Books ‘N’ Cakes – The Podcast!

If you follow me on twitter this will no surprise to you as I have been tweeting about this idea for a few months now and guess what… It is happening!!!

For those who are out of the loop and are probably confused at this moment (but if you haven’t guessed from the title) I am making a podcast series!!!!

(Wow, so amazing, that’s great, what’s it about, when is it being published, where do we find it)

Now to cover all of the little nitty gritty bits and bobs about the podcast I thought I would do a little post explaining what is happening and basically to start the hype of this podcast.

The series will compose of 8 episodes and in each episode one of my lovely friends will be my special guest. Each episode will be released over the duration of July and August of this year. The weekly episodes will include a different guest and a different book of the week each episode with a new genre.

With my guest I will be discussing their favourite book alongside their favourite scene, line and character from that episode’s book of the week.

To explain the cake part – each episode while we are discussing all of the books we will be snacking on delicious cake that you can make at home following the same recipe which will be published along with some of the podcasts.

The first episode will be released on 6th July 2018 with each episode the following week. You can find the podcast on Apple Podcast and (I will be popping links on twitter and other social medias whenever Podcasts are launched!!)

If you would like to read the books to join in with the discussions on the days of release then see the books below:

6th July 2018 ~ Secret For The Mad – Dodie Clark

13th July 2018 ~ The Potion Diaries – Amy Alward

20th July 2018 ~ Scott Pilgrim: Volume 1: Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Life –  Bryan Lee O’Malley

27th July 2018 ~ If I Stay – Gayle Forman

3rd August 2018 ~ Stealing Snow – Danielle Paige

10th August 2018 ~ It Only Happens In The Movies – Holly Bourne

17th August 2018 ~ Moriarty – Anthony Horowitz

24th August 2018 ~ Red Queen – Victoria Aveyard

I am super excited for this, I have two episodes recorded so far and I am working my way through the books. So I hope you are excited as I am.

For updates on anything podcast bits and bobs why not go and follow me on twitter.

(Sorry for this being late – it has been my easter holidays and I have been laying around, reading then realising how long my to do list is.)

However the 168hrs : Easter Edition is in the process of being filmed. Just a heads up I am going to be taking a break over the month of May as I have exams and I just need one less form of procrastination!!!!

So I will see you in two weeks however if you would like to see what things I have completed on my Pre Uni List then click here!!!!


March Wrap Up & April TBR

It is now April and is now 4 weeks until my first exam which shall be fun. Speaking of exams… I will be talking about in an upcoming post so keep your eyes peeled.

Back to March though.

I read How Hard Could Love Be? by Holly Bourne which was an amazing book. I just love her writing and I can’t wait until she writes another. I have also started The Scorch Trials which is the second Maze Runner. I am really enjoying that aswell and I will be finishing that soon. Also I have finally read Me Before You by Jojo Moyes.

I didn’t write a TBR for March because I was just going to have a month of reading when I felt like it and when I want. So that turned out to be just two and a half books. Which is much better than my last few months.

So for April I will try and read;

  • Us – David Nicholls
  • Harry Potter and the Dealthy Hallows – J.K.Rowling
  • The Death Cure – Maze Runner 3

I will try my best to read these. But I am now on my Easter Holidays so I shall have some spare time to relax and read but also revise. The three Rs!!!

I am going to be going to London which is part family holiday and part Roverway Briefing Two. (If you would like to read about my first Briefing Weekend click here!)

Happy April! I hope you’re all having a lovely year so far and we there is so many months to go.

Enjoy your holidays if you are off school and enjoy your weekend for everyone.



Feburary TBR

I cannot believe that it’s Feburary already. I have a feeling that 2016 is going to go by even faster than 2015.

I do have to apologise for the lack of posts in January but I had estimate exams which took over my life for the month. But hard work does pay off because so far I have 2 As and 2Bs. Sadly these marks do not count for anything.

Enough about school. Let’s talk about books.

I said in my 2016 challenges/goals post that I was going to try to read 50 books this year. My reading has been incredably lacking in January and in total I have read 1 book. ONE!!! As you can see I have made life quite difficult for myself by not planning at the very beginning of the year what I was going to be reading each month. But after looking over and figuring out how manys books per month. I have conjured a plan.

