Round up of 2016

At the beginning of this year I set myself some goals….

Let us just say I haven’t done very well on my goals for this year. I think I have completed 4/10 possible 5 but definitely four.

This year has been an extremely busy year. I have been in London three times this year. I went to my second Briefing Weekend for Roverway 2016, then in the summer I went to the actual event of Roverway 2016 in France. During that amazing event I canoed, cycled, walked and met some incredible people who I hope to keep in contact.


In addition I have attended SS16 where I again met a great group of people from Orkney and Perth. I drank tea and fell in love with maple glazed gammon!!


In September I had the absolutely amazingly magical experience of seeing Harry Potter and The Cursed Child in the beautiful Palace Theatre in London.


Early on in the year I had played a huge city wide came of Monopoly in Aberdeen where I spent a day running around Aberdeen with two girls I had never met before and an inflatable alligator!!

WP_20160619 8

At the moment my 2017 looks a little bit emptier that this year of 2016 but my priorities are on my school at the moment as if I want to leave after summer then I need to pass all of my highers!!! However I am always trying to find something new to do.

So for my resolutions/goals for 2017

  1. Read More

For 2016 I set myself the goals of reading 50 books because I managed to read 30 in 2015 so why not 50 in 2016. What I did not see coming was a gigantic book slump that took up the majority of the year. This does not mean I did not read absolutely nothing but 13 books is not an awful lot at all. I also started the very irritating habit of starting a book but not finishing it. At the beginning of 2016 I started Enders Game but I sadly still have not finished it.

2.  Write More

I don’t completely know what I entail as write more but I have a lot of thoughts and ideas in my brain and the only way to get them out it to write. This will probabaly mean to try and write more reviews on this blog as I have done a terrible job of writing posts in general. I will probably just free write on a regular basis to try and find new projects.

3. Actually Make Films

If you did not know I really want to be a film maker but the only experience I have had is editing different clips through the year and adding music to it. The worst part is that I do have ideas but the combination of procrastination and the fact that I usually over think the whole thing I have never actual made a video/film with a script or an actual format. This will change because the only way to learn something and to improve is to do the thing first!!!!

4. Pass All Exams 

At the beginning of September this year I would like to University but to enter I need to pass my 5 Highers. This is going to be a bit of a challenge as I don’t have a great view of one of my subjects. I am really hating maths at the moment and I would be quite happy to achieve a C just so I can say I have passed Higher Maths!!!!

5. Take More Pictures

By pictures I don’t mean take selfies every single day but during some days and moments I would like to capture those memories so I can have the photos of my everyday life along side the ones of my adventures across the globe. I am going to try and scrapbook  more and collect different trinkets that will spark of the different memories of 2017.







Roverway 2016 – Paris

This is the third and final part of my Roverway 2016 Adventure…. So if you need to catch up check out the links below.

The Beginning

Briefing Weekend 1

Briefing Weekend 2

The Road


After a 2 hour bus journey from Jambville we arrived at Gard Du Nord train station. We took a few moments to figure out how to get to our hotel but finally after two metro rides and a 10/15 minute walk with carrying full kit we found our accommodation for the next two days.

For a little side note.

While we were at the different Briefing weekend we were encouraged to build our own adventure whether that is to come to France earlier than Roverway started. Or in our case, we decided that as we were getting dropped off in Paris we might aswell spend a few days exploring the city because when in Paris!!!

Once we went into our budget hotel, we decided to make a plan for the rest of the afternoon so we could try and use our two days very carefully.


The first thing we all did was use the lovely warm showers. The best part was that you didn’t have to be as quick as possible because there was only two of you sharing the one hot shower. I was very happy to be lovely and clean and finally gave my hair a well needed scrub.

After that we took the metro towards Notre Dame and found an Italian restaurant to have our first dinner in Paris!!!


Then we went for a little walk around the streets of Paris and bought some snacks.


That night I had a wonderful sleep on an actual mattress. The next day we got up bright and breezy, bought a delicious pan au chocolate in the bakery on the way to the metro.


We went on the metro to the Louvre. I fell in love with the old metropolitan signs.


Then we walked through part of the Louvre to see the glass pyramids that I have seen many times in pictures but now have seen with my very own eyes.


It turned out that near the Louvre there was a macaroon place that Eleanor had been to before and recommended that we went. It was beautiful.


After buying some absolutely delicious macaroons we headed for Shakespeare and Company. We walked along the Seine river.


First we went to see Notre Dame Cathedral again but this is daylight.


Caitlin then remembered about a crepe place that was close so we went and had a snack of some yummy crepes. I chose a simple crepe with sugar and lemon juice.


After our food we went to Shakespeare and Company.


This is a lovely bookshop which you see all over pinterest and it is adorable. You weren’t allowed to take pictures inside because this is some people’s local bookshop so it is just respectful. I had to buy something and as it is Shakespeare and Company I decided to buy something Shakespeare. I chose Macbeth because it was the first Shakespeare play I read. I obviously got it stamped so I can prove where I bought it. Also I bought a lovely tote bag which has been used many times already!!

After daydreaming in this beautiful bookshop and waving to some other scouts we spotted, we headed to the Eiffel tower. On route we picked up some bread, cheese and ham so we could have a picnic underneath the Eiffel Tower.


We enjoyed our picnic in the shade under the amazing Eiffel Tower. A little story is that, while being in Paris we all had neckers on to make sure we could spot each other easily, when we were having our picnic there was a small group of some girls and boys who sat near us in the little grass area and they asked us if we were scouts. Turns out they were also Scouts and we ended up chatting with them. The funny thing is that they hadn’t been to Roverway!!! Which just made it even stranger but amazing at the same time.

