Annie With an E – Season 1 Review

I do love a good series – especially one that I can easily binge watch!! I’ve mentioned/recommended Anne with an E before in my Top 10 Things To Watch On Netflix and once again I would thoroughly recommend you go and watch it. Especially now as Season 2 has been released – now I have to admit I have already watch finished season 2 after having rewatched the first season for this post.

So if you haven’t watched it yet then I will not spoil anything for.

To summerise – Anne with An E is the newest version of Anne of Green Gables written by Lucy Montgomery. It is all about Anne, an orphan, who has been adopted by the Cuthberts – Marilla and Matthew, brother and sister who have had their fair amount of sadness in their life – the series shows Anne trying to assimilate into life on the Prince Edward Island, just off Canada.

Now this is your final warning – after this part there will be many spoilers!!

Episode 1 – Your Will Shall Decide Your Destiny

Let’s start with the opening titles  – they are beautiful with the flowing leaves swirling around Anne and lots of wild life with some of the lines that Anne says scribed onto branches. The song aswell is lovely!

anne theme

The first episode is opened dramatically with Matthew Cuthbert riding across the fields as fast as he can followed by a whistle of a train! – love that you have a dramatic open because it draws you in straight away. It also is explained what is happening fully at the end of the episode giving the episode a circle story telling method. This episode is longer than the rest of the series but it helps to set up the foundation of the story.

I think its quite funny when you see Marilla and Matthew have a conversation at breakfast but it’s a very one sided conversation.

There are some lovely framing in this episode aswell as the rest of series.  Especially the fading in and out of the view from the train and Anne’s reflection in the window.

Through the series whenever Anne has a flashback – I think it’s quite clever the colour palette that is used in the frame is more blue or colder tones compared to Anne in Greengables where the colour palette is oranges and yellows which is a warmer colour palette. This could be seen as Anne feeling more comfortable at Green Gables and that she is happier with the Cuthberts.

When Anne is picked up by Matthew the journey portrays that Anne has some shared characteristics to Marilla as Matthew is quiet the majority of the journey while Anne chats away. This is when my favourite shots happen – when they go through what is known as the Avenue and the sun is reflecting through the different cervices between the flowers.

anne delight

I think what work with Anne’s breakdown is that through the whole of her journey there we were getting snippets of Marilla talking with Rachel (who is the town gossip) how they are needing a boy to help with the farming and then you have Matthew who doesn’t tell Anne anything! Then Marilla’s expression when Anne and Matthew return to Green Gables, it hits you in the gut as Anne has been taking in this beautiful place that is now her home and then after she gets into the mindset that this is finally happening her dreams and wishes just get exploded. In that way you are seeing the emotions from both sides but its more emphasised from Anne’s point of view.

What really gets Marilla to really look at the situation and get to know Anne is the journey to Ms Hammond to try and fix the mistake. I like that Marilla kind of lightens up a bit and actually has a proper conversation with Anne. This is all followed by a visit to Mrs Bluet who could do with a hand to look after her children basically! The reaction of Marilla at the circumstance that Anne could be placed in makes her change her mind in a way to have Anne on a week trial.


This is followed my Anne being told by Marilla to “Wipe that silly grin off your face.”

Over the next few days a lovely relationship between Marilla and Anne blossoms.

Another relationship is formed in the friendship between Diana and Anne – the first conversation starts very one sided as she has had bad experiences being called weird and being severely bullied due her extraordinary use of words however Diana loves it!!

Now this is when next part of the Circle Story Telling comes into the episodes – Marilla thinks that Anne has supposedly stolen her family broach and sends her away back to the asylum. However Marilla finds it and sends Matthew to try to get her back.

This is when the cliff hanger happens!! – Damn, I know!!!

Episode 2 – I Am No Bird,  And No Net Ensnares Me

The framing at the start of this episode is lovely – the camera is looking through the cherry tree that Anne had observed when she first came to Avonlea but is focusing on the train platform.

Also while Anne is travelling back to the asylum the colour palette is starting to use more and more blue or cold tones showing that she is going away from a place of warmth and happiness back to her personal hell.

I also like the shot of Anne outside the Asylum as she looks extremely small compared to this huge dark building – it kind of portrays how Anne feels – that the people in this place makes her feel very very small.

This is when we are going to have a small moment of appreciation for Rachel who is the voice of reason when Marilla is panicking. It really shows the fondness that Marilla has towards Anne and that she feels terrible that she was quick to judgement.

Now I really liked that Anne decided not to go into the Asylum as she couldn’t bare to go back to that life. Also the fact she was selling poems for a small fee in the train station. After that when Matthew found her, I quite liked that she was learning from her past experience and she was slow to trust again but after Matthew calls her Anne his daughter she finally realises that this is actually happening.

I liked that they didn’t stretch out the storyline of retrieving Anne too much because that could of easily been done and it also means you get to see her go back into daily life again.

Mrs Cuthbert doesn’t show her happiness and joy when Anne is back. But in a way her anger “well it sure took you long enough to fetch her.” is her way of telling them that she cares.


The Cuthbert’s end up hiring Jerry to help with the farm work while Anne will give Marilla a hand in the house. I really like the back and forth between Anne and Jerry.

The church picnic scene really just shows the beginning of the many barriers Anne will have to leap through to get to be accepted into the community. It is heart-breaking that Diana, her one and only friend, is not allowed to go to her. The conversation between Marilla and Anne brings to like what Anne is worried about and shows that Marilla really does care for Anne.

diana and anna first episode

The Bible signing scene makes me feel all warm inside – it reassures Anne that she won’t be sent away again. It also wraps up the episode nicely so it will lead onto Anne daily life as a Cuthbert!

Episode 3 – But What Is So Headstrong as Youth?

The episode starts off with the everyday morning of the Cuthbert’s and Anne heading to school the first time in Avonlea.

The framing on the trees all around Anne walking is beautiful. I love that she is practising introducing herself to the class. Then deciding to put an Anne touch to her hat by adding flowers!!

Also when she arrives at the schools it all nice and quiet outside then she enters and it is complete chaos.

On top of I liked that Diana gave Anne a tour and also gave an amazing death stare at the girls who were being unkind to Anne – it shows the difference between Diana and the other girls in the school.

Some of the one liners that Marilla says to Rachel are quite witty. Such as the “We ran out of time!” (that was Marilla being interrogated about the meeting with the Progressive Mothers)


When Anne comes home from School I thought it quite sad that she hid her sadness so that she didn’t create any problems but also she was wanting to go to school for so long and now she was there and it was not really meeting up to her expectations.

I like the edit of Anne lying on her bed when she flops!!

Also when Anne speaks to Belle, the horse, and Jerry reacts!

Now meet bully number 1 – Billy – ironically one letter away from bully, who basically terrorises Anne on the way to school but thankfully Gilbert saves the day. Ohh Gilbert!! He’s great!! He also has some great lines.


Also it shows that not everyone is evil and hates Anne – Gilbert is intrigued that she is different and in the great words of himself.

Then without Anne knowing she hurt one of the girls, Ruby, feelings because she has liked him for 3 years.

Also the mothers just as mean as the girls and you understand where they get their attitude and lack of manors from!

This is one of my favourite scenes – Anne has been warned not to talk to Gilbert however he approaches her while they are being watched by the other girls!!! The framing of it is brilliant!!


Now for the classic Anne of Green Gables scene – after not getting to talk to Anne, Gilbert tries to get her attention during class which ends up with him pulling one of her braids while calling her carrots which results in him getting hut across the head with a chalk board.

This ends with Anne being humiliated on front of her class which leads to her walking out of school.

Episode 4 – An Inward Treasure Born

This episode carries on from the last episode stopped.

The episode opens showing the normal running of the school and then showing what Anne is doing. After not doing much with her days Marilla forces Anne to go the school however she doesn’t actually go to school!!

However this isn’t really shown until Diane and Ruby go and visit Anne.

I thought it was quite sad when Anne is being told by the minister that she doesn’t need to go to school.

vicar talking to Anne

Now we have the turning point of the episode!! A fire!!

It’s very dramatic and it really shows how the community comes together to help each other. Then super duper Anne goes into the burning building to try to slow down the fire.

Finally she is accepted a bit more into the community!

anne and diana after fire

I thought it was quite funny that when Ruby was forced to stay with the Cuthberts that she starts of being extremely upset and the whole ordeal and then after the few days, her and Anne actually become friends. Also I thought they didn’t stretch those few days too much because they managed to show the progression of the relationship aswell as showing that due them being busy it made the days fly past.

ruby nd anne after fire

Also one of my favourite scenes of the episode – when they take some baked goods for the men who are repairing the house and Anne finally talks back to Billy Andrews.

anne insults billy after fire

ruby take food to gilbert after fire

Also I love that Ruby finally sees Anne in the same wonderous delight that Diana does. Also finally Anne has not one but two allies at school which draws her to go back. This also starts their little writing club. I love Ruby’s reaction to Anne.

story club

On top of that I really like the progress of Marilla and Anne’s relationship!!

Episode 5 – Tightly Knotted To A Similar String

I really liked the editing at the start of the episode as it has the raucous of the school in the background while showing the weather which submerges you into the time of year and prepares you to be plummeted into the daily life of school.

The good old spelling bee – I thought that it was quite funny seeing the rivalry between Anne and Gilbert. Also this line….


