The Winter Tag

Due to bad task management and I wasn’t willing to spend double to time to make gingerbread men to create a blog post. (Sorry) So in replacement I found a tag. Not the Christmas Tag because I have done that twice!! (which I didn’t notice until half way through this year)

I found this lovely little tag on a blog called Ashleigh Writes and you can read her post here!

1. What are your favourite things about winter?

Cosy jumper. I love to get all cosied up and jumpers are one of my favourite pieces of clothing.

2. What is your favourite winter outfit?

My mustard sweatshirt, my dark green stretchy trousers, chain choker necklace and doc martens.

3. What is your favourite winter food?

Pigs in blankets because it reminds me of Christmas plus Christmas is in winter so there you go.

4. What is your favourite winter drink?

HOT CHOCOLATE!!! Or recently mochas!? But a hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream just warms my sole.

5. What is your dream way to spend a winter’s day?

All cosy up in a thrown of fluffy blankets with Gilmore Girls playing on a huge TV while drinking hot chocolate.

6. How do you like to do your makeup in the winter?

Basically the same as I usually do. But darker eyes and I can wear my dark lipstick without getting strange looks from people.

7. What are you hoping to get for Christmas?

I already know one thing I’m getting for Christmas because I chose it and helped my mum order. That is a purple travel backpack which has a detachable day bag. It’s for my German trip and all my future trips!!!

But apart from that I don’t know… It’s a surprise.

8. What are the first three things that remind you of winter?


Cosy Blankets

Christmas Socks

9. What is your favourite winter song?

Just now it’s All i Want For Christmas is You – Maria Carey

But Driving home for Christmas makes me think of snow days.

10. What is your favourite winter memory?

Being off school for a whole entire week and going sledging every single day.

11. What is your favourite winter scent?

Gingerbread men, so cinnamon and ginger.

12. Finish this sentence: If I could have one wish this Christmas, it would be 

To go to the German Christmas Markets because I’ve always wanted to go there however I plan on spending a Christmas abroad in the future.


Thanks for reading.

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How to – Wrap Presents

Christmas is coming upon us and if there is one thing that you need to know how to do is wrap presents. I know the majority of you lovely readers will be thinking “Come on I know how to wrap a present I’m not an idiot” well there is a difference between just wrapping a present and properly wrapping a present.

Let me tell you, the last thing I want to be doing on Christmas morning is spending 10 to 15 minutes trying to peel of all of the countless bits of cellotape which has covered all of the wrapping paper.

So we are going to break this up into a few section.

Part 1 – Basic Wrapping

Part 2 – Decorations

Let us begin.

Part 1 – Basic Wrapping

Things you will need

  • Cellotape
  • Scissors
  • Wrapping paper or tissue paper
  • A present that is square or rectangular
  • An edge of a table or somewhere that you can put your bits of cellotape after cutting them

Step 1

Roll out your wrapping paper and/or tissue paper and place your present on it to see how much paper you will need. (This basically helps you to reduce wastage.) 

Once you have figured out a size that would cover the present then cut the wrapping paper and place the rest of roll at the side.

Step 2

On your edge or cellotape area cut 3 reasonable size bits of cellotape. (You will only need 3 if you need more its because it’s a strange shape but always go for 3 first then you can add more.)

Step 3

Place your present onto the wrapping paper and fold up both ends of the paper over the present so that the present is completely covered.

You are now going to use one piece of your pre cut cellotape to secure the paper in place.

Step 4

For your sides what you are going to do is flatten it a little and push the paper so its right beside the gift.

You then fold one corner in so that you have folded a little triangle. Now do it on the other side.

Ta da you now have a present that is wrapped beautifully.

Part Two – Decorations

Things you will need

  • Ribbon/coloured string
  • Bows
  • A wrapped present
  • Scissors
  • Tags

Step One

Cut a piece of string to wrap around your gift.

Step Two

Wrap the string around the top of the present and tie a know at the back.

Turn the present around and then tie a bow.

Finish of with a stick on bow and voila you now have a present that is wrapped and decorated.

There we have it, not only can you now wrap a present with only three bits of cellotape but you can also decorate a present to make it look extra beautiful.