It also turned out that some the Austrians from our Road had stayed in Paris with Elias and we ended up meeting up with them on front of the Eiffel Tower.


After had a small chat with the Austrians we headed to the Arc de Triomphe and Champs Elysees.


During the day we found out that the majority of our Tribe was still in Paris and Elias was having a little party that all of the Tribe was invited to. As we didn’t have time to go back to the hotel and change(I didn’t even have anything of party material) we decided to try and find a shop of some kind. We ended up going into H&M where I bought a lovely summery dress which is now known as my Champs Elysees dress!!!! Which makes it fancier than it is!!

After spending a few hours at my first ever house party, a few of us went back to the hotel. I had to deal with my backpack that managed to explode all of my clothes all over the hotel room. I spent a good hour sorting out clothes that I couldn’t remember how many times I had worn!!!

The next day we finished sorting out our backpacks and headed to the Garde Nord to drop off our bags in the lockers so we could explore a little bit with the small amount of time we had left.

Some of our patrol were a bit grumpy from partying a bit too hard the night before and decided to hangout in the Macdonalds while the rest of us walked up to the Sacre Coure.

roverway-2016-223 sacre-cour-selfie

After our very sunny visit we headed back to the train station and get ready to head home. We sat in the non- air-conditioned train station while completely sweating because of the temperature being 30 degrees!!!!! That is something I am not used to!!

When on the way home we played buckaroo with Caitlin by balancing some pieces of paper and a pringle on her head!!! After 2 hours on the Eurostar we arrived in London where we had our quick goodbyes. Surprisingly, I did not cry at this farewell. I don’t really know why, I think it may have been a mixture of exhaustion and the happiness of being in the same island as my home.

roverway-2016-226 roverway-2016-235

I then went on a train to Sheffield to meet up with my parents and to see my cousins who I had missed out on a family reunion by being away in France. During the train journey I used the free wifi to chat with my tribe. We discussed who had the longest to travel and messaged the delightful news that they had arrived home. By this time it was probably about 11 or 12midnight. I was extremely but happily typed away on my phone at the same time as trying not to fall asleep, in fear that I would miss my stop. I however did not win that battle of conciseness and nodded off a view times while mid message!!! By the time I arrived at Sheffield I was wearing my Champs Elysees dress, trainers that were dirty and did not match with my dress at all and my Roverway UK contingent jumper.

I must of been quite a sight for my mum as I stepped off the train carrying three bags and looking slightly tanned. Even though I was very tired I was very happy to see my parents after 13 days away from my family. While driving back to my relatives house I started telling them about my adventure. When we got to there house I fell asleep nearly immediately and did not wake up until 10.40am the next day!!!

I have to saw that even though this is the end of my Roverway adventure, it is really the beginning. This has to be one of the best experiences I have had, so far, and I think this is just the beginning. I now have an amazing circle of friends who I am still in contact and there is nothing better than having like minded people who you have managed to grow close to over 2 weeks. This was my first experience of travelling abroad without my family and even though being my first time away for an extensive time I didn’t feel home sick. But when I finally arrived back my small home town I was very happy to crawl back to my bed.

Through signing up and going to Roverway 2016 I have pushed my boundaries and my comfort zone. I have travelled on a plane by myself, I’ve managed to get around Paris with a group of teenagers without getting completely lost and I have found out that I can make a very interesting presentation!!!!! If anyone that is reading this is thinking about going forward for any opportunity that is similar to Roverway or not, just go for it!!!!! What could go wrong!!!! You may be nearly in tears with fear while watching towards TSA by yourself in an airport or panicking because you don’t know how to start a conversation with people who aren’t from your home country but this is when you found out who you truly are as a person!!!

I hope you have enjoyed this little series and I hope there may be another one.

At the end of this year I decided to start my Queens Guide Award, if you would be interested in reading about what I plan and what I do end up doing to work towards this award then please leave a comment!!!

Once again thank you for reading!




Roverway 2016 – Jambville

Catch up on the first part of my Roverway Experience here – Roverway 2016 – The Road

Or go back to the very beginning – Roverway 2016 – The Beginning


After a two and bit hour drive in the bus we arrived at Jambville!!!!


We were shown our campsite which was part of the Moulin Rouge sub camp. We set up our tent for the final time on once again solid ground. Our campsite was under trees so I decided to give up on guy ropes for the sake of my sanity and my pegs.

After we had set up our campsite we were given the task of building a table for the tribe. I had no idea how we were going to build this table so I stepped back and watched. In the end we had an oriental style table as it was easier than making seats.


We then decorated the table with our flags.

After that we met up with the rest of our UK contingent so we could go to the open ceremony together and take some group pictures. We were given an update about different bits and bobs and then we marched!!!! Well… walked to the open ceremony while singing. Oggy oggy oggy and Everywhere we go. Both are very noisy and make sure that everyone can hear us.


After our group photo we ate and then it was the opening ceremony!!!

At Jambville as part of our entertainment there was the Rover Band which was made up of Roverway participants, two of which were from the UK contingent!!! The first thing played was the official Roverway song which everyone danced along to. The Rover Band also played other songs including champs Elysee and  Imagine by John Lennon. During the opening ceremony I was pulled along into multiple congas that intertwined through the group.