(because Anne with an E!!! – oh it’s the little things!)

Now onto Anne starting her period – or womanly flowering time! I thought it was interesting that they showed what it was like for young girls in that time period dealing with their first period. Also the fact that she is usually dramatic then the new hormones will just highten that. I also found it was quite funny Matthew’s reaction as he has obviously had to deal with Marilla growing up!


Following that we get to see into the morning routine of Gilbert’s family which I thought was about time but it also introduces that this is going to be a major theme in the coming episodes. It also reveals what Gilbert has to deal with.

I thought the shot of Gilbert running in the snow was beautiful – just the contrast of the white snow and the dark clothing of Gilbert.

Also once again Rachel is a brilliant source of comic relief – “I’d rather be pregnant then menstruating.”


Now onto Anne’s afternoon tea which goes south! I love Diana’s reaction the table place setting that Anne had placed. Also I liked that when the girls got drunk it went all out of focus to show how they were feeling and to emphasise that they were drunk.

It was quite nice to see that Marilla understands that Anne made a mistake however it was heartbreaking to see the reaction of Diana’s mother.

Especially that Diana and Anne are so so close that even the thought of them being separated from each other would probably make them be distraught. Their goodbye scene is so sad – it was when Diana told Anne that she could never love anyone like her which was followed by Anne asking you love me?? It was at if she has never had someone tell her directly that they loved her and from being raised in the Asylum she has never looked for it.

diana love you anne

Also Matthew gives Anne her dream dress, with puffed sleeves. I love Matthew’s character so much, he is so gentle and kind and he would do anything to make Anne happy.

I also love the lighting that glows around Anne when she unwraps the dress box. It as if she is surrounded by heavenly light which links back to what she has said before that having a dress with puff sleeves would be her highest form of heavenly bliss!


Episode 6 – Remorse Is The Poison Of Life

Once again we have a very dramatic beginning of Diana running through the dark forest holding a lantern.

I liked that even in this chaos they took a few minutes to hug each other and share a “I missed you” moment. Also it showed what Anne had learnt to do in her past.

This is a great way to show the progression of time without having a mass of episodes of Anne and Diana being forced to not speak to each other. But by showing Anne’s way of redemption that will help her earn the respect from Diana’s mother.

I loved that her mother went to Green Gables and says “I’m here to apologise and thank your wonderful Anne.”

Also I like that the amount of time that has passed is slipped in – which turns out to be a month- this just gives you a good amount of context.

I love Diana and Anne’s reunion!! I like that the camera swirls around with them as if they are in their own little world wind!!

anne diana reunion

Now onto the sad part of the episode – sadly Anne makes the realisation that whenever Gilbert comes back to school he will be an orphan. I liked the transition of this scene to the next which is the funeral scene. The bell of the school bell in way became a knell.

At the funeral – I quite liked the bit where you can see Anne in the background just behind Gilbert and she goes to approach him but she doesn’t have the right words to say so doesn’t say anything.

However when she does decide to say she doesn’t exactly take the right direction.

I like that we get to see more of Miss Barry who is so similar to Anne is some ways and I love that they have a lovely friendship blooming.  Also I thought it quite entertaining when Miss Barry found Anne’s little hut and hears her ranting about Gilbert!

We once again see Matthew’s kindness when he offers to help Gilbert with the harvest when it comes about.

I quite like that they introduced another storyline that would flow into the next episode with Matthew’s grain being destroyed in a ship going down.

Finally for this episode – I really liked that Billy finally got a punch. It really showed that he has no empathy and obviously nothing tragic has ever happened to him.

gilbert fight


Episode 7 – Wherever You Are Is My Home

We now see the end result of Matthew making a loan without discussing with Marilla. This also makes Anne worried as she just thinks that they will send her away. I think that really shows that Anne is still not sure if she will just be sent away again. But I liked that Marilla had a quiet moment with her and said the your a Cuthbert through good times and hard times.

I think that Jerry and Anne are brilliant together and they do give a nice comic relief that is needing during all of this bad times.

jerry ssinging

Also Anne’s creativity and art of storytelling is really shown when she is at the Pawn Shop. On top of that we get to see Gilbert again after his departure from Avonlea. It also meant that we got to see Anne and Gilbert smooth over everything especially as their previous conversation was at his father’s funeral and that didn’t end well.

I also like that both of them are quite relaxed with each other. Also Jerry’s reaction when they are just staring into each other’s eyes is quite funny.

In addition I liked the twist of the hooligans who hurt Jerry, looking at the advert for Green Gables. It sets of a new story line without leaving it to the last minute to go – oh no that story line is ended and so that other one.

Once again we get to see lovely Miss Barry who greats them like old friends.

Meanwhile we have Matthew lying in bed thinking that his life insurance would help look after Marilla and Anne. In a way this shows his selflessness in this situation but at the same time he doesn’t realise that he has all of these people that don’t want him to die and there is always another way.

I like that we see Jerry in a more timid light – when he goes into the same bed as Anne because he isn’t used to sleeping on his own. That really shows how Jerry lives without showing his whole entire family which I thought was clever.

Also I quite like that they worked together to get the money back as in Anne thought of using her cleaning skills to get some money raised.

I quite like the cliff hanger at the end with both of hooligans coming to Green Gables. It really sets up season two but it doesn’t spoil anything because in a way anything could happen.


Overall I really like this season, it has it’s ups and downs and does really well to develop and grow the characters. There are quite a lot of storylines weaved into one season and I think they did really well to introduce them early enough that they flowed from one storyline to another which out rushing into it with no context.

I hope you enjoyed the review!

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168hrs – Deutschland Urlaub

Over a month ago I headed off on a 2 week interrail holiday around Germany. During our second week I decided to film bits and bobs in order to take you along with me. So here is my newest 168hrs – Deutsch Edition. Also I think this may be my best one yet!!!


I hope you enjoyed that!!

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Pre Uni List – Update!!!

In August last year, after finding out that I would not be going to University that year I created my Pre Uni List. This was list of different things I wanted to complete before heading off to University in September 2018.

I happy to saw that I have a conditional for Stirling Uni again!!! This time I only need one A and so far its looking like it will happen. But don’t panic I have an insurance choice of Queen Margaret University which I need a C so in one way or another I’ve definitely passed exams and should be leaving home in over 2 months!!

As it is almost a year since I made that list and D-Day (AKA results day August 7th!!!) is quickly approaching I thought I would give you an update. (However if you have been reading that post recently you will see that I have been crossing things off!!)

1) Learn to Drive

So far I have passed my theory, FIRST TIME WOOP WOOP, and my practical is booked however I’m keeping the date super secret. But if all goes to plan I will be able to drive before I leave to Uni.
2) Go see a comedian live.

I had this booked before making the list but I had never seen a comedian live!! So I went to see Daniel Sloss at the Lemon Tree in Aberdeen. It was a great experience and I think I’m actually going to see him again this year!!

3) Travel to Germany

Just over a week ago I returned from by 2 week interrailing trip to Germany. It was fantastic!! We visited Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin and Cologne which were all amazing.

I’m in the middle of editing a 168hrs that I filmed over our second week which will be released next week!!

4) Travel with friends

In April I went to London with my friend Kiera to see Hamilton: An American Musical which I loved so much. I would thoroughly recommend you listen to it and if you can go see it!! I sobbed through the majority of the second act.

Also I did a 168hrs Easter Edition which showed you what else I got up to in London. (Yes I do think I’m going a little 168hrs crazy!!)

5) Have a Harry Potter Movie Marathon

Sadly this has not happened yet however I have about 3 months of holidays!! Well I have no school so I’ll have a spare day to do that!!

6) Watch 10 classic films.

So far I have watched

  1. Goodfellas
  2. Fight Club
  3. Back To The Future
  4. The Breakfast Club
  5. West Side Story
  6. Titanic

I have quite a few in my Netflix list which I will get through! If you have any suggestions of classic films you think I definitely should watch then pop a little comment down below.

7) Do two new things that you would never think of doing before!!

Make a podcast!! Last year I didn’t even think about doing that and now I have one episode released and seven to go which is very exciting.

You can listen to it on Apple Podcast and

I’m not sure what the other one is but once again I still have three months.

8)Take part in the school talent show for the 3rd year and try to get 1st place. (I’ve been 3rd my first year of doing it and then I was 2nd the second time soooo…)

I did take part!!! Sadly I didn’t place but I’m now on my schools Facebook page!!! I sang Crazy by Gnarls Buckley which was a lot of fun and I actually wasn’t nervous this year.

(Sorry I can’t make it smaller for some reason!!!)

9) Make a film. (It can be a short film but still I need to get this brain going!!!)

At the end of last year I think I made a sketch which still needs quite a bit of editing but I think it’s quite good for a first attempt. So hopefully by September I will have released the finished thing!!

10) Continue writing on this blog.

Well here we are… still going strong!!! I am planning to keep carrying on in a fortnightly posting schedule after July so don’t worry there will be more posts, possibly more student aimed but there will be new content.

11) Go ice skating again.

Sadly I have not been ice skating again yet!! I have the summer holidays.

12) Make 5 new meals/food!

Okay so I have made

  1. Meatballs (from scratch and they were delicious)
  2. Quesadillas
  3. Turkey Burgers
  4. Buttermilk Fried Chicken
  5. Chicken Ramen

I’m going to try out a few other things just so I have a few favourites that I can easily cook when I leave home.