I am going to be reading 5 books per month but there are two months I will be reading 6.

Now this should be quite interesting to see if I can do this but here is what I’m going to be reading this month.

  1. Enders Game –  Orson Scott Card
  2. Harry Potter and the Dealthy Hallows – J.K.Rowling
  3. Dead Boy Talking – Linda Strachen
  4. Me, Earl & the Dying Girl – Jesse Andrews
  5. Scott Pilgrim Volume 5 – Bryan Lee O’Malley

I have chosen to count graphic novels to help me get to my target of 50 because they are books too.

Do you have any suggestions for what I should read next month? Also would you like update posts in the month to tell you how I’m doing with my reading progress?


November Wrap Up and December TBR

I know this is very unlike me to have my wrap up and TBR up at the right time but I am actually starting to write this post early!!!

Even though I started reading a little later in the month of November I managed to read all the books that I wanted to read.

Those were –

  • Christmas with Billy and Me – Giovanna Fletcher
  • Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban – J.K.Rowling
  • Lion, the witch and the wardrobe – C.S.Lewis

I really enjoyed all of the books this month and I am on schedule for my Goodreads reading challenge 2015!!! Now this is my first year of doing the reading challenge and I got serious with it after I started this blog. So my aim was 30 and I have read 28 books. Even though I will probably be going over my target if I am to read the books that I wish to read in December, that is fine because it just means I have to raise the amount of books I read next year.

I am going to try and have at least one book review out of the three books I read in November. But I am not promising anything because of the amount of times I have said I will do something and have not.

Now onto the books for December!

As this is the festive season I have bought some Christmassy books to get me into the Christmas spirit even though I have been wearing Christmas socks all year round.

This month I will be reading –

  • Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire – J.K.Rowling
  • Dream a little dream at Christmas – Giovanna Fletcher
  • My true love gave to me – Multiple authors

I am looking forward to reading these books and I will be possibly some Christmassy posts so keep your eye out.

I hope you all had a lovely November. Only one month left of 2015 and I can’t wait til the new year. I have a feeling that 2016 is going to be a busy one but will be fun filled.

Are you doing the Goodreads reading challenge???

See you soon

Lauren x


Booktober Wrap and November TBR

I know this is late. Very late. Oops.

Well I did manage to read four books not all the four books I was going to read but still four books.

Last month I read –

  • Dorothy Must Die
  • Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s stone
  • Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
  • One Million Lovely Letters

I enjoyed all of them and I would recommend reading any one of them because they were just great.

I only have written a review for Dorothy Must Die as life is becoming extremely hectic with Christmas coming up and Prelims straight after new year. That is meaning I am not having time to sit down and read or post blog posts but fear not I will be throwing Christmas at you all very soon. Also just to boast a little tiny bit, I have nearly bought all of my presents for people and the ones I have bought are all wrapped because I love wrapping presents. (Stay tuned to this blog to find out how to wrap your Christmas presents beautifully.)

Now let us get onto November.

I know it is half way through November already but I am going to try and read 3 books because well I have already finished a book. Well a short story.

So for this November I am going to be reading

  • Christmas with Billy and Me – Giovanna Fletcher
  • Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
  • The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (Narnia book One)

I have already finished Christmas with Billy and Me and I did start reading the first Narnia book at the end of October but I still need to finish it.

As it is kind of Christmas time I have been looking for some Christmas themed books to read through the festive season so if you have any recommendation please tell me in the comments below.

I hope you all are slowing getting into the Christmas spirit even though it is still November. I will definitely have a post very soon.

Lauren x

Booktober Catch Up – Week 3

Final week of Booktober, holy moly it’s been a busy month for me. A recurring sentence I have been saying is, and I quote “I have no time.” So once again any time turners or if you have a spare tardis lying around, please can I borrow it?

This week I got a lot of reading done because I was in the car for a while and now I have finally finished Dorothy Must Die.

You all should totally go and read this book right now. It is so, so worth it. I love it and I need to read the other books but I can’t buy them until I read some of the books I haven’t read yet because I have a problem that includes 35ish unread books. Not good people, not good.