When the Opening Ceremony finished all of the cafés opened. These included the Rainbow Café and Moulin Orange which was set up by the Dutch Contingent. There was also the silent disco which me and Hannah went along to first. After dancing to some questionable music I decided to go to sleep because I was extremely tired and it was just after midnight.

The next morning we were wakened up by music. EXTREMELY LOUD MUSIC. One of the songs was the Circle of Life. So you can try and imagine a very tired Lauren trying to wake up and all you can hear is AAAAAHHHHHHSWENYYAAAAAAAAAAA. There was a lot of grumbling from me that morning.

During that day we had different activities that we could choose to do. I went, with the majority of patrol, to an activity that was about the badge Free Being Me which was made in a partnership between WAGGGS (World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts) and Dove (A soap company). We had to certain things to achieve this badge. One of the activities was that you had to write down three things about your body that you like. I said my eyebrows, my eyes and I think I said my hands. Then we had to walk around in the group we were in and then stop and say one of the features you liked about yourself and why. So basically you had to say, to the majority of these people I had never met before, Hello I like my eyebrows because they are nicely shaped and I like them! This was a bit awkward but I now have the Free Being Me badge and I have a lovely wristband aswell.


In the evening we had some more music and went off to the different cafes and such at night and then went to sleep.

The next day we were all very tired and quite exhausted after again being wakened by loud music. As a patrol we decided to go to an activity that we listened to this really friendly man talk about minerals. I felt quite sorry for him because I was nearly falling asleep and I was consciously trying to make sure I didn’t fall off the bench. But I am just not that interested in science so when he is talking about different things I was just thinking that I could do with a nap.

After we finished listening about minerals I headed back to my tent to have a sleep so I could enough energy for an activity in the afternoon.

The activity we did in the afternoon was one of my favourites. It was another WAGGGS activity but this time we were talking about gender equality and as a feminist myself I found it really, really interesting.

The final day was a bit strange. We did an activity which resulted us being in groups which resulted in that group to make your own culture. As part of your own culture you have rules, song, monument and clothes. I chose to do the rules and we had a really interesting conversation about politics and such. I didn’t really know what to make of the whole activity but it was fun anyway.

In the afternoon I found some of my patrol and we went and got an ice pop from the Rainbow Café which was well needed as it was a very, very hot day.


After our ice pops were devoured we tried to nap in the shade but Eleanor and I couldn’t sleep but while Caitlin was asleep we started to put bits of grass and twigs to see if she could sleep through it which she did!!!

We were then reunited with the rest of our patrol and played some more Frisbee. I at some point used face paint and painted a lovely flower on Matt’s arm.

That night was going to be the kind of closing ceremony as the next day we were parting ways with everyone. However there was still the night to dance away. But as I am not really a party animal and because it was a bit of an early rise the next day I decided to go to my bed early and try and pack my bag. I ended up having to remove a cricket and a spider from my tent as they managed to get in somehow. However that isn’t strange part of the night. I was all snuggled up in my bed (sleeping bag and blanket) and I started hearing Matt half whispering half shouting LAUREN, SCOTMAN MOVE OVER. I thought he was outside my tent and was just being a bit annoying. But half asleep I looked down to the door of my tent and there is a bright light being shone in my eyes. Once again LAUREN MOVE OVER SO WE CAN GET CAITLIN IN. So I groaned rolled over and fell asleep instantly. The next morning I woke up and stared at the side of the tent. I started thinking of the night before and tried to figure out if it was real or not. I turned over to see a pile of tin foil which had Caitlin underneath it all. I later found out that Caitlin had a bit of a fainting spell and they were trying to get me to move over because I was right in the middle of the very small 3 man tent that we were sharing. When I told the rest of the patrol that I thought it was a bit of a dream they found it highly amusing.

Because the night before was so eventful the majority of the UK patrol was tired and the thought of having to strategically fold a tent to fit into a bag was very hard to think about. Thankfully we had the wonderful Austrians. I have never seen a tent been taken down so quickly and folded once and then put in the bag without any struggle. I asked if they wanted to come home with me and come to all of my camping trips but they refused (must be the weather). Also because Caitlin was still not completely 100% from the night before the wonderful Austrians offered to carry her backpack…. At the same time as carry their own.

Roverway 2016 125.JPG

The funny part is that when we were walking to the bag drop off points they were miles a head of us and they were carrying more!!!!!

After dropping bags off we decided to take a tribe picture underneath the Jambville Eiffel tower.

Roverway 2016 134.JPG

A thing that Caitlin pointed out, that also made me smile was that if you look at this photo you can see that we are all mixed up there is a complete mixture of uniforms.

What this photo doesn’t show is the aftermath… About 5 minutes after this photo was taken I started to cry a little and did a very bad job at hiding my tears behind my sunglasses. This was the beginning of the end of Roverway 2016.

After I mopped up my tears we headed down to the stage for the actual closing ceremony where the baton (well a baguette) was passed onto the Dutch contingent who are hosting the next Roverway in 2018. The Rover Band played a few songs including Imagine – John Lennon, Champ Elyse and I’m Yours – Jason Mraz.

We all said our promise together which sounded like a mumble of different types of promises but was a lovely moment all the same. Then the words were said. “Thank you all for coming to Roverway 2016 and we hope to see you all in 2018”

I was okay for a few moments. I took I deep breath to try and stop water works happening. But I turned around and spotted that Elias had started to try and that was me off. I was sobbing my heart out. I gave up on the sunglasses because they weren’t helping in any shape or form. I think I hugged nearly everyone in our tribe. Some people I hugged twice because we just kept on crying. Eventually I ended up hugging Matt and Joe because I was just crying and couldn’t really stop. Matt then called my the Crying Scotswomen a few times while we were trying to get away but still hug everyone. I eventually walked away and took a deep breath. But as we were waiting for Caitlin to finish her good byes I was asked by one of IST who were with Matt and Joe if I was okay which I answered with a little sob and a no. I then received another hug which was very appreciated.