13) Learn to make cocktails.

I haven’t learnt how to make cocktails however I have found out that I really like peach schnapps and lemonade.

14) Complete majority of my Queens Guide award.

I am nearly there. By the end of August I will only have my Element 4 of Service in Guiding, Community Action section and my Exploration which is very exciting. I have over a year left to complete it and I think I’m gonna be able to do it!!

15) Go to Wellies and Wristbands.

This is actually part of my Queens Guide!! Yes I am going in August and I’m volunteering which means I get to help out in a certain area. I don’t know what area but my first choice was behind the scenes of the stages and working with some of the bands and guests.

I’ve also got some cool kit aswell so I have a jumper and a top. Also I’m not sure if there will be any other Scots so that will be interesting!!

16) Meet new people!

I met some really interesting people while in Germany but just quick chats in hostels. Hopefully at Wellies and Wristbands I meet some really cool people.

17) Continue to learn German.

Over the past year I have been helping out in the S3 German class, which is beginner level German. That has helped me to maintain the basics. I’ve also been using Duolingo to keep maintaining the slightly harder parts of the language.

So yes I have kept learning however I need to start practising on Duolingo everyday or atleast every two days.

18) Try 5 new foods.

I have tried:

Sauerkraut – I liked it but I couldn’t eat a lot of it

German Beer/Kolsch – I can drink beer but I prefer a cider or Peach Schnapps

Mayo – I have never tried mayo but have found that after a sleepover that its delicious with chips, nacho and of course on a burger bun alongside a lovely burger.

Currywurst – This was delicious!! I would definitely eat this again!! Possibly try to recreate it in Scotland.

I’m sure what else…

19) Get dip dyed hair.

Well I didn’t get my hair dip dyed but I got it bleached a little then got it purple all over with lighter streaks however from being in the sun the lighter streaks have faded to the ginger colour that is underneath now!!!

20) Dye your hair a natural colour.

In December (I think) I dyed my hair brown to give my hair a bit of a break from lots of different colours and to try to get it all one colour again.

It was extremely dark at the start but it faded a little into a nice colour.

21) Have a sleepover with all of your close friends.

I have been to three sleepovers since last August with my close friend group and I’m actually organising the next one. We are having a Be More Chill themed one for my friend Chloe’s birthday because she is obsessed with the musical Be More Chill. So I’m in the midst of planning!!

Also your never too old for a sleepover!!

22) Allow a friend to give you a makeover!

At a sleepover we did makeovers to each other!!! My friend did a really good job of mine!!

But I am terrible at taking selfies!!

23) Give someone a makeover.

I did my friend Rose’s make up however I have no photographic evidence!! Sorry.

24) Go on a date with someone!

This was a bit of a stupid one but no I have not went on a date!

25) Complete your adult leadership qualification in Guides.

A few weeks ago… Actually last week at my last night of Ranger Guides I was awarded my Adult Leadership Qualification! So I can now run a unit if I want!

26) Organise/ Go to atleast 2 more sleepovers for Guides/Senior Section.

I have helped organise a Harry Potter Themed weekend for the Guides which was as good as it sounds! That was actually part of my Queens Guide as I was Activity Coordinator and it was so much fun.

Also in February I went to a weekend away with the Ranger Guides to Aberdeen which you can see in my first ever 168hrs.

On top of that I have been to a Guide Sleepover aswell which was Moana themed!

27) Perform at an open mic night.

I have not completed this one.

28) Pass all of my exams.

I have completed the exams however I will not know my results until the 7th August so I will have to wait!!

29) Make another scrapbook!!

Now I need to print out some pictures but my second or maybe third scrapbook is about to be started.

30) Learn how to do 2 new hairstyles!

Okay I have learnt how to do this half up down look for prom which was actually very simple!!

And I have perfected the plaited leia buns or space buns whatever you wanna call them.

Overall I’m doing quite well however I still have a few months left and I will keep scoring off completed ones on the original post. I’ll probably be tweeting about it aswell.

Now I’m going to be posting every week during July as this is my last month of blogging that goes towards my Queens Guide and I’m needing a little challenge!

Also this week I released the first episode of my Podcast Books N Cake – The Podcast. This week Phoebe and I discussed Dodie Clarks book Secrets For The Mad which you can listen to on Apple Podcast or in this link!!!

Other that I will see you next week.

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How To – Pack

When this post is published I will be Germany, specifically Munich at that point but the bag that I packed in these pictures is my actual bag that I took on my adventure!!

So whenever you go on any trip you always need a bag – in this post I’m going to be focusing on how to pack a travel backpack however a lot of these tips will help with your usual packing needs!!

To start we are going to break it down into section.

  • Clothes
  • Toiletries
  • Technology and Other Bits and Bobs
  • Actual Packing The Bag


Whenever your going anywhere cool you always need clothes. But one of the biggest faults on using too much space or not packing well is taking too many clothes.

Remember trousers can do for 2 or 3 outfits so if you have a 4 or 5 day trip then 2 trousers with a mixture of about 5 tops would allow you to mix and match over the course of your trip.

Also if its a longer trip take half the amount of tops to the days that you are going away for.

So I’m away for 15 days so I have packed:

  • 2 trousers
  • 2 shorts
  • 2 dresses
  • 6/7 tops

Dresses are also a great options because they are comfy and can be transformed from day to night. (If you need tips or inspiration on how to transform outfits from day to night go look at my How To Clothes post!!) Also if they are light dresses then they can be easily washed.

For washed clothes if you are travelling with a companion and end up collecting a bigger amount of dirty clothes then you would be just as well using a washing machines if they are available at the hostel your staying at. However if you just have a few things to clean then travel wash is a life saviour. Its a small tube of this gel – to use all you need is a small drop of it and you just scrub it into your clothes using either hot or cold water. (If your going to long camps this is necessity you may not use it but you might find you don’t want to be going into a city with a stinky uniform!!!)

Another thing to think of when packing for a long trip or even a very short trip the lighter the clothes the better. If you have any nice flowy tops that will easily squeeze into small spaces then take them – they will also dry really quickly.


After you have picked out a good few mix and match outfits then the next decisions are about toiletries. Do you need to take a full sized bottle of shampoo rather than faff around with little bottles? Personally I would say no. One you save space with the travel size which in turn allows you room to buy some souvenirs. Two you are taking what you are going to use which means you aren’t carrying a heavier bag than you need to.

In most supermarket you can get travel sized bottles which can be used over and over again. I’ve got two normal screw lid bottles and one small squeezy top for shower gel which again can be used again. If you are flying a good tip to make sure your conditioner doesn’t explode over your nice clean clothes then place a small bit of clingfilm over the opening which will create an airtight seal.

Another good tip is instead of taking a normal full sized towel – take a micro fibre travel towel. Which means you will have a full sized towel which will save on space and dries really quickly!!!

For shaving – conditioner is a good substitute to shaving cream and does actually work.

Also remember to take a pair of either nail scissor or clippers as they always come in handy aswell as cotton buds along with pain killers because they again are always useful.

Another handy piece to keep all of your toiletry needs in a hanging bag! I got one from my friend Phoenix for my Christmas and its means when you have to use the showers in hostels all you have to do is take your little bag and hang it up!!

Technology and Other Bits and Bobs

While travelling there always small little things that you never really think about until someone suggests it so here are mine.

Travel Adapters – something you always need to be able to recharge your technology while in another country so remember to take one or two.

Battery Pack – These are great if you have long journeys which means you can charge your phone or other things while on the move. If you are camping a solar charger would be a good idea because then you can charge your battery pack with the solar charger so when there isn’t sun you still have battery power.

Chargers – Always remember to take your charger cables, double check because its one of the final things to go in and can easily left out.

Flip flops – the cheaper the better, I got my lovely blue ones from Primark for 90p. Because some hostel showers are always the cleanest also it is better to pay 90p for flip flops rather than getting a foot infection!!!

Locks – Now this can either be your big padlocks so that you can use the lockers in the Hostels without having to pay more for a padlock. Also a little padlock for your case or backpack can be really handy aswell to make sure your bag is a bit more safe.

Pyjamas – I know this is actually clothing however I have forgotten to take pyjamas with me before so always remember!!!

Change – As in money, there is always times that you will need coins if this is for snacks or bus tickets so if you ever have change left over from your last trip save it and use it the next time.

Actual Packing The Bag

The bag I am using for this trip is a 60l+20l Mountain Warehouse Travel Backpack. It has a detachable day bag that can zip on and off. I’m also taking a little handbag but we are going to ignore that for this post.

I think everyone by now know the rolling tip which helps to pack more however if you combine the rolling technique with packing cubes you can get so much more!!!

You can usually get sets of them quite cheap but once again this was part of my Christmas present. But these are great I managed to pack all of my underwear and socks in the smallest cube.

This also means that all of your clothes are put into sections which means it is easier to find your clothes. On top of that if you do have to open your case or bag for any reason the whole of the train station or airport doesn’t see your dirty knickers!!!

Stages of packing

  1. Lay out your clothes to make sure you have everything you need and double check.
  2. Pack into cubes.
  3. Place cubes into bag first
  4. Then if you have any jackets or jumpers that can be easily squished into different shapes then pop them into the extra space left by the cubes.
  5. Use the different pockets to put all of your cables so they are all in one place.