This is the second How To post I have done if you would like to read my first post, How To – Clothes then click the link.

If you would like to get into the Christmas spirit even more then last year I completed the Christmas Tag which you can read here.

If you enjoyed the addition of some DIY videos to go along with the post then please give the post a like and a little comment below.

Also what else would you like to learn how to do??? If you have any suggestions please comment below.



Happiness Is….. Tag

I spent a little while searching the internet trying to find an interest tag and I stumbled across this one. This is quite funny because at the moment life is slowly getting busier and busier which means that I have a smaller amount of time to make sure that I am happy and content. So I thought that this would be a nice little mental exercise to try and remember the little things that can bring you happiness.

So here we go.

What do you enjoy doing while being alone?

Recently I have started to watch those try not to laugh challenges on youtube not to challenge myself but just to have a giggle. This started because in the tattie holidays I was up late watching videos and found one then my addiction grew!!!

I have cry laughed at quite a few.

What do you enjoy doing with other people (family, friends, significant other)

With my friends I really enjoy playing a card game called Monkey Slap. It is a great game which is originally for only two people however we (well Diane and Meaghan) came up with a way to play it with four people. This has been named Monkey Slap Extreme. But every time we play it, it’s just alot of fun and sometimes you do something silly or place a wrong card and we squabble about who placed their hand on the pile first and so on and so on.

If you would like to learn how to play Monkey Slap then please pop a comment below!!!

Small things that made you happy when you were a kid?

Sometimes when me and my brother came home from school (this is primary school and not secondary!!!) my mum would have hid chocolate coins or little chocolate santas all around the house and we would have to find them.

So my brother and I would run around the house like mad men and would find all of these chocolates then afterwards we would sit in the living room and munch away on our treat!!!

One thing that left you happy this week

This is a very small thing but season 6 of Teen Wolf was added to Netflix and when I watched one of the episode there was a really nice transition from one scene to the other. It was very satisfying to look at!!!

Also I’m on episode 7 now and it’s so good!!!!

A food that makes you happy (sweet or salty)

I sound really Scottish by saying this but a baked tattie with haggis and some bacon. But the tattie has to have crispy skin and have little bit of butter and salt in it.

It is so simply but it amazing comfort food. Also you can never beat a baked tattie!!!

List 3 things that make you really happy

My Cosy Blanket

About Time (The Film)

Hugs (Or bosies (it’s doric for a hug) 

Complete the phrase: happiness is…

Being content with what you have and not constantly searching for more and more things to try and make you happy!

Well, that went quite deep at the end but that is the Happiness is…. Tag.

First post after Blogtober if you did miss out on Blogtober then click here to go to the first post!!!

Also this is on time!!!! Woop woop!

The posts are going to become alot more Christmas themed so you have been warned!!

Top 10 Things To Watch On Netflix

Last year in December I ended up buying a Netflix gift voucher for my family (plus myself) and since setting up I have watched a number of great series and films. So I decided to share some of my favourites. Majority of these suggestions will be series because the majority of things I watch on Netflix are series however there are a few films that I would thoroughly recommend as they are Netflix original films.

  1. Anne with an E

This was a series I watched along with my mum and we both loved it. It is a retelling of Anne of Green Gables which has been made into a tv series twice before. The story follows an orphan called Anne who is adopted by an older lady and her brother to help look after the farm however they are accidently sent a girl when they wanted a boy. But they end up deciding to keep her and it follows Anne’s life while she is settling into this community. You meet the love interest Gilbert who is played by an actor is the same age as me.
The story is lovely and I have watched the series twice as I love Anne’s character and some of the episode are just brilliantly written.

2. I Zombie

I have to say this is slightly different to my usual watching habits however I watched the trailer and thought it looked quite good. So I Zombie is described as a zomromcomdram which basically meaning it’s a zombie romanic comedy however it also has drama in it. This series is about Liv Moore (Very ironic I know!!!)  who turned into a zombie after going to a boat party where people have been taking this certain type of drug that has a mutant virus in it. So she starts to work in a morgue so she can have access to brains as that it what keeps her more human however when she eats a brain she takes on the characteristics of that person and sometimes gets flashes of memories.