We then got our lunch and had to sit in the hot sun for a couple hours waiting for our bus to go into Paris which we would then build our own Adventure.

Roverway 2016 142.JPG



Roverway 2016 – The Road

If you haven’t read my past Roverway Posts here they are,

The Beginning

Briefing Weekend One

Briefing Weekend Two

All caught up now???


On 3rd August I woke up at 4.30am to catch my first plane of the day. After a flight from Glasgow to Southampton I met up with my patrol. While checking in my bag the second time I managed to break one of the straps on my backpack which I did manage to fix later on in the trip.

After a few hours of waiting in Southampton airport we were on our way to Rennes. We were welcomed by some lovely people who took us to the bus stop we needed to get on. Our opening ceremony was in a place called Le Triangle. When found this place we registered and were giving name badges on Roverway lanyards, a bag and some other goodies. I ate my squished sandwich which had managed to survive the journey from Southampton and then the ceremony began!!


There were so many people. We managed to find some fellow brits and screamed as loud as we good when the UK was shouted upon. This was when were taught the dance to the official Roverway song. Through the ceremony the song was played probably about 5 or 6 times.

After splitting into our tribes and doing some games and ice breakers we headed onto a bus to begin our road.

My patrols road was Viking Experience and it was great!!! In our tribe we had Austrians, Spanish, French, Finnish and Portuguese.

We were in the bus for about 2 hours and stopped at a place that was an activity centre (I think??). We set up our tents for the first time on very hard ground. After a light dinner we went off to bed… well sleeping bag!!

The next day we were split into two groups half of us would be doing canoeing in the morning while the other half would do cycling. In the afternoon we would switch.

I took part in the canoeing first and it was so much fun!!!!imag4254

We paired up and set off down a river. Along the river were some man made slides in some rapids so you would slide down in your canoe. At the first slide two of the French boys fell out of their canoe!!! Which resulted in a lot of splashing back as revenge!!!!

At one point we had to get out of the canoe and carry/drag the canoe across some land and then back in the river.


We canoed for about 14km which took us just over 3 hours. During these 3 hours Caitlin and I managed to sing through the majority of stereotypically British songs. Including Queen, Mcfly and lots of Scouting for Girls.

After we reached our destination we stopped for lunch. As we were in soggy clothes and there was nowhere to really get changed there were a lot of very expertly done towel changing. Here is a tip for girls who may have to towel change do not wear a swim suit, wear a bikini it is so much easier to change if you have a bikini!!!!!!!

Following lunch we set off on bikes which started off with a hill…. this was one of many hills we had to bike up. (well I pushed my bike up the majority of them…. all of the up hills I did) One of these hills was a 30% hill which we witnessed a few cars struggling to get up. After 15 minutes we managed to get to the top of the hill. The view was beautiful.


We cycled about 14 or 15 km. Thankfully the part just before our final destination for the day was down hill!!!!

After a well deserved snack we once again set up tents in another piece of hard ground. Thankfully their were some showers which were used by the majority of the tribe. This resulted in a very cold shower. It was freezing so I had the quickest shower ever by I managed to, well sort of, wash my hair.

While waiting for the shower I found out that one of Finnish, Sofia, was going to be moving to Aberdeen in the September and was going to be attending the University of Aberdeen. Well I had a very excitable conversation because I literally live 2 hours from their!!!!!!! (And a little side note I will be meeting up with her for a little catch up next week… I am SO EXCITED!!!)

Also while waiting I had an extremely interesting conversation about what I thoughts on why young people should vote.


That night we had a lovely dinner and then were giving biscuits that looked and tasted exactly like chocolate digestives which I was very happy to devour. I did try and convine the French that it was a chocolate digestive!!!!!!

In the morning the Brits (AKA us) were on breakfast duties which I slept in for but Matt and Joe had the pleasure of waking everyone up which they did by banging pots and pans together. I think they were sworn at in multiple languages for that but they were very happy running around the campsite banging away!!!!

That morning we showed some people how to make a proper cup of tea with proper British tea thanks to Matt who took 140 Tetley tea bags. (We didn’t even use half of these!!!)

After breakfast we packed up tents and then everyone was on bikes that day. But this time we were on lovely paved, flat ground. No hills NO HILLS!!!!


We cycled along on the nice flat road and stopped every now and then to have a drink of water. Then we stopped for a two hour lunch break!!!! During these two hours some of the Spanish and the Portuguese had a nap in the shape…. well a siesta.


While they were sleeping some of us went down a little path that came out beside a river. We started skimming stones and before long it was time to get back on the bikes.


As an afternoon activity we had to decide if we wanted to see some beekeeping or go to a Roman Museum. I chose to go to the Museum. We had to go up a big hill on the way their and we got a little lost but we managed to find it. This was just after 2pmish so it was hot, very hot. I had managed to finish my water very quickly but we were very happily surprised by the cold water fountain which we may have used half of the water!!!!

After the museum we cycled to Caen (which none of the brits or anyone could say properly…. sorry!) and then to Ornavik which was where we were going to be staying the rest of our Road.