But as I have finished 3 of my books it means I am actually on schedule. (Round of applause, please. Thank you.)

I started One Million Lovely Letters and just now I am about half way through. It is such a great book and Jodi’s story is pulls at the heart strings. Also I did not know this but she has a website which is One Million Lovely which you should all go and check out because what these lovely people are doing is just amazing. If you need some reassurance that there still is good, friendly people please go read this book.

I haven’t finished the book yet but I would totally recommend it.

So final week people, we will get through this and then next week I will be doing my wrap up and telling what I am planning on reading for November.

I think I am going to have a film review next week as well because I recently went to see the Martian and oh my, it was amazing.

I am going on an adventure this weekend and I will explain it more in my next post.

See you Soon

Lauren x


During the month of November I am taking part in NaNoWriMo which is National Novel Writing Month. So you think of an idea and plan out a novel and during November you write it.

The recommended work count to aim for is 50,000 words which is what I am aiming for.(hopefully, my mum laughed at me when I said I am aiming for 50,000 words, so I shall prove her wrong(also hello mother!!(she reads my blog)))

I do have an idea and I have made a little plan for writing it.

If you do wish to join in with NaNoWriMo yourself, you can find out more about it here.

Let us go onto what I am going to be doing.

On the website you make your own profile and put a little description of what your novel is about so here is what I put.

After Alice died the Creatures of wonderland called a sorcerer for help to create a new protector of their home. They created a child and named her Lucy Elderflower but with danger at the highest it could be in wonderland, Lucy was sent to the normal world to be brought up like any other child.

Near Lucy’s 16th birthday she starts to notice strange things happening to her. She starts to snap out at people she loved and keeps on seeing two strange men, one pale as snow and his nose keeps twitching like a rabbit. The other man has bright coloured hair just like Lucy’s and dresses very old fashioned, always wearing a battered old hat.

Who are these strange men and will Lucy be able to save wonderland from this evil force before its too late?

I have made myself a plan that I have colour coded and I am planning on writing other little ideas for scenes and other little things I want to put into the story that are just random.

I am really happy with my idea and I think I will be able to write quite a lot with this. I know I am not using all completely new characters but I love Alice in Wonderland and with reading Dorothy Must Die which I think is a genius concept. I started thinking of what happened to wonderland after Alice left.

I do think that I may end up, during December possibly, that I would post chapter by chapter my story from Nanowrimo. If anyone would be interested in that please tell me because I would love to do it.


I hope you all are working well through your Booktober reads. I have now finished Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets so I am going to finish Dorothy Must Die and then I think I will read One Million Lovely Letters. But the only thing is that I have heard it is quite a teary one and I will be probably finishing it off on the train as I will be going on an adventure which I will tell you about in another post. Oooohhh mysterious.

I am very busy at the moment which is fun but I am holiday just now, here in the North East of Scotland it is called the Tattie holidays because in ye olden days the kids used to help pick potatoes from the fields. But I think I will be needing a holiday from this holidays which would be great.

Seriously if anybody owns a time turner or a tardis please tell me because I could do with one right now.

I shall have a post soon revealing what this mysterious adventure I am going to.

So I will be back soon.

Lauren x


Booktober Catch Up – Week 2


I have gone off schedule with my books. In my week one catch up which you can see here. I had started Dorothy Must Die and I was about to get my friend’s copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone. Now I read the Harry Potter very quickly and loved it and I was going to get the second book off my friend when I decided to look on a USB stick my mum was given a while ago that someone had put a lot of ebooks on there because they knew I liked to read. But that was when my reading range was quite small and I hadn’t discovered Waterstones yet.

I looked over the different authors and OMG THERE WAS SO MANY GREAT AUTHORS AND BOOKS. You have no idea how irritated I was that I hadn’t looked sooner. Just to give you a little taster of what was on there.