Finally before you leave remember to print out all of your confirmations and tickets – I would recommend keeping them together in a polypocket or a little plastic folder.

The voila you are ready for your trip.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post while you read I will be in Berlin or Cologne!! If you would like to keep up for any updates or any news then go and follow me on twitter.

I’m trying to take more pictures so you can check them out on the official Books N Cake Instagram.

Apart from that it is 2 weeks until my podcast goes live so keep your eyes out but other than that I will see you in 2 weeks!!!!




I’M BACK!!!!

After a month break I thought I would give you a bit of an update.

So May was a month of exams and busyness all in all. I managed to survive my exams especially Advanced Higher History which unluckily landed on my birthday. Thankfully my Disseration essay question came up so I managed to word vomit everything I know about women’s role in sustaining the war effort during the American Civil War (so if you need any random knowledge about that I’m your gal!!). My other exams went quite smoothly.

Outwith school I joined my local gym and have become obsessed with watching episodes of The Originals while on the treadmill. I would also recommend watching Girlboss while working out because of the killer soundtrack and it’s funny so it makes you feel good and is a good distraction.

Smaller news I bought some amazing stripped trousers which are extremely comfy but I’m still finding a few things to style them with!!!

I also went to a very belated 18th Birthday sleepover (mini shoutout to Donna and Diane!!) and found that I really like the taste of Peach Snappes and Lemonade.

Also I turned 18 myself and had a little party where I got my lovely friends to play classic party games including musical statues and musical chairs. This ended with the guests going home with party bags that included a dib dab, bubbles and party poppers. Following the party I went to the pub for the first time and had a very deep discussion about the American Civil War and many other things.

Finally, I caught up with Marvel films by watching a Marvel film each day for three days which ended up with me watching Avengers : Infinity Wars which I will not spoil but I am still not over. Which is not helped by my lovely friend Chloe sending me a lot of memes or pins from pinterest that open all of the very sore wounds that were created by this film. Also Chloe if you are reading this, I love you but you really really suck!!!!!

Also I got my hair dyed back to purple!!! Well it’s purple with reddishy pink strips in it. I actually had my hair slightly bleached so I was ginger for a while and I thought it didn’t look too bad so maybe ginger/orange hair is somewhere in my future. But after 5 hours in a hairdresser my hair is now all lovely and bright.  I am also counting this as part of my Pre Uni List which I am going to do an update post soon.

Now what else.

I passed my Driving Theory first time which I was extremely surprised and I don’t think I have been that nervous in quite a number of years. So I am very glad that is over and hopefully during July I will be doing my test which will mean I can officially drive.

*iNSERT INTERNAL SCREAMING* (Slight edit – I got an email last night with a date for my driving test however I have not told anyone but I have enough time to practise!!)

On top of this, I have officially left school. Well I need to fill in a leavers form but I am delaying that for a specific secret reason. But in 3 days I will be leaving my small home town for a two week adventure in Germany which I have been waiting for about a year for. So you will have the fortnightly post but it will be scheduled. However if you go and follow me on the official Books N Cake Instagram you may see some pretty photos of my Deutschland Urlaub. Also two days ago I got my Girlguiding Adult Leadership Qualification verified so I am officially an Adult Leader!!!! Strange I know!!

Other than that I have busying myself with tiding my room, editing Podcast episodes and trying to read all of the books for the Podcast which is coming up in about 5 weeks!!! You can find the podcast on and Apple podcast. I will be tweeting excessively when the episodes are being released so for all podcast and blogging updates go follow my twitter.

Other than that I will see you in two weeks with a new travel themed post!!!


168hrs – Easter Edition

Over the second week of the Easter holidays I filmed what I was up to. I knew I was going to be in London for 3 days and was possibly recording a podcast so it was all systems go for a few days. While in London I saw Hamilton : An American Musical after about a year of waiting as well as The Play That Goes Wrong. I hope you enjoy.

If you would like to see my previous 168hrs: A Long Weekend then click here.

I’m working on a podcast at the moment so if you would like to know more about that I did a full blog post explaining everything. Also if you would like to see any sneak peeks, updates or exclusive bits and bobs then go follow me on twitter!!!

To inform you all – I will be having a break from blogging over the month of May. I have my final ever academy exams and I really need to focus on them rather than mucking around with blog posts. Also I think I need a break in order to get some more ideas without getting too stressed.

I will be doing little updates on my twitter and if I feel like it there may be a chatty post on my birthday (I’m going to be 18 OMG!!!) so keep your eyes out for new posts!!

So I will see you in a month!!!

Books ‘N’ Cakes – The Podcast!

If you follow me on twitter this will no surprise to you as I have been tweeting about this idea for a few months now and guess what… It is happening!!!

For those who are out of the loop and are probably confused at this moment (but if you haven’t guessed from the title) I am making a podcast series!!!!

(Wow, so amazing, that’s great, what’s it about, when is it being published, where do we find it)

Now to cover all of the little nitty gritty bits and bobs about the podcast I thought I would do a little post explaining what is happening and basically to start the hype of this podcast.

The series will compose of 8 episodes and in each episode one of my lovely friends will be my special guest. Each episode will be released over the duration of July and August of this year. The weekly episodes will include a different guest and a different book of the week each episode with a new genre.

With my guest I will be discussing their favourite book alongside their favourite scene, line and character from that episode’s book of the week.

To explain the cake part – each episode while we are discussing all of the books we will be snacking on delicious cake that you can make at home following the same recipe which will be published along with some of the podcasts.

The first episode will be released on 6th July 2018 with each episode the following week. You can find the podcast on Apple Podcast and (I will be popping links on twitter and other social medias whenever Podcasts are launched!!)

If you would like to read the books to join in with the discussions on the days of release then see the books below:

6th July 2018 ~ Secret For The Mad – Dodie Clark

13th July 2018 ~ The Potion Diaries – Amy Alward

20th July 2018 ~ Scott Pilgrim: Volume 1: Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Life –  Bryan Lee O’Malley

27th July 2018 ~ If I Stay – Gayle Forman

3rd August 2018 ~ Stealing Snow – Danielle Paige

10th August 2018 ~ It Only Happens In The Movies – Holly Bourne

17th August 2018 ~ Moriarty – Anthony Horowitz

24th August 2018 ~ Red Queen – Victoria Aveyard

I am super excited for this, I have two episodes recorded so far and I am working my way through the books. So I hope you are excited as I am.

For updates on anything podcast bits and bobs why not go and follow me on twitter.

(Sorry for this being late – it has been my easter holidays and I have been laying around, reading then realising how long my to do list is.)

However the 168hrs : Easter Edition is in the process of being filmed. Just a heads up I am going to be taking a break over the month of May as I have exams and I just need one less form of procrastination!!!!

So I will see you in two weeks however if you would like to see what things I have completed on my Pre Uni List then click here!!!!

How To – Survive Study Leave

For those who are slowly falling into the realisation that exams are approaching you at a rapid speed, then you have come to the right place.

I am also in that position and after 3 years of experiencing this I have found some tips and tricks to help me to survive the dreaded study leave.  So here is my guide on How To Survive Study Leave:

Part One – Getting Into A Routine

After being used to the usual routine of get up, get dressed, eat breakfast and go to school. Then after 6 hours or so come home and try to revise after having a small break.

But when Study Leave starts,if you are like me, you usually just go into the routine of waking up when you wake up then try and fill in a few hours of revising then procrastinate.

What I try and do is to keep a similar sleeping pattern, so I would normally wake up at 7am to get for school but during exams I would usually sleep til 8am. It also helps if you go bed at 10.30pm or just after that so you are able to get roughly 9 hours of sleep.

By setting a usual routine, this helps you get more done during the day and by not sleeping in every day you use the most of the day.

Part Two – Find Your Study Place

To be able to study, you need to find where you concentrate the most. For me, I find I am more likely to do work if I am actually in School so during study leave I can be mostly found in the School library or in the Social Centre.

Also, I find if I spend too much time in the same place I get a little stir crazy. So after about 30/45 minutes get up and stretched your legs. If that’s going for a walk to the toilets or walking to the vending machines to get some snacks then get and walk!!!

Another thing you need to remember to do is, take breaks to properly eat. I spent a day in a University Library to do research for my History dissertation and I research for a solid 3 hours with only consuming a very nice white chocolate mocha. So by the time I stood up to go get something to eat, I was very wobbly which was not helped by my great idea of taking the three flights of stairs down rather than the lift. REMEMBER TO EAT!!! Thankfully, my school has great lunches so if it’s a Thursday then I end up getting a roast dinner for only £1.80!!!!

On top of that, if you find it easier to revise with other people then sort out days of meeting friends to go over work. Find what works for you and actually do it.

Part Three – Reward Yourself

Even though it is exam time and you are supposed to be using your time wisely, you need to know when to reward yourself. So if you have been revising for a good few hours then go and watch a few episodes of your favourite tv show or go out for lunch. Eat some sweets while relaxing on front of a film. Have a bit of fun!!! But after an hour or so get back to work or you might find that all that information will just fall out of your brain.

Also, after an exam, I am always drained and slightly wobbly from using all of my adrenaline. So if you don’t have an exam the next day, take the rest of the day off. Last year after my Higher Maths exam, me and a friend went down to the bakers and got chips,cheese with salt and sauce!! I was in heaven!!!