Ornavik is a Viking villiage that is looked after by a lot of volunteers. They are in the process of building a church and a castle from the Viking times. If you are ever planning on going to Normandy France I would thoroughly suggest you go and visit. They are only open on a Sunday but the people who work there are lovely and they are all dressed up as Vikings.

Once at Ornavik we set up tents on once again hard ground and then we were giving a tour.


We then had chicken in a creamy sauce with rice for dinner and then were told a bit more about what we were going to be doing at Ornavik.

As part of everyone’s road you would be doing some kind of service. We had a choice from a few different things that needed to be done. On the first day there was stone sorting, which was where there was a huge pile of stones that needed to be sorted by width as these were what the church was going to be built with. There was making charcoal, which was where they had to move a massive pile of hay from one part of Ornavik to the other and pile it on top of a pile of wood which would be later set alight and then eventually turn into charcoal. Also there was a pile of sand that they were going to flatten over the stones that was at the entrance to make a wheel chair friendly access.

imag4327 imag4328 imag4340

Me, Eleanor and Hannah helped taking out all of the old hay in the Viking tents and put new hay back in. We also moved the old hay into the animals hut which recycles it.

imag4336 roverway-2016-027

We then had some free time. The brits all sun bathed beside the tents and we were all amazed that there was literally not a cloud in the sky.

roverway-2016-030 roverway-2016-032

During our time at Ornavik each night two countries would prepare dinner. The first night was the Spanish and Austrians who made Spanish omelette and Kasespatzle. Both were delicious.

The evening activities were also in charge of two countries each night. The first night was the Brits (us!) and the Portuguese. We decided to do a campfire and sing some songs.

imag4359 roverway-2016-039

The next day was when Ornavik was open to the public so we helped to tidy up the place and then we got to dress up as Vikings.


While Ornavik was open to the public we got to choose if we wanted to learn how to make flatbread or learn how to do some of the games they had.

imag4371 img_3623

Eleanor and I learnt how to do a kind of knitting…. Well Eleanor learnt how to do, I tried my best to do it but failed quite badly. Some of the boys were very happy when they got their hands on helmets and swords.


In the afternoon we changed back to our normal clothes and I learnt how to do some of the games. It turned out that the Finnish used to play these games when they were younger so they were all experts.


For dinner it was the turn of the Finnish and the Brits!!!!!

We made bangers and mash. Well, beef sausages (some people were kosher so makes life easier), gravy, cauliflower and carrots and mash tatties (*cough* sorry potatoes). Everyone was very happy with the food and so were we. However by the time we got our food we could not see our plates it was so dark!!!!

The next day was BEACH DAAYYYYYYY!

As a treat we went to a beach somewhere in Normandy. It was beautiful.


The flags that lined the walkway were actually the flags of the different countries that had landed there on D-Day. (Which I thought was pretty cool)

At the start of the walkway was a little shop that sold ice cream, crepes, chips and filled baguettes. I got a Nutella filled crepes which was delicious. We had lunch together and then were instructed to be back at that point at a certain time. Before heading onto the beach Eleanor and I bought ice cream. I got two scoops, one caramel and one cookies and cream.


We set out our blankets on the sand and had a quite dip in the sea, which was freezing!!! The wind was quite strong and cold. I was quite happy lying on my towel with my sun glasses on.


I did end up falling asleep. But no one had realised!!!!! I woke up and it was time to go. While waiting for the bus back Eleanor had noticed that the back of my legs were bright red. So I lathered on the aloe vera cream. When we arrived back at Ornavik I found out, in the most painful way that my back was also burnt. I didn’t realise how sore it was until later on that night when I had to lie down. It didn’t help that I was slouching the whole of dinner which made the task of straighting up and then lying down so sore.

That night all of the Brits were basically falling apart. The majority of us were sun burnt, Caitlin had sun stroke and we were all feeling completely rubbish. We apologised to the patrols who were organising the evening activities as we were going to sleep because sleep helps everything!!!

In the morning I inspected my back burn and found out that I had three circles on my back. One in the centre of my back and one on each shoulder. Loose clothing was worn that day and trousers were worn to cover the burn!!!!

This was also the day that the Brits and the Austrians were getting a half day in Caen. (Again I don’t know how to say it… apologise.)

In the morning I did stone sorting and at lunch time I found out my first ever exam results!!!

4 As (Maths, English, German and History), 1 B (Hospitality) and 1 C (Computing Science)

I then proceeded to tell everyone I PASSED ALL MY EXAMS!!!!!! WWOOOOOOOOOOWWW!!!

We had our visit in the afternoon which started off with a visit to the pharmacy. Then we visited a MacDonald’s (I know very French) for some food or a drink and to use their free wifi. I found out my brother had gotten the results he needed to get into College and that a lot of my friends had gotten straight As.

We then visited the castle which was so cool!!!


After walking up to the castle we went back to the pick up point and then went back to Ornavik.

This was our last day in Ornavik and as a farewell from the volunteers of Ornavik they did a kind of barbeque. They had roasted legs of pork and had some pasta and some other bits and bobs.


We were also given a taste of some Normandy cider (ooohhhhhh all 2.0%), it was very tasty!!!! After dinner, we went into a circle and were given a Roverway 2016 pin badge from Jean Yves and Anne Claire who were the leaders of the Viking Experience Road. Sadly they weren’t joining us in Jambville and we had the sad task of saying goodbye the next day.


I got a lovely hug from Anne Claire and she said to me that she was very impressed by how supportive and close the UK patrol was and she was felt quite happy that she had met us. This made me on the slight verge of tears.

After packing up all of our things and helping put back Ornavik the way we found it we said our final goodbyes and went onto the bus.

