Hello! My name is Lauren and I love books. I also love cake and together they can make a really good combination.


I read a lot of books, some are really popular, others I have picked up in my local bookstore as they sound interesting. I know many people don’t read books and I know some people would like to but have no idea where to start. Well I’m here to help. I post reviews on books and films. Some will be good. Some will be bad. But it may help some of you to start reading all these brilliant books!


As I love cake just as much as books I will be posting my newest bakes and my favourite recipes to give you the advantage of making some of the best cakes you will ever have tasted. Rather than having to have a lot of trial and error over months!!

On top of all this I am a proud member of Girlguiding, I’m a Young Leader at a Guide Unit aswell as being part of the Senior Section, I am also a Peer Educator specialising in the Think Resilient badge. Through Girlguiding I have been able to fuel my adventurous side which has been brought out by the range of events that I have attended such as Roverway 2016 and G in The Park 2015.

I have also had some of my own adventures including going to Stirling and going to see plays, musicals and other interesting places and things.

If you enjoy my blog and want to be updated when I have a new post then you could subscribe!!!


Lauren x



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