Another thing is, if you have a lot of weeks between certain exams, you can take a few days off to relax. If you don’t you are going to be completely drained. Last year I had just about 3 weeks between my History and German exam, so me and my friend Phoenix went down to Stirling for a few days. Then after that, I got back into the swing of learning up the hundreds of German paragraphs!!!

And that is how you survive study leave without going insane!!!!

If you have your own tips and tricks on how to get through study leave then please leave in the comment below.

If you have any How To posts that you would like to see on my blog then please leave a comment below.

To see my Top 10 Films I Think Everyone Should Watch then click here!

Also I have a podcast in the works so to keep up to date with new updates and some sneak peeks then why not follow me on twitter.

Apart from that, I will see you in a fortnight.


10 Films That You Should Watch!

I have watched quite a lot of films but while I’m slowly working my way through the classics such as Godfather and Jaws, I still have my favourite films that I go back to watch again and again.

Just a heads up, there might be some spoilers so please don’t be mad!!! Also I don’t watch any horror films so if you are looking for horror suggestions then I’m sorry, I can’t watch them. (I watched Women in Black when I was 12 however I couldn’t sleep for over a week because I kept thinking I saw the women in black outside my window!!!)

So let’s get into it!

1) Hidden Figures

This fantastic film was released in early 2017 and I love it so much. It is based off the true story of the three incredible women, Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson, who were key people in helping NASA send the first American to space.

Katherine Johnson was a human computer who went through all of the math needed to figure how to send someone into space and helped to workout the math behind sending the first men to the moon.

Dorothy Vaughan was the first African American supervisor at NASA and was also a mathematician. She is most famous for becoming an expert in FORTRAN programming.

Mary Jackson became an engineer and was NASA’s first black female engineer.

Hidden Figures goes through the key parts of these women’s lives and it is brilliantly done. It shows the segregation and the amazing friendship between these women. The  music is written by Pharrell Williams and fits in with the film which in turn makes it flow beautifully.

Some of my favourite scenes are when they get slightly tipsy and start teaching Katherine how to dance.

When Mary Jackson goes to court and wins the right to go to the night classes at High School in order to become an engineer.

When one of the Astronauts went over and shook the hands of the African American computers who were pushed to the side.

And finally when Katherine exploded about having to walk half a mile to go to the toilet.

This film is beautifully done and I thoroughly recommend this to everyone, also it’s Women’s History Month so why not learn about some incredible women.

2) The Book Thief

Set in the rise of the Nazis in Germany, Liesel is fostered by an elderly couple (played by Emily Watson and Geoffrey Rush). To deal with her new surrounding she finds comfort in stealing books while her foster parents hide a Jewish in their basement.

This is a film adaptation of Markus Zusak’s book which I recommend to everyone and anyone. It is beautifully portrayed on the silver screen and keeps the main body and premise of the story without  it feeling like you are missing parts of the story line.

It is brilliantly edited and covers the growth of Nazism including the book burnings, Kristalnacht and the Hitler Youth. I love the characters because you see Liesel and her friend Rudy grow up together. I will warn you, this is a film you will need a box of tissues while watching it. There are a few parts that I have cried at every single time I have watched this film.

There are a few funny parts and the relationship between Liesel and Rudy is funny and makes you say awwww quite a few times.

I would thoroughly recommend everyone to watch this but be prepared to be completely punched in the gut. Multiple times… and sob. (I introduced this film to my friend Phoenix and we have watched it twice together, she was a complete mess by the end!! (sorry Phoenix!!!))

3) About Time

Imagine if all of the males in your family could time travel to moments in their life that have already happened. That’s exactly what Tim Lake and his dad can do but no one else knows. Tim decides to use this power to try and improve his life by getting a girlfriend. After meeting Mary, his life begins to change and is faced with the realisation that not everything can be fixed with time travel.

This is a good old romcom but it is not clique in anyway, there are a few awkward parts but they expand the characteristic of certain characters!!

The cast is filled will Bill Nighy, Rachel McAdams and Domnhall Gleeson who plays Tim. It is a funny film that has brilliant characters, the music is well selected and the story flows nicely.

Overall this is fast paced film but it quite funny seeing the different things that would happen if you changed one thing that you did in your past. Basically, just go watch it. This is one of my all time favourite films and I always recommend it to anyone who will listen.

4) What If

I already did a full review of this film which you can read if you wish.

This is another romcom (don’t judge, I love my romcoms!!) and stars Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter), Zoe Kazan and Adam Driver (Star Wars). Radcliffe plays Wallace, a medical school dropout who befriends Chantry (Zoe Kazan), an animator. It follows the story of them becoming friends while Wallace tries to prove that he can have a relationship with a girl without falling in love. However he begins to have feelings for her and has to try and hide them as she has a boyfriend.

It is funny and has some very random moments however there are some great one liners. Adam Driver is the funny roommate of Wallace and my favourite line of him is…

The film is brilliantly edited and has some animation to link to Chantry’s job which is beautifully done. It isn’t a soppy romance but I watched this with my brother and dad and both enjoyed this film!!

5) Wild Child

A complete classic that everyone in my age group probably has watched multiple times!!! (Also it has recently been added onto Netflix!)

Emma Roberts plays a Malibu teenager who is sent off to an English boarding school to try and improve her behaviour. She befriends her roommates who help her to get expelled so that she can go home to America however her plan turns on its heads when she falls in love with Freddie, the head teacher’s son, and decides that she may not really want to go home after all.

This film is funny and has a great selection of amazing actors in it. It is very quotable and shows the stark difference between Malibu life to boarding school life. The characters are funny, adorable and lovable. I think my favourite character is Kate, she is the leader of the little group and is such a kind hearted girl.

Also my favourite scene is the girls do their own version of the hakka!!!

If you have never watched this film, it is a great sleepover film and will get you giggling. But there may be a few tears at the end!!

6) The Host

Based off Stephanie Meyer’s novel, this is about a group of aliens that invaded earth in order to place their souls into the human bodies. When Melanie is captured by the souls her body is taking over by a soul called Wanderer. However Melanie begins to fight back and is able to communicate with Wanderer. Melanie tries to take back her body and ends up finding some of the other humans who are in hiding.

There are loads of ups and downs in this film but it is brilliantly done. The story line is fast paced which means you kind of go in guns blazing. It is quite an interesting concept overall.

Melanie/Wanderer is played by Saoirse Ronan who has in tonnes of recent films and over all is a very recognisable actress. (If you like her then you should watch Brooklyn (I didn’t include it in this list but you should still watch it))

There are a few funny bits in the film where Wanderer does something and you have the voice over of Melanie screaming at her for doing that. It also shows it from the human side of the attack and the aliens side which is quite interesting.

7) Pride

Pride is all about a group of gays and lesbians during the 80s who begin to raise funds to help a welsh mining village. This is based off a true story, which is brilliant!!! The story line is great and the film as a whole flows very nicely.

Even though it is based on real life, it is a comedy which makes it a very light hearted film and very easy to watch. The characters are all different in their own way and represent different groups of people during the 80s, it touches a little on the AIDs epidemic during the 80s and Margaret Thatcher is mentions a few times.

It is a colourful and funny film that has an amazing soundtrack with great songs from the 80s. There are a few bits that hit you in the gut and my eyes began to well up at a few parts.
The cast is also brilliant with a lot of familiar faces.

I have to say my favourite character is Steph, she is the first lesbian to join the group and has some great snarky lines. Plus I LOVE HER HAIR!!!

I have watched this film multiple times and it has just been added on Netflix so go and watch it!!!!

8) Brave

Now I’m going to bring my mega Scottish side out. THIS IS SUCH A GOOD FILM!!!!!

This is all about Merida (and yes when every I say Merida my accent strengthens!!!) who is a the daughter of the Scottish King Fergus (voiced by the amazing Billy Connolly, a beloved Scottish comedian). She has come to age that she is to be betrothed to a suitor who has to compete in a competition to win her hand in marriage. As Merida is a fiery Scots woman who is very adventurous and an expert archer she is not very pleased about this. After finding help in a witch she tries to change her mum’s mind but instead changes her mum in a different way.

I love this film for many reasons.

1 – The music is beautiful and makes me want to roam the highlands while singing oh flower of Scotland at the top of my lungs. Mumford and Sons did a wonderful job of it.

2 – There are hilarious lines and scenes, with some really funny conversations between Fergus and Merida.

3 – I love Merida. Enough said she is a badass Scots woman and I love her so much.

4 – It makes me feel very proud to be Scottish.

If you’re Scottish or not you watch this film it gives you a lovely fuzzy feeling inside and has a great lesson at the end.

9) Arthur Christmas

Yes, yes this is a Christmas film and it is the middle of March but still it’s a great film.

It is all about Santa’s youngest son, Arthur (James McAvoy), who works in the letters department of Santa’s workshop. During the Christmas delivery of the presents, one little girl’s present is misplaced and hasn’t been delivered. Arthur makes it his mission to try and deliver the gift with only 2 hours until the sun rises.

You may say this is a child’s film however it is funny and makes you giggle. It may be silly at some moments but if you are having a downer then watch this to make you feel better.

There are quite a few recognisable voices in this film, with James McAvoy (Arthur), Bill Nighy (GrandSanta) and Hugh Laurie as Steve.