Off we went to Jambville for the next part of our Roverway 2016 adventure!!!!!!








On July 1st I travelled by train to Edinburgh to attend a weekend filled with Senior Section Spectacular fun. I came back with a mass of great memories and friends who I hope to stay in touch with.

I had never been to a weekend away with just Senior Section members (well Senior Section Members from across Scotland) but I was really looking forward to meeting like minded people who enjoyed the amazing opportunities of guiding.

When I arrived in Edinburgh I met in with a group of Perth Rangers and quickly started chatting with them. After some food we waited for a group of Orkadians (People from Orkney) while waiting for the bus that would transport us to Netherurd.

On the way there I talked with the girls and we discussed school, guiding and where we were from.

I am from the Banff and Buchan county which I found out very quickly that no one knew where it was…. However everyone did know the location of Aberdeen so my basic and very vague way of explaining the location of my town was Its north of Aberdeen.

We arrived at Netherurd and were giving a necker, a health form and a name tag. On the name tag aswell as your name it said your county which was helpful in some cases.

After being told where our rooms were I was surprised to find out that one of my roommates was a guide I had met before at a different event. Also joining me was the Perth Ranger Guides. In the room across from us were the Orkney group we met on the bus.

If there is one thing that there is always plenty of at guide camp is food.

On the Friday night we had three types of pasta to choose from then later that night we had the best hot chocolate I have ever tasted.

WP_20160707 1

There was a campfire where we sang a lot of songs. The majority I had never heard of but I have now found my new favourite guide song, An Austrian. The best part of it is that you yodel a bit and it is in my top 5 guide songs now!!!!


On the Saturday we woke up to a delicious breakfast which was Lorne Sausage (or square sausage) and tattie scones. I had both in a roll with ketchup, one of the best ways to eat tattie scones!!!

In the morning I was going to a castle but not Edinburgh Castle. This was a castle that wasn’t really open to public all of the time.


I am a big history nerd so I was looking forward to this. The castle was called Nepdeith Castle and it was huge. It wasn’t fancy in anyway but it was huge. Turns out Mary Queen of Scots had stayed in this castle because it belonged to William Grey which was one of her husbands. Also because it was a huge castle and in ye olden days they didn’t have radiators they used a fire. Now, this was biggest fire place I have ever seen. We managed to fit the whole group of about 20 girls in this fireplace.


There were balconies which had an amazing view but it was very windy. Very windy.

After the tour we headed to the bus. I asked one of the Rangers if they would take a picture of me with this epic castle and while taking one of the pictures there was a car I could hear coming so I panicked. So I have a nice picture….


Then I have a panicked one.


When we arrived back at Netherurd and had baked tatties with chilli con carne which, again, was delicious.

After having a small break and putting waterproofs on as it had started to pour of rain I headed to the main house for my second activity of the day which was archery.

I have done archery a few times but one of those times I was pretty good, the other time was a bit of a fail.This time however even though it was raining the whole time I hit the middle of the target quite a few times.

WP_20160707 3

We fired arrows for a good few hours and then back to house to dry off and to have a chill out as we had a gala dinner and a ceilidh later on that night.

For the gala dinner we all had a three course meal and it was delicious.

I had tomato soup for a starter, Curry for main and an apple and pear crumble. After that we pushed the tables to the side and had a ceilidh.

I love a ceilidh so I joined in with nearly every dance apart from two but the best was saved the end. The Orkadian Strip the Willow and I dance this with an Orkadian.

After our ceilidh and a quick shower it was off to bed so we would be wide awake for the Senior Spectacular Tea Party which was happening on the Sunday.

We woke up the sunday and did a Mad Hatter Themed Wide Game around Netherurd. My team were not successful in collecting all of the things we needed but in the afternoon we had the tea party.

WP_20160707 7

At the same time that we were having our tea party all of the commissioners were having their own tea party in the Netherurd House. (Before hand we had a little look around the house and it was sooo cute)

WP_20160707 4

But back to the tea party. When we entered the room there were huge tables filled with cake stands filled with delicious treats which were explained with a menu.

WP_20160707 5

There were a variety of sandwiches. My favourite was the maple glazed gammon (it was literally the best thing I have tasted ever).There were two different types of punch you could have and a selection of teas, flavoured and the usual. There were scones and cake and tarts.

It was lovely.

After stuffing ourselves full of all of the amazing food we had a chill to let all of the food to digest.

That night we did a movie quiz/challenge. Which included guess the tune bingo, match the princess to the castle and make a dress out of newspaper and cellotape.

WP_20160707 6

My group’s dress was modelled by Hannah who wore it fabulously. Sadly we did not win anything but in our hearts we were the real winners.

After that we watched Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland. While watching we were giving the choice of cheesy nachos, hot dogs or pizza (well you could have a bit of each if you wished to do so). Half way through the film we were giving slushies and popcorn.

Then once again our bed was well appreciated as we were all quite tired.

The next morning was an earlier start but we were giving French toast (or eggy bread) which was very filling. The rest of the morning contained stripping beds and packing as we were leaving that afternoon.

We were told to make up a sandwich which was slightly like a deluxe version of subway. Over two big tables there were many different types of fillings to choose from. Cheese, ham, tuna, salad, sauce and what I choice Maple Glazed Gammon!!!!!!!

I was very happy to fill a wedge of crusty bread with cheese and a lot of the delicious gammon.

After making up our deluxe pack lunch myself, the orkadians, the Perthonians and two girls from Aberdeen headed to wait for the bus that would take us to Edinburgh Waverly station.