So as she works in a morgue she sees a lot of cases that are tricky to solve and as she can see some of the victim’s memories she convinces one of the detectives that she is psychic and ends up helping with cases. It is quite funny when she is acting like the victim as some of the characters she embodies are quite hilarious. My favourite one was when she ate a Frat boy’s brain and then suddenly started talking like a frat boy by using bro a lot and being able to play a lot of drinking games.

It does have some serious parts in it however all in all there is some create comic relief and it is really well balanced. Also you don’t have to concentrate too hard as it’s easy enough to follow.

3. Girlboss

If you have not seen my review of Girlboss already then where have been and also to read it just click here. I go a lot more indepth into each episode and breakdown a lot of my favourite parts but I will summarise.
The series is slightly based on real life about Sophia Armosa who started an ebay business in her small apartment in San Fransisco she ends up setting up her business called Nasty Gal and Girlboss is the story of that. The story line is great, the characters are brilliant and the music is absolutely fantastic. I would thoroughly recommend everyone watch it because it is an easy watch, it is funny, it is true to life and just shows that if you work your hardest and put all of your effort into something that you love and believe in then you can get anywhere in life.

4. Riverdale

You are probably sick and tired of everyone, everywhere talking about Riverdale. It is really good I really enjoyed. The first few episodes are slightly cringy with the sneaky relationship between Archie and Miss Honey or whatever her name is. But after all that was done it was really really good. I will not spoil anything but the twist at the end is brilliant.

So if you don’t know what Riverdale is about, it is set in an American town called Riverdale and the series start when Jason Blossom has gone missing no one knows where he has went and people have suspected he has just ran away. A few days later he is found lying at the side of the river having been shot in the head. The mystery of Jason Blossom’s murder opens up a lot of other mysteries and continues throughout the whole series. Unlike the other series I have recommended you do have to be quite aware of everything that is going on in each episode as they are packed full of different goings on. It is quite easily binge watched with a 3 or 4 episodes at a time and if you are wanting to be ready for season two is out now so you better catch up on season 1 quickly!!!

5. Teen Wolf

I was a bit late on the bandwagon for this one. But I had watched season 2 when it was shown on the freeview channel 5 star however I had watched all the clips available to me through youtube. Then I got netfix and watched all five seasons in a few weeks. I am desperately waiting for the 6th and final season to get put on Netflix.

Teen Wolf is about Scott Mccall who is a teenager who is turned into a werewolf when he gets bitten. The series follows Scott and his best friend Stiles through all of the different challenges and other mythical beings that they have to face. It has some quite serious parts and has made me cry on a few occasions however you find yourself laughing at some strange parts. There are quite a few good one liners aswell.

Now if there is any guys who are in the middle of questioning if you will like it or not because you think its cringy, my brother said that he wouldn’t like it and after watching through the first season in a night he found out he actually loved. So give it a go!!

6. The Crown

I love a good historic drama. This series is all about our Queen, Elizabeth II and about when she first became Queen after her father dies. It starts before her father’s death and follows her as she learns to be a Queen.

The cinematography in this series is beautiful and the actors are brilliant. I love Matt Smith from Doctor Who so seeing him in this intrigued me.

If you haven’t watched this yet then go quickly watch season 1 as season 2 is coming out in December 2017.

7. Gilmore Girls

This is a classic series that everyone needs to watch. When we first got netflix I started from the very beginning, very first season and watched in through in the entirety.

I used to watch episodes of Gilmore Girls with my mum after school because they were always on the tv at that time of the day so by watching them again it reminded of some nice memories of cosying up on the sofa with a hot chocolate while watching a few episodes of Gilmore Girls with my mum.

I absolutely love this series and I was slightly let down with the Life in a Year series that was released last year. What I love is that it is true to life with the ups and downs but at the same time Lorelei and Rory know that whatever happens they will have each other to lean on.

If you haven’t watched this program stop what you’re doing and atleast watch the first few episodes!!! You will fall in love with the characters and the little town called Stars Hollow. Also you will be screaming at the screen when Rory decides to choose the wrong guy!! (WHAT THE HELL RORY!!) But it is definitely a must watch.