My favourite scene is when they have to sing a bunch of lions to sleep. It makes me giggle every time.

10) The Secret Of Moonacre

This is quite a throwback as it was released in 2008, and was based of the book The Little White Horse.  Maria Merryweather moves in with her Uncle on his estate, known as Moonacre. She finds out that she is the last moon princess and has to break the curse that has been placed over the area before the 5000th moon rises where Moonacre will be covered by the sea forever.

I love this film.(Yes I am aware I have said that for every single film in this list but it’s true!!)

Maria is such a badass lady and the way her character grows is brilliant. I also like Robin and I thought the relationship between Robin and Maria is quite cute.

The story is quite serious at some times but there are some comic relief parts. The amount of bother Maria gets in is quite funny and the fact she will not listen to her Uncle at all. There are a few familiar faces with Tim Curry as Coeur De Noir and Ioan Gruffudd as Sir Benjamin Merryweather. Also in with the story there are little stories in with the main story line.

My favourite bit was when Maria trapped Robin and tries to convince Robin to help her.

11) Sing Street

(yes I know that this is an extra one but I miss counted and I really like this film so I have left it in.)

Set in 1980s, Ireland, Conor has to start at a public school due his family struggling with money. He makes friends with some other like minded boys and creates a band. Meanwhile he also meets a mysterious girl who lives across from the school and gets her to star in the band’s music videos.

This is on Netflix and I found it through it being recommended to me there. I like the tone of this film, there are real life difficult topics mixed in with this film however the whole film is mostly light hearted. A lot of the music are original songs supposedly written by the band which links in with the different styles they are trying out to figure out what their sound is.

The characters are brilliant and all balance out really well. A lot of the actors themselves that are in the band can actually play the instruments and they played a lot of the songs live while on the press tour for the film back in 2016.

Overall the music is brilliant and has become a regular on my Spotify playlists.

My favourite scene is when they have written the start of a song and it starts with a stripped back version of the song then flows in the full band version. The transitions as a whole are brilliant and help to move the film on really well.

Also the part where Eamon played by Mark McKenna shows all the instruments he can play, that makes me giggle every time.


Now all of a sudden we are now in March which means that exam time is looming upon us.  If you missed my post from last week then you can click here to watch my 168hrs video!

I hope you go and watch at least one of the films on this list. For those who have gotten to end of this post and found out that there is actually 11 films in this list go ahead and tweet me.

Also if you have been reading my tweets you will find out small updates on a new project that I am slowly working on!!! Stay tuned for more information.


168hrs – A Long Weekend

I was watching some Lucy Moon’s Youtube videos and I rewatched some of her 168hrs which are very pretty looking vlogs that are over a week as 168hrs is 7 days. So inspired by her videos I thought I would do my own version.

This was filmed over the mid-term break in February which we call the long weekend and due to the fact that I had a lot planned over this weekend I thought this was the perfect week to film.

So enjoy!!!

If you would to like to watch one of Lucy Moon’s 168hrs here is the most recent one:

If you like the format of having a video in every few posts then please let me know in the comments below.

Also i have been off school for three days now and at the moment this post goes live I will be sledging with two friends on the massive hill in my town!!! So I hope you are all enjoying the snow too if not and you want some reading material my post before this is here – click here to read.

Apart from that, I will see you in two weeks.

Music Tag

I am a big music lover however I don’t ever talk about music on here. So I found this tag on The Artful Author and give a go!!!

A song you like with a colour in the title: Golden Days – Panic At The Disco

A song that reminds you of summertime: For Him – Troye Sivan

A song that reminds you of someone you would rather forget about: When Will My Life Begin – Tangled

A song that needs to be played LOUD: Kill em with Kindness – Selena Gomez

A song that makes you want to dance: Don’t Kill My Vibe – Sigrid

A song to drive to: Work This Body – Walk The Moon

A song about drugs or alcohol: 20 Dollar Nose Bleeds – Fall Out Boy (with Brendan Urie!) This song is amazing!!!!

A song that makes you happy: Mr Blue Sky – Electric Light Orchestra (Magic roundabout, that makes everyone happy!)

A song that makes you sad: Who Lives, Who dies, Who tells our Story – Hamilton (Listen to it in the dark through headphones… You will sob…. alot!!)

A song that you never get tired of: Reach – S Club 7

A song that you like with a number in the title: 1996 – The Wombats

A song from your preteen years:  Ego – The Saturdays

One of your favourite 80’s songs:  Come On Eileen – Dexys Midnight Runners

A song that you would love played at your wedding:  Bet On It – High School Musical

A song that is a cover by another artist: Don’t Stop Me Now – McFly

One of your favourite classical songs: Clare De Lune – Claude Debussy

A song that would sing a duet with on karaoke:  Gotta Go My Own Way – High School Musical 2

A song from the year that you were born: All The Small Things – Blink 182

A song that makes you think about life: I lived – One Republic

A song that has many meanings to you: Ease – Troye Sivan

A favourite song with a person’s name in the title: Grace Kelly – Mika

A song that moves you forward: Gonna Get Over You – Sara Bareilles

A song that you think everybody should listen to:  What a Feeling – One Direction (The harmonies are really pretty!!)

A song by a band you wish were still together:  Warzone – The Wanted

A song by an artist no longer living: Man in the Mirror – Michael Jackson

A song that makes you want to fall in love: Can I Have This Dance – High School Musical 3

A song that breaks your heart: Burn – Hamilton

A song by an artist with a voice that you love: I Can’t Be Mad – Nathan Sykes (I love, love, love his solo album!!!!)

A song that you remember from your childhood:  Thunderbird Are Go – Busted

A song that reminds you of yourself:  This is Me – Camp Rock

Wow, that’s alot of songs!!

Anyone reading this I challenge you to do this tag because it is alot of fun and let’s you scroll through your music.

I hope you enjoyed the tag. If you missed my Star Wars: The Last Jedi review then click here.

Also I have completed quite a few bits off of my Pre Uni List.

Over the next week there may be some sneak peeks for the next blog post on my twitter so go and follow me!!I will see you in two weeks with a different post!!!

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Review

After this film being out for over a month, I have finally watched STARS WARS:THE LAST JEDI!!!! I avoided all of the spoilers, even though I was close to having something spoilies from my S3 German class that I help in, but do not panic!!!

However before I begin my review/gush on this lovely film I will say once and only once. There will be spoilers and if you haven’t watched any of the star wars before, firstly why and secondly go watch the originals and then the new ones!!!! Go for it, you won’t regret it.

So, now all the non spoiler people have left, I will begin. First of all, I wasn’t sure what to expect but I enjoyed Force Awakens which you can read my review from last year! I am usually one for spoiling things for myself, such as Amazing Spider Man 2 I knew Gwen Stacy died at the end but I still cried my eyes out!!

It starts off with a fight seen which is always great!!! But you have two stories running along side each other and it does split into more!!!

So one story is the resistance trying to survive with the First Order approaching, literally. Then you have Rey meeting Luke Skywalker (Go Mark Hamill!!) and is trying to convince him to come and join the resistance but ends up being trained by Luke. On top of this you have the Kylo Ren or Ben Solo is tackling the good and bad or the Jedi and Dark Side in with him.

Instead of completely gushing I’m just going to go through some of my favourite bits!!!!

First of all I thought the Bomber scene was incredible, it showed that loss was a huge part of being the resistance and the fact they linked it with the sister later on was so good!!!

I thought it had a slight world war type feeling to it and the fact that even one small flame would blow up the bombers completely showed the risk and courage that the bomber pilots had to think about before choosing to pilot them.

The part before when Poe pretends not to be able hear General is quite funny and just shows Poe’s personality completely!!!

Through the fight, I thought the part when Kylo Ren is away to shoot the window of the Rebel ship and kill his mum was beautifully done. It was as if they could feel each other and were connected by the force, this was the intro of Kylo Ren’s self struggle which was actually brought on from killing his dad/Han Solo. The fact that he couldn’t push the button showed that their was still some good in him.

Another part I just thought was epic was when Leia used the force to pull herself back into the ship!! Damn she is a bad-ass lady!!!!

Now onto Luke and Rey. We get to see Luke’s daily routine which is quite funny, I liked when he went over onto the ledge using the massive stick and Rey was so worried but Luke just gave a look like “I’ve done this hundreds of times, also Imma Jedi”

I like that Luke has taken on a Obi Wan inspired outfit which gives a little nod to the original films.

The first time Rey and Kylo Ren link, I was a bit weirded out and wasn’t sure what was happening. But I thought it was interesting that they could openly talk about things and it was strange that they could connect in that way.

Also Rey and Kylo Ren’s relationship all together!!! I love it but I kind hope they don’t fall in love because I think that would be slightly cringy…. I don’t know why.

Then finally we get what we waited for….. Luke to train Rey!!!!! But then she goes towards the dark side bitty. However we find out that the island is the home of Jedism and has the cool Jedi tree that protects the original Jedi text. Which is pretty cool!!!!

Also the puffin things that have massive eyes and were crying when Chewbacca was going to eat one of them!!! This bit was cute!!

I also loved this shot.

The composition is beautiful and it just looks epic in general.

Also when Luke goes onto the Millennium Falcon for the first time in the film, it’s as if the realisation that he needs to come back to reality. It would also be bringing all of the memories back, bad and good.