When we arrived I had about 20 minutes until my train but as the train was at the platform we decided to head to the train. (Just a little explanation… it turned out that the two girls from Aberdeen were on the same train as me which was quite cool. we then found out we were on the same carriage as each other.)

I said my goodbyes to the Orkadians and the Perthonians and walked through the barriers to the train. Once on the train we found out that our seats were little parallel with each other.

After a 3 hour train journey which included an amazing sandwich and some great conversation we arrived in Aberdeen. I said goodbye to the girls and then headed to costa to get a coffee while I waited for my next train.

I enjoyed my coffee while trying to get through some of Lord Of the Flies (which is my book for Higher History) then it was time for round two of train journeys. Then two hours later I was home.


Roverway 2016 – Breifing Two




This is my third post about Roverway so if you have no idea what I am talking about then click here to go right back to the beginning.

On Wednesday 13th April I took a plane from Inverness to London Luton Airport. This was 3 days before the actual briefing weekend but my family and I decided to stay in London for a few days and sight see.

We went to Primrose Hill, Buckingham Palace, the Globe Theatre and Pax Lodge, which is one of the Girlguiding world centres. I have now been to 2/4 world centres. Pax Lodge in London and Our Chalet in Switzerland.

After doing our sightseeing over the few days I woke up on Saturday and went on the tube with my family so I could go and catch my train to Apsley. When we arrived with quite a lot of time to spare as I was not missing anymore trains the platform wasn’t up on the boards yet. So I bought some food for when I arrived at the campsite and then went back to find that the platform still wasn’t showing. Finally after waiting anxiously the platform went up and I rushed off through the gates and got on the train. 30 minutes later I was off the train and in a car that took me to Phasel Wood, my home for the night.

I registered quickly and went to find my patrol. I was greeted enthusiastically by everyone and then helped put up the tent that I would be sleeping in that night.Roverway - Breifing Two cooking

As I was coming down by plane I was borrowing a tent from one of my patrol members who has taken an extra tent just incase there wasn’t room in anybody else’s tent. It turns out that the rest of the patrol all had one or two man tents which in many cases do not fit two people it. So I was going to be sleeping in a large four man tent by myself. But that was fine, I wasn’t fussed.

After tents were up I ate my delicious lunch that consisted of a chicken and bacon sandwich, salted popcorn and a berry Oasis. I chatted with my patrol, very happy to be speaking to them in person rather than over a computer screen that would freeze after a few minutes.

Once everyone had arrived we went into another building where we were told lots of information about the weekend, what was happening in Roverway and found out a little more about our CMT()After some other presentations we got some patrol time where we talked for a while about how we were getting there and what we wanted to do.


Then back into the hall we went for more presentations. I went to a session about being my patrol’s Communication Champion (but I am sharing this role with Joe from my patrol). This simply means that I am in charge of shouting about what my patrol is doing over social media especially twitter. So if you would like to follow my patrol’s twitter to follow what we are up to please do by clicking here. (Thank you very much)

Little side note – I will be taking my camera and phone with me during the actual event in France so I will be doing a few blog posts about the main event after I come back.

Back to the weekend. A few more sessions later it was ready for FIREEEE!!!!


Over the course of Roverway we are going to be cooking on fire so we had a practise at the weekend. So we were all split between the twelve fires and giving the following ingredients.

  • Chick Peas
  • Chopped tomatoes
  • Some type of bean
  • Quorn meatballs
  • Quorn chicken
  • Spinach
  • 2 Baguettes
  • Tortillas Crisps
  • Grated Cheese
  • Rice

Simply what we did was we threw the majority of the ingredients into a pots boiled it added some stock cube and tomato paste to add flavour and then watered it down to eek out the “Stew” a bit.

I have to say I really enjoyed it. It was tasty but the best part was after the main.


If you have never had smores you need to sort this out and go and make smores straight away. What this combination of loveliness is toasted marshmallow and chocolate digestives.

The 7 Step Guide On How To Make The Perfect Smores (You’re welcome!)

  1. Have a fire or tea light candle (fire is better)
  2. Get a marshmallow, try and find the biggest ones you can find.
  3. Put marshmallow on either a screw or a stick from tree
  4. Lightly toast the marshmallow so it is a golden brown colour
  5. Collect 2 chocolate digestives
  6. Sandwich the marshmallow between the digestives.
  7. Shove in your mouth and ENJOY!!

After roasting marshmallows and eating them (obviously!) we went to the big fire.



Then we sang songs. Now this started with some scout and guide songs then some girls that were beside me starting singing other songs. First it was queen songs, then it was one direction and then we went through high school musical and it was great!!!


It was quite a cold night but you didn’t realise how cold it was until you stepped away from the lovely cosy fire. But the later it got the less people there were and as it was getting a bit quieter I could hear the familiar sound of a ukulele. When hearing this I turned to Joe (Patrol member) and just went “Oh , it s ukulele over there…. I wonder if he would let me have a shot…. I really want a shot.”

So after a little while of me looking over at the ukulele Joe said “Okay we are going over” so we went over to the little group who were around the guy with the uke.  (I don’t remember hearing his name which is terrible) We sang some songs then someone had a little shot and then there was a bit of a silence and Joe was like “I think Lauren should have a shot” and I did.

But it was so cold and trying to play taylor swift shake if off when your fingers are shaking is a skill!!! A little on I was asked if I knew any other songs which I replied “UMMMMMM.” which I was told means yes.

