and a pringle on her head!!! After 2 hours on the Eurostar we arrived in London where we had our quick goodbyes. Surprisingly, I did not cry at this farewell. I don’t really know why, I think it may have been a mixture of exhaustion and the happiness of being in the same island as my home.

roverway-2016-226 roverway-2016-235

I then went on a train to Sheffield to meet up with my parents and to see my cousins who I had missed out on a family reunion by being away in France. During the train journey I used the free wifi to chat with my tribe. We discussed who had the longest to travel and messaged the delightful news that they had arrived home. By this time it was probably about 11 or 12midnight. I was extremely but happily typed away on my phone at the same time as trying not to fall asleep, in fear that I would miss my stop. I however did not win that battle of conciseness and nodded off a view times while mid message!!! By the time I arrived at Sheffield I was wearing my Champs Elysees dress, trainers that were dirty and did not match with my dress at all and my Roverway UK contingent jumper.

I must of been quite a sight for my mum as I stepped off the train carrying three bags and looking slightly tanned. Even though I was very tired I was very happy to see my parents after 13 days away from my family. While driving back to my relatives house I started telling them about my adventure. When we got to there house I fell asleep nearly immediately and did not wake up until 10.40am the next day!!!

I have to saw that even though this is the end of my Roverway adventure, it is really the beginning. This has to be one of the best experiences I have had, so far, and I think this is just the beginning. I now have an amazing circle of friends who I am still in contact and there is nothing better than having like minded people who you have managed to grow close to over 2 weeks. This was my first experience of travelling abroad without my family and even though being my first time away for an extensive time I didn’t feel home sick. But when I finally arrived back my small home town I was very happy to crawl back to my bed.

Through signing up and going to Roverway 2016 I have pushed my boundaries and my comfort zone. I have travelled on a plane by myself, I’ve managed to get around Paris with a group of teenagers without getting completely lost and I have found out that I can make a very interesting presentation!!!!! If anyone that is reading this is thinking about going forward for any opportunity that is similar to Roverway or not, just go for it!!!!! What could go wrong!!!! You may be nearly in tears with fear while watching towards TSA by yourself in an airport or panicking because you don’t know how to start a conversation with people who aren’t from your home country but this is when you found out who you truly are as a person!!!

I hope you have enjoyed this little series and I hope there may be another one.

At the end of this year I decided to start my Queens Guide Award, if you would be interested in reading about what I plan and what I do end up doing to work towards this award then please leave a comment!!!

Once again thank you for reading!





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