The story line of how Kylo Ren was really created was interesting. Every new telling uncovered something else and it turns that because Luke saw the darkness inside Ben Solo and because he has seen what happens when something so powerful is trained and allowed to harness those abilities that the idea of a new Darth Vader terrified him. It also shows that even though he is a Jedi Master, he isn’t perfect and even those who are older and are supposedly wiser aren’t always right.

We are now going to have a small moment of appreciation for the epic fight scene after Kylo Ren kills the Supreme Leader. Firstly of all, I thought that this was going to be the big turning point for Kylo Ren going back to being Ben Solo because he killed the Supreme Leader as he didn’t want to kill Rey who had shared this connection which turned out to be created by the Supreme Leader!!! Damn!!!

Secondly the fight scene between Kylo Ren and Rey against the Supreme Leader soldiers was just epic!!! The choregraphy was beautifully done and flowed really nicely. I liked that there were certain parts that were slowed down slightly to give more impact. Also this bit!!!

And now I will give you the fight scene with footloose in the background!!!

I was disappointed that after the fight scene that Kylo Ren was all like “Join me, Rey, and we can rule the galaxy together and make all of those people pay!!” *insert evil laugh here* however when I’m thinking about it is kind of similar to Padme and Anakin when Anakin was all like “join the dark side with me” *insert angry face here*

Now it is Yoda appreciation time. I love Yoda he is one of my favourite characters from the original trilogy and his fight scene against Count Dooku.

(Also when I remember) KYLO REN DESTROYED HIS STUPID MASK!!!!! Bye bye mask!

Now onto the final epic fight!!!!

We had guns, we had leia, we had luke skywalker and old ships, old bunkers, no hope, salt planet thing, AT-AT Walkers (which is classic star wars) and we had epic heroes.

I thought it looked really cool when they used the old planes to go straight at them. Also the colour contrast is really pretty and pleasing to eyes!!

Like many of the Rebellion’s missions, rescue or escape, they usually end of failing!!! Which results in a lot of explosions!!

Also the millennium Falcon is once again used in an epic fighting scene.

Once again Kylo Ren has a hissy fit with his new power and shoots alot of guns at Luke Skywalker. HE SHOWED UP!!!!!! WOOP WOOP!!

Then Kylo Ren goes and faces his uncle off.

Also this compositions is really pretty because you have Luke Skywalker in the light part showing the Jedism!!! Then Kylo Ren in the darker part showing that his Dark side is prevailing.

Now when you watch this film, while Kylo Ren and Luke are fighting keep an eye on Luke’s feet because as you saw earlier on the ground turns red if any contact is made to it. However Luke is leaving no mark. Originally I thought he was using the force to never really touch the ground. But it turns out he wasn’t really there!!! Just like the Supreme Leader had projected the link between Kylo Ren and Rey, Luke is making every see him there even though he is still chilling on the island. Now because Luke is an old man and used all of his energy to help the resistance escape he ends of dying but it is done so beautifully.

I loved this film, I really need to watch another few times to truly appreciate it but it is beautifully done, the cinematography is brilliant, the story line is complex but at the same time simple. It just makes feel good inside. Plus I am super excited to see what they will do in the final part of this Sequel Trilogy because to be honest I have no clue where they are going.  But I am hoping it’s good!!

I hope enjoyed my review. If you missed last weeks post then you can read it here!

If you would like to suggest any films that I should watch and review then pop a comment below.

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Other than that, I will see you in a fortnight!!

Make Up Through The Years

This is a blog post with a bit of twist!! If you follow me on twitter then you already know the twist but I have made a video!!!!! Which you can watch below.

Inspired by Dodie Clark’s video ‘Dodie Through the Years’ I thought that it would be fun. Also it is something different. So enjoy!!!



I hope you enjoyed this different format of post, if you like it then please tell me what you think in the comments. I am going to be trying to do a few different blog posts as in different topics or formats so you have that to look forward to.

Also, there is alot of new followers that have been popping up over the past week, so hello new people, I hope you are enjoying my blog!!!

If you would like to see like snippets of what I am getting up to them go follow my twitter here!! I promise I have minimised the gifs.

If you would like to read my post before this which is my 100 Questions Tag then click here!

On top of that, I have been working away at trying to complete my Pre Uni List and I have been able to score off a few.

100 Questions Tag

2018 has arrived and I have to say it is feels very strange. I am going to be 18 this year!!! I’m going to university and I’m plodding through my last few months of Secondary School!!! So I thought we would start this year with a little tag.

I found this lovely tag on Brooke Jade’s blog and I thought it would be a great way for you readers to get to know  bit more!!! Enjoy

1. what’s your favourite season?

Autumn, or fall for Americans. I like the fact that you can wear dark colours and it’s the beginning of wearing jumpers and cosy socks!!

2. grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 18, and find line 4.

“essence of Germany’s south, a place” from my brand new Lonely planet guide to Germany!!

3. who was the last person you texted?

My mum!! It was asking if she could come and pick me up from my friends!!

4. before you started this survey, what were you doing?

I was listening to the Greatest Showman’s soundtrack while playing solitaire!!! What an exciting life I lead!

Image result for the greatest showman

5.what is the last thing you watched on TV?

Doctor Who Christmas episode!! Or an episode of the crown???

6.without looking, guess what time it is.


7. now look at the clock–what time is it?

4.36pm… Wow earlier than I thought!!

8. with the exception of the computer, what can you hear?

Up from the film Sing street. I listen to a lot of music!!

10. do you like fish?

Not really, but I live beside the sea!!! I do like Cullen skink which is a soup with fish in it but on it’s own. No I don’t. I’m always afraid of swallowing/choking on a bone.

11. Mac or PC?

PC! I don’t have money for a mac. you remember your dreams?

Sometimes, when I wake up I remember them but a few hours later I don’t. Very strange.

13. when did you last laugh?

ummmm… Christmas Eve… I was asking if any else has seen that weird singing guy. Watch the video below!! If you go to 40 seconds into the video!!! That bit made me laugh!!!!

14. do you remember why/what at?

Well, watch the video it’s weird and my friend and I were trying to do it!!!

15. have you ever been to Canada?
 No, I have not.
16. shoes, socks, or bare feet?
 I don’t know what context but socks. I love socks!!! Especially patterned ones! you wear perfume?
Yes, I think it’s a Hollister one. It was 4 for £16 when I went in with friends so we bought them together!!!!
18. what is the last film you saw?
Sing Street…. I rewatched because it’s such a heart warming film.
19. if you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?
New Zealand… It is a really interesting country and I am fascinated by the haka!!
20. if you became a multi-millionaire overnight, what would you buy?
A plane ticket to try across the whole world!!!
22. what’s your favourite band?
It changes a lot but I’ve listened to McFly since I was 5 so McFly!
23.have you ever had to have surgery?
No!! Never broken or sprained anything either.
24. do you enjoy school?
Sometimes, I like history.
25. what do you think of these questions so far?
Slightly random but are making me think!!!
26.are you a righty or a lefty?
27. who made the last incoming call on your phone?
My dad!!
28. what is the last thing you downloaded onto your computer?
29. last time you swam in a pool?
I have no idea!!!!
30. type of music you dislike most?
Dubstep. IT’S JUST NOISE!!!!
31. are you listening to music right now
Yes!!! Kill em with Kindness – Selena Gomez!!!
32. what’s your favourite colour?
33. is there anything you’re disappointed about?
Doctor Who – Season 9
34. what was the last thing you bought?
A second hand copy of Liar, Temptress, Soldier, Spy by Karen Abbott. It’s for my history dissertation!!
35. sun or rain?
36. would you rather go bungee jumping or sky diving?
Sky Diving!!!
37. what’s your zodiac sign?
38. what’s your hair colour?
Brown…. with hints of purply brown!!!
39.what quote do you live by?
I don’t know….. I’ve looked through my saved quotes on Goodreads but most of them are funny mortal instruments quotes.
This is a last minute addition after answering question 63. “Comfort is Key!” is my quote don’t know who says it but I love being comfy so I say it a lot!!!
40. what’s your favourite zoo animal?
 Red Panda!!! Their very cute!!
41. do you have any pets?
 No, I’ve never had a pet. (Expect my brother!!!)
42. what colour are your eyes?
Blue. But they have a dark rim so they look similar to the eyes in The Host. you wear any kind of jewellery 24/7?
I’m not really a jewellery person. When I was at Roverway I wore about 6 wristbands on one arm!!!
44. do you turn the water off when you brush your teeth?
I had to think about it but yes.
45. do you know how to change your car’s oil?
 46. do you have any phobias?
I don’t think so.
47. what’s your lucky number?
16…. I think…. It’s my date of birth…
48. have you ever eaten a crayon?
49. can you solve a rubix cube?
I’m not that smart!!! I have no patience for that!!
50. what are you listening to right now?
Selena Gomez – Kill em with Kindness again!!! It’s a playlist!!
51. Do you like unicorns? 
Of course!!
52. do you wear the hood on hoodies?
At guide camps and when I’m really cold, yes.
53. is the glass half empty or half full?
Half empty. I’m a pessimist!!!!
54. what’s the farthest away place you’ve been?
Indiana, America, I think because Ohio is beside it but it’s closer to the Atlantic… you untie your shoes when you take them off?
No, I’m lazy and that has led to ruining the insides of some of my shoes.
56. what’s your favourite radio station?
Radio One or Northsound which is a Scottish radio but they play constant music at night!
 57. are you allergic to anything?
I might be slightly allergic to my make up remover because my eyes tingle everytime I use it.  But I think my eyes are just sensitive.
58. were you named after anyone?
59. do you wear glasses/contacts?
No, I can see!!!!
 60. have you ever walked out of a movie theatre before the film was over?
I couldn’t ever do that.
61. what’s your least favourite school subject?
At the moment, Higher Business but overall is Higher Maths. WHY IS IT SO BORING AND DIFFICULT!!
62. put your iTunes library on shuffle. what song comes up?
 Okay, I don’t have iTunes so I’m going to do my Spotify. 5 years time by Noah and the Whale!!
 63. do you wear jeans or sweatpants more?
Sweatpants… Comfort is Key… wait that’s my quote…. *goes back to question 39*
64. where in the world would you like to travel?
Italy. I’d love to visit Pompeii and Rome and Venice.
65. are you travelling anywhere soon?
I’m going to London in April and Germany in June!!! I am very excited!!!
66. have you ever built an igloo?
 Sadly not.
67. best thing at Starbucks?
(I read it as starbursts to begin with) At Christmas they do a toffee or fudge hot chocolate which is delicious!!
68. do you like watching scary movies?
No. I’ve watch Woman in Black once and I couldn’t sleep without being freaked out that she was looming over me.
69. what’s the best thing about school?
70. what were you doing at midnight last night?
Finishing watching an episode of Gilmore Girls while drinking fruity cider.
71. what’s under your bed?
Lots of boxes with stuff that was hung on my wall as they were taken down when we started decorating my room but they are still in those boxes!!
 72. how do you really feel about what you’re doing right now?
73. think fast, what do you like right now?
74.are you sarcastic?
75. what time do you get up?
At the moment when I wake up…. School days – 7am…
76. what was the name of your first pet?
Never had pets.
77. what color are your sheets?
White but I convinced myself that they were black for some reason. This is the bottom sheet we are talking about right??
78. how are you feeling right now?
Slightly tired, kinda want some food but I don’t know what I want… Maybe starburst but we don’t have any.
79.what was your favourite food as a child?
Macaroni Cheese or those crispy pancakes!!! THE CHEESE ONES WERE THE BEST ONES.
81. can you whistle? 
82. do you drink soda?
Sometimes but I try to drink water.
83. have you read the harry potter series?
 I have half way through Deathly Hallows!!!
84. can you drive a stick shift?
I’m learning!!!!!! But so far yes!!!
85. what’s your favourite candle scent?
I don’t know…. Fruity!!
86. have your pants ever fallen down in public?
Not that I’m aware of?
87. do you sing in the shower?
I used to but then I realised that you could hear me if you walked down this little road at the back of my house so I just do my deep thinking in the shower now!!
88. can you speak another language?
JA, Ich spreche zwei Sprachen. Mein erst Sprache ist Englisch!! I apologies if that is wrong but I have a higher qualification in German but I’m not the best at speaking German!!
89. can you close your eyes and raise your eyebrows?