I was very happy to have a shot of the uke but it was getting colder and later so I went back to my giant tent. I would not suggest sleeping by yourself in a four man tent because it is so cold. So cold….. But I survived and managed to get a good 6 hours sleep. This is because I have the amazing ability to sleep nearly everywhere. (I say nearly because I don’t like sleeping on public transport because I don’t want to be stared at by strangers, thank you very much!)


We had breakfast then some free time which included taking down tents. Also we got out kit. (I will be doing another post on all the kit that I will be taking)

I got two participant tops, a jumper, a huge blanket badge, uk contingent wristbands and mini tent badges!!!

When I got home on the Sunday, I had Brownies on Monday so I wore my lovely red top and kept on going “I got my kit WOOOOOP”

Before we leaving we got a photo taken of the whole UK contingent.

So here it is (if you click on the picture it gets bigger!!!)

Roverway Uk Contingent

I am going to link a blog that one of the UK patrols started and I thought it was such a great idea. So please go check it out -> Un Wy

Finally it is less than 100 days til Roverway and there was a mini celebration on twitter!!


Roverway – Briefing One

So this has eventually went up because stupid Lauren had decided to do too many things. Which was very stupid especailly when she should be revising rather than making a blog post. Exam problems. Am I right!!

A few months ago I went on my first briefing event for Roverway 2016. This was to meet the people who were going to roverway aswell as being told more information. Everyone was really freat. That is what I have found with guiding events (and scouts) everyone there is so lovely and you can have a good old laugh which is great.

I can now say I am in a patrol. A crazy patrol which is nameless at the moment as were thinking of calling the patrol #squafgoals. But we have all decided to change it but we haven’t thought of anything to replace squadgoals yet.

This was probably the only camp I have been to where we had dominos pizza for dinner and it was great. But myself and a few others have learnt if food is arriving you should stay in the hall rather than go back to your tent to get something.

At night we had a party that you had to dress up as something beginning with R and som eof the costumes were really impressive. There was a Ron (Weasley), some French revolutionaries, red riding hood and Russell from Up which I have to say was my favourite costume. I was ashamed at myself at how little effort I had put in my own costume. Which was Ramona Flowers but all I did was wear a tshirt that looked like something she would wear.

After prizes were given out to the best costumes there was some music put on. But as it was getting late and my patrol were getting a bit tired so we sat round a table. This was only until Let It Go started playing, this was when I found out we had som big frozen fans who were not afraid at all to join the others on the dance floor to belt out the Disney tune.



I didn’t let it go (yes that is a frozen joke, you’re welcome) until Bohemian Rhapsody came on which was just our table belting out the words and instrumental parts as you have to anytime this song is played. (I honestly think this should be a law for British people even though it may end with some awkward situations!!)

I did have a laugh when 500 miles by the Proclaimers came on as it is a tradition at any primary school disco to play it and everyone to sing along. But even though we were all teenagers and slightly weary everyone san along.

Even though I was having a ball sitting at a table singing along to some classic songs I was very happy to crawl in my sleeping bag to get some well needed sleep. (Little side note, I can sleep anywhere so I seriously enjoy sleeping in a tent.) So that night I fell aswell very happily in a tent with a fellow senior section member who I have just met the day before. But I couldn’t have been happier.

I am in the guides (well senior section) and at guide camp we are usually up quite early so we have time for all the activities planned but in the morning at breakfast I found it absolutely hilarious seeing at how tired everyone looked. It was so funny. A scout in my patrol explained that they are used to getting up at 9/10am at camp rather than 7.30. That was probably the most quiet breakfats ever.

We all were told lots and lots of information about roverway and tips on how to survive a jamboree. We were also shown pictures of the kit we would be able to get and in a few months time we shall be getting our kit. Which is super exciting.

One of the things talked about was swaps. If you have been abroad with guiding or scouting you will know what these are but for you none guiding/scouting folk.

Swaps are different badges, neckers, food or basically anything from your country that you can take to a jamboree that has guides/scouts from other countires who will also take things from their own country. Then you can swap badges/neckers etc with the other people and then you have a memory from that camp.

I am all organised with my swaps and I am using my scotiishness as an advantage. Let us just say I have many scottish badges.

This was just the first briefing weekend for Roverway. There will be another brieing weekend in April which I have sorted out how I’m getting there already!! (Organisation) I will do a post about that after returning and I promise it won’t be so late. Ooops

I hope your enjoying reading about my Roverway 2016 adventure so far if you have no clue what I am talking here is a link to my first post about Roverway.

Roverway 2016 – The Beginning

About a month ago I signed up for Roverway 2016.

Roverway is when groups of people from guides and scouts take one of four paths in France, these could be solidarity, culture, environment or peace.  You will be on the path of your choice for 6 days. After those 5 days you will then join thousands of other guides and scouts for a jamboree.

It sounded pretty cool and that is why I signed up. I am the only person from my county to sign up but I like the idea that I could meet new people.

About a month after signed up I received an email telling me that I was officially part of the UK contingent for Roverway 2016. I have to say I did do a little happy dance which was mostly just me jumping around the kitchen.

As this is quite a big “adventure” you could say. I thought that I could record my experience on my blog. This blog in fact.

So this is my intro to the whole thing

Now this is up later that I hoped because life has been quite hectic but at the end of October I went to Briefing One of roverway. I will explain more of what happened in another post which will (hopefully) up before the end of 2015.

I hope you all will enjoy reading about my adventure because it should be quite exciting.

I will have a Gingerbread recipe up soon for your festive needs but I shall post soon.