  • Game of Thrones (the majority of the series) – J.R.R Martin
  • The whole entire Harry Potter series
  • The whole entire Lord Of The Rings series
  • A lot of Charles Dickens
  • The whole entire series of Narnia
  • Rivers Of London – Ben Aaronovitch (A book that I have been wanting to read so badly)
  • A few books by Markus Zusak
  • Clockwork Prince – Cassandra Clare (Book One)
  • Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass
  • And many many more

You know can see why I was annoyed with myself but I did a happy dance then happily transferred about 20 new beautiful books to my kindle, a device I haven’t used in ages.

So as I own the whole Harry Potter Series and I loved the first one so much, I decided to start Chamber of Secrets and my kindle says that I am 76% the way through. At the same time as reading the Harry Potters I have finally made some progress with Dorothy Must Die and now I am more than half way through. Ohhhh it is a good book. I really do love it, I love the characters the twist in such a classic story. I just can’t wait to see what happens.

But this means that I will probably not read one of the books that I planned to do so in October but I will just wait and see what I am feeling like reading and I will keep you updated.

I have been lucky with my book choice seeing that I am enjoying the books I am reading or have read so far. Are you have a successful Booktober aswell?? What are you reading and have you ever had a moment finding out that you have had wonderful books under your nose and not known about it. Well please leave a comment telling me if you have any Wonderful tales for me and what your Booktober reads are.

I hope you enjoyed this post and hopefully it is a higher standard than my other update. Onwards and upwards. Also my next post is about something exciting I plan on doing during the month of November which I think some of you may enjoy aswell *in a cheesy presenter voice* so stay tuned kids.

I shall have a post as soon as I can.

Lauren x

Booktober Catch Up – Week 1

I have started Dorothy Must Die and I am absolutely loving it so far. I am quite behind schedule as my October is turning out to be super duper busy. But this weekend I am going down to the Big Gig in London with guides and there will be lots of time in the bus where I will be trying to read as much as I can.

I haven’t finished landline yet and I think I might leave it just now as I am dragging myself through it but I will read it again another time.

I am hoping to finish Dorothy Must Die this weekend and then I am going to get the first Harry Potter off of my friend which shall be good.

The October holidays are nearly here aswell so I will have quite a bit of time to read and I am planning on baking something that I might share on here. So keep your eyes peeled.

That is just a quick update so if you are also joining in with booktober than please share with what your reading.

I shall have another post soon.

Lauren x

Maze Runner – James Dashner

I finished this book a few weeks ago but I have been a bit busy lately so I have finally found the time to write the review.

Maze Runner is a dystopian novel all about a group of teenage boys that have been put into a maze. Their memories have been wiped of what their family was like and what they were like before the maze. The novel is from Thomas’ point of view which is interesting because he is the newbie or in glade words, the greenie. Everything is going fine but everything changes when a girl is sent to the maze. The group of teenagers have to figure out a way out of the maze before it is too late.

Now I liked this book and I did watch the film before but I am going to have to watch it again because I forget what was in the film and all that jazz. But I enjoyed this book, it was quite an easy read but I didn’t make enough time to read it as I could have finished it earlier. I liked the character especially Newt and a little fact for you. Thomas Sangster, the boy who played Newt in the film adaptation, has the same birthday as me so that is cool.

I have heard many people don’t like the Maze Runner Books but I think I am going to enjoy the rest of them. I have only read the first book and I am going to wait a bit before reading the next book. There are quite a few different things that happened in the book and not in the film but I prefer the book. I thought it was a cooler way they figured out the Maze and it made a bit more sense than the way they managed to get out in the film. Also it is explained why they are name with those names which I also thought was quite cool.

I would recommend this book to anyone who has watched the film and just anyone who has been thinking about reading it because honestly it is just so cool.

4/5 stars

I have started Landline by Rainbow Rowell so I am on schedule. I think. It is nearly Booktober which I will be taking part in. I managed to read 3 books last year but I am going for a book a week this year. So if you would like to take part just go for it. I am in the middle of deciding what books I am reading and I shall tell you soon.

Lauren x


Am I Normal – Holly Bourne

This is the second book I have read by Holly Bourne  and I loved it even more.

All Evie wants is to be normal. She’s almost off her meds and at a new college where no one knows her as the girl-who-went-crazy. She’s even going to parties and making friends. There’s only one thing left to tick off her list…

But relationships are messy – especially relationships with teenage guys. They can make any girl feel like they’re going mad. And if Evie can’t even tell her new friends Amber and Lottie the truth about herself, how will she cope when she falls in love?