90. dogs or cats?

Dogs… Their more lovely!!!

 91. do you make wishes at 11:11?


92. what’s your favourite type of chap-stick?


93. which came first–the chicken or the egg?

The egg…. to make the first chicken!!

94. what are you reading now?

The rest of us live here by Patrick Ness.

 95. can you touch your nose with your tongue?

No and I’m not going to try.

96. can you walk in heels?

Yes and I impressed some first years by slightly running in heels!!!!

97. how many rings before you answer the phone?

I don’t know. My phone is usually on silent!!

98. any new and exciting things you’d like to share?

I got a conditional for Queen Margaret University for a Theatre and Film course and all I have to do is pass one Higher with a C or above. Soooo, I’M GOING TO UNIVERSITY THIS YEAR WOOOO

99. what is most important in life?

My friends and family.

100. what inspires you?

The Queen…..

First post of the YEAR!!! WOOP WOOP!!! If you missed my overview of my 2017 and my 2018 goals then you can read about them here!!!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and I wish you the best for 2018!!! There is going to be a lot of exciting posts this year so keep your eyes peeled!

Round Up of 2017/2018 Resolutions!!

It is only 3 days til Christmas which means it’s only a mere 9 days til the end of the year.

This year hasn’t been my busiest year for jet setting off to different places however it still has been a quick year.

In the beginning of the year I slowly stopped posting due to being lazy and being stressed over school/applying to uni.

I was given a conditional offer for Stirling University in the February which I was buzzing about. Sadly that didn’t end aswell as I hoped and when results day arrived I was one mark short from the extra B I needed to get in. This resulted in me staying onto my 6th and final year of academy.

During the Easter holidays I had a lovely few days in Dublin, Ireland with my family. This was the first time I had been in Ireland and I would love to go back and explore more of the countryside and maybe even go camping.

I turned 17 this year and after finding out that I was staying on an extra year I began to learn to drive which is one of the things on my Pre-Uni List which is a list of things I would like to have either achieved or done before I go to University (hopefully) next September.

In July I started once again to post on my blog, this time every two weeks as part of my Queens Guide Award which I am plodding my way through. I am now on my 6th months and I am enjoying getting back into writing again.

This year I have went to one concert and one comedian show which again was on my list of things to do Pre Uni.

My summer was filled with working majority of the times and having a nice load of cash go in my bank every few weeks. This money is helping to finance my future trips to London and Germany.

I have also visited Stirling during my study leave and had a fabulous little holiday with Phoenix which you can read about here!!

On top of this I have written, filmed and edited my first ever short film!!!

So last year I made a short list of some resolutions which you can read in full here.

1. Read More

I have to admit my reading habits have declined considerably this year and I am ashamed to say from my goodreads account, I have only finished reading 4 books this year. One of those books was a reread and the other I bought this year and read in a matter of days.

At the start of December I began to read a bit more but I through the year I have grown quite a habit for starting a book and not every picking it up again.

Also on top of this I no longer have English so I don’t have a cop out book that I have been forced to read at school. But the thing that pushed me to get back into reading was the librarian did a talk in my PSE class and said that in a lot of interviews especially for Universities they usually ask you what was the last book you read. I would usually be able to say it straight away but I couldn’t remember. So here we are once again at the new year and I am slowly trying to get back into my old reading habits.

2.  Write More

I think I have actually met this one. After finishing my Higher English course I haven’t been forced to creative write which has taken off the burden of trying to squeeze out a wonderful story that will be judged by a panel. During the summer I wrote more of a story I started for a NANOWRIMO a few years ago. I really liked the story idea and one day when it’s mostly written I am thinking of releasing chapter by chapter on this blog. But first I need to finish the first 5 or 6 chapters.

Another writing project has been a film idea that I came up with over the Summer holidays. I began to brainstorm and then in the following 3 or 4 days I wrote a huge chunk. Sometime in the future I will develop it but I have been writing. Also I shouldn’t miss out that I have been writing a lot more on here!!!

3.  Actually Make Films

Well, I can confirm that I have written, filmed and rough edited my first ever mini short film!!!! Hurray!!

I am going to be editing it even more over the Christmas holidays and hopefully in the new year (more likely February) I will release for the world (well you lot) to see.

But still I HAVE MADE A FILM!!!

4. Pass All Exams

I’m afraid I did not meet this one. I passed my English, History, German and Photography however due to extreme hatred and never really having it click I failed Higher Maths. But to be honest I was expecting it. I have an A at National 5 that is really all I need.

Oh well!!

5. Take More Pictures

Now I have started to take more pictures but now that I have my dad’s old IPhone I can take better pictures on the sly.

I have become more proactive about taken a camera to as many places as possible but I do think I could have done better. Some lovely pictures include.

Now for 2018…. there are many things that are happening in the year to come.

  • Final Prelims
  • Last Sleepovers (going away thing with my Ranger Guides)
  • I’m going to see Hamilton the Musical (I will be blogging about this!!)
  • Last Secondary school exams!!
  • I turn 18!! (OMG SO OLD WHAAT!!)
  • I’M GOING TO GERMANY!!!! (SO COOL I KNOW…. but I haven’t decided what I’m going to do blogging wise so if I am super prepared you will have scheduled stuff if not you will epic Germany stuff through the entirety of July)
  • First Wellies and Wristbands (I am volunteering at it and I will be blogging about it because it is my Residential for my Queens Guide Award!!!)
  • Possibly going to University (Obvs gonna blog my socks out but studies come first!!)

It is going to be a jam packed year and I have a huge selection of brilliant activities and adventures to write about.

For resolutions/goals for 2018 I am going to retain the ones from this year just because there is always room for improvement but I will double this list which will include.

  1. Read More
  2. Write More
  3. Make 2 more films
  4. Pass all my exams.
  5. Take more pictures
  6. Complete Pre-Uni List
  7. Meet 10 new people
  8. Try 2 new experiences that are unlike anything I’ve done before.
  9. Exercise
  10. Learn to relax!!!!

I hope you enjoyed my round up and my resolutions/goals for this year.

If you would like to read some of my favourite posts from 2017 then look at the list below and if you would like to keep up to date with me when I am not posting then click here to go follow my twitter!!!

Favourite Posts

Lastly I hope you have very merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!