I loved this book sooooo much. In the two books that I have read of Holly Bourne she always, always has a very serious subject inside the plot. So with the Manifesto on How to Be Interesting it was self harming and cyber bullying. In this novel it was OCD and severe depression. I love it that you are learning new things about these conditions but you are reading a great story at the same time.

It wasn’t too heavy of a story line there were a few times I had a bit of a giggle about some of the conversations.

From one of my posts from last week I think I said that this book affected me in a way that I now know that I would count myself as a feminist. Now hear me out. In this book Evie is trying to get a boyfriend and she tries with three different guys and the reason she is doing this is because she believes this is normal for a teenage girl. But by the end of the book she realises that she can be an independent women and if she has great friends and family who love her she can be the person that she wants to be and not what she believes to be normal. Because in reality there is no thing as normal.

Now that has nothing to do with feminism but I’m getting there. Many girls turn themselves into something they aren’t because that is what a boy wants when they should really be trying to be happy with themselves first. I do believe that men and women are both equal but I also believe that women need to love who they are, like their personality and their style just who they are as a person before you can start loving someone else. It does sound slightly selfish but it is just my opinion and what I took from this book.

Wow!! We went really deep all of a sudden. Sorry about that if I am passionate about a subject I can go on for ages about it. But let us carry on with the post.

I would recommend this book to anyone who wants something different from your usual romance or contemporary then read this. Also if you would like to read something a bit more focused on some issues then please read away!!

4.5/5 Stars

This was a bit different from my usual reviews. I have realised that my reviews are a bit vague about what I thought of the either film or book so I am going to be working on my writing I promise. I would be getting in trouble from my English teacher for being vague so that shall be sorted out very soon.

I will see you soon with another post.

Lauren x


Dream a Little Dream – Giovanna Fletcher

I love her books so much!!!! I cannot wait to see if there is going to be more!!!!


Sarah is doing just fine. Sure she’s been single for the last five years, and has to spend an uncomfortable amount of time around her ex-boyfriend, his perfect new girlfriend and all their mutual friends. And yes, her job as a PA to one of the most disgusting men in London is mind-numbingly tedious and her career is a constant disappointment to her mother. But it’s really okay. She’s happy (ish).

So it’s not surprising that when Sarah starts dreaming about a handsome stranger, she begins to look forward to falling asleep every night. Reality isn’t nearly as exciting. That is until her dream-stranger makes an unexpected real-life appearance, leaving Sarah questioning everything she thought she wanted.

Because no one ever really finds the person of their dreams… do they?

I really liked this book. I just love all of Giovanna Fletcher’s books.

I love Sarah so much, she is so sassy sometimes and I love her so much!!!

There was the right amount of romance and comedy. It is the perfect romance novel and I love it.

Also exciting news!!!!!! Giovanna Fletcher tweeted that she is writing a Christmas short story for Dream a little Dream!!!! SOOOOO EXCITED!!!! (Fangirls over mini sequel of great book!!!)

I would recommend this book to anyone who loves romance novels but wants something so super cool and awesome. Also I think this would be great for pulling anyone out of a reading slump.

Go read it now!!! It is so on my top ten books of this year!!! Top five even!!


Now. I know it has been a little while since my last post but I have been working and been pretty lazy. So please forgive the shortage of posts but I will hopefully have another this week and then I am back to school!!!! (Internal crying)

I am thinking of doing weekly post????? So I have a schedule as I would like to be able to keep up with school with exams and all but I would also like to keep my blog up and running.

I am thinking about it but I will sort out something and I’ll keep you posted.


I hope you have all enjoyed you’re summer holidays if you are like me and going back school. If not. I hope you’re enjoying your summer holidays and make the most of the good weather while it is here!!!

I shall have another post this week so I will see you then.

Lauren x

The Queen Of The Tearling – Erika Johanson

I just can’t even with this book, it is just so great.

So The Queen of Tearling is about Kelsea Glynn, the heir to the throne of the Tearling. On her nineteenth birthday the soldiers of the Queens Guard came for her to escort her back to Kelsea’s birthplace where she is to be queen. But will she last long enough to be crowned or will one of the many assassins kill her before she can rule.

It is such a great book. I read in about three days and it was really easy to read because you got so caught up in this world. The story is quite fast paced which makes it easy to keep up with what’s happening.

The book is part of the Tearling trilogy(I think that is what the series is called but it sounds right.). But some series the first book finishes rally suddenly and then your just sitting there thinking, what has just happened, why is it stopping in the middle of something.

The Queen of Tearling stops at the edge of war, a war that you know if coming and it just makes you want to go and read the next book, which has just recently been released, as quickly as possible. I will be continuing this series because its just fantastic, I love it!!

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a bit of fantasy, a completely bad ass female character who is described as being plain but it just so cool also there is some mysterious magicalness.


So why don’t you go buy the book right after telling me in the comments what is your favourite book right at this moment?? The first one you think of, pop it in the comments because I would love to here from you!!!

I did really love the book. Now I need to decide what to read next. Decisions!!!

I am thinking of baking something this Wednesday so I will tell you all about my baking experience.(Is that the right word to explain it??? It doesn’t sound right??)

I shall post very soon.

Lauren x


The Potion Diaries – Amy Alward

I read this and well it was pretty good.

So as you may have guessed from a few posts back I was having a kind of reading slump. Simply I was reading a book that I has been on my bookshelves for a while so I read it and I plodded through it slowly and I just didn’t really get in the story. It was a nice ending but it wasn’t great. Then I started The Potion Diaries and it was a nice book.

The book is about a princess who gives herself a love potion and people have to try to find a cure for her. One of those people is called Samantha Kemi(I think its that but her name is Samantha, its too late at night.) and she is part of what used to be one of the most respected potion makers. But as the world is being taking over with synthetic potions will Sam be able to win the competition, save the princess’ life and prove that natural potions are better than synths.

I enjoyed this book. It was cute and at some moments I thought I was a bit old for reading it but I liked it. The story line was slightly predictable but I think I’m used to a lot of twists and turns.

But I have one problem. I finished the book and the next page had a picture that looked like the cover and it said The Potion Diaries 2. Now, there was nothing wrong with the ending of this book so I do not understand why I you need another book when there is not really anything you could add. Bear in mind it is coming out next year and I will probably not reading the sequel.

I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to have an easy read which is funny and just a lovely story.


So I think I’m going to bake something next week because it has been a ridiculously long time since I have baked something, and I call myself a baker.

I shall post about whatever I end up making because I think it would be interesting!!! (Maybe, maybe not I don’t know!)

I am about to start The Queen of Tearling which I bought in the airport on my travels so keep an eye out for a review very soon. Also I have finally watched this first hobbit and loved it so I bought the first lord of the rings which I shall watch and review!!!

So I have a few things planned for le blog which should be cool but I will post soon.

Lauren x




Crescendo – Becca Fitzpatrick

I have now read two out of three of the hush hush series. I think? But it is sooo good. I am a break from the series to read some other books and then I will come back and finish it.

Crescendo is the second book of the hush hush series and the book starts of where the first one ends. Everyone is happy and everything is good but things become a little bit strange when Nora Grey finds out Patch has been spending a lot of time with her arch enemy.

I thought it was quite good. It took me a little bit longer to get into it but eventually I  enjoyed nearly as much as the first one. I took longer to read it but it was good. I’m really enjoying the story and the cliff hanger at the end of the book is so good. Can’t wait to finish the series.

As I have already said but I will just say again just cause why not!! I’m going to read some other books before finishing this series because I still have quite a few books to read but I have a feeling it is going to be worth the wait.


This review is a little shorter than my other ones but I didn’t have that much to say about it just incase I give any spoilers.

This post is probably going to be scheduled for when I am away on my holidays!!!! YEAHYYYYY!!!!

Also just to say I have a facebook page so if you would like to have a little look at that then you can find it here —–> Facebook

I hope you all are having a nice summer holidays (if you are on your holidays) if not I hope your having a wonderful day!!!!

Lauren x