8. Shadowhunters

I love this series. This series is based of the Mortal Instruments book series by Cassandra Clare (which I would highly recommend) It took me a while to get into it because I have read the books and the series is quite different from the books. Plus it has been many years since I read the books so there are some scenes that remind me of the book!

It is all about Clary Fray who finds out that she is a Shadowhunter which is basically someone is half human and half angel. She is then introduced to this hidden world which reveals that everything from childhood nightmares were real.

This is a great mystical series which has basically every single mythical creature you could think of and the cast is brilliant, the characters are amazing (my favourite is Simon) and the story has so many twists and turns that you are thrown into drama straight away.

9. Nativity

I know this is a Christmas film but I love it so much.  It is funny and just gets me in the mood for Christmas. Yes I know its still October but I have started my Christmas shopping and have bought a Christmas tshirt!!

In this British feel-good Christmas film, primary school teacher Paul Maddens (Martin Freeman) is given the biggest challenge of his life — staging the school’s musical version of the Nativity. As competition with the posh local school heats up, Paul idly raises the stakes to an insurmountable level, claiming that his ex-girlfriend Jennifer (Ashley Jenson), a Hollywood Producer, is coming to see his show with the intent to turn it into a film — massive dilemma, since they haven’t spoken in years! To make matters worse Paul’s newly appointed assistant (Mark Wootton) has taken strides in fuelling his “little white lie,” making matters a whole lot more complicated as Maddens finds himself in the midst of much unwanted attention. Squabbling parents and over-excited children will join forces in their bid for fame and fortune.

Also its been made into a musical!!!!!

I know it will be great but the film will always be my favourite!!!

10. Me Before You

Once again this is an adaptation of a book. Me Before You was written by Jojo Moyes and I loved the book so much.

A young woman (Emilia Clarke) taking care of a wheelchair bound man (Sam Claflin) who recently suffered an accident develops a strong connection with him.

The film (and the book) were funny but were serious when the story needed to be. It is a teary film so get the tissues ready however I really enjoyed this film. It is nice film to watch on a lazy afternoon with a cup of tea.

There we are, that is my top 10 thing to watch on Netfix obviously there are hundreds upon thousands of things to watch on Netflix. I haven’t all of them but these are my favourites so far!!!

If you have any other films or series on Netflix that you love then please comment down below!!!

This is my final Blogtober!!! Week 4!! We did it!! Also I only was late once!!!

If missed the other posts from Blogtober links are below.

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Well now we are back to a post every two weeks but I may do another challenge month!! If you have any suggestions then leave a comment below!!



I’m a Senior!!!

Something I don’t talk about a lot on this blog is school. As I am from Scotland, the education system is quite different from other places.

To simplify it


Playgroup – 2 to 3 year olds

Nursery – 3 to 4 year olds

Then you have Primary School which are in for 7 years.

Primary 1 – 5 to 6 Years old

and so and so on.

After Primary 7 you go into Secondary school or Academy which have to stay for four years

First Years – 12 to 13 years old

and so and so on.

When you get to Fourth Year if you are 16 years old by the end of Fourth year you can leave school. But you can stay on for 2 more years however you can leave after the 5th year if you wish but you have to leave after the 6th year.

So last year, while I was in 5th Year in Academy I applied to University and successfully was given a conditional offer for Stirling University. Sadly, I missed out by literally one mark which kind of crushed me. However, my plan B was to go back and finish my 6th year at Academy.

So far it is going well, for subjects I have one Advanced Higher (which is about the same difficulty level of first year at university) and I am crashing 3 Highers(this means I did no do the qualification before to work up to a Higher however due to good grades in other subjects and being in 6th Year I have been able to take them.

My subjects are

  • Advanced Higher History
  • Higher Administration and IT
  • Higher Business
  • Higher Music

I am really enjoying my subjects even though I am slowly dying in History. But I am slowly getting used to it and with the October holidays that I am on right now this is giving me the perfect opportunity to catch up and to start revision.

But being a senior isn’t all about the subjects, as extra curricular activities I am part of the Pupil Event Management group which so far insisted of phoning multiple local businesses asking if they were coming along to a Business Breakfast, I have been put on hold so much in my life!!! On top of that to try and keep my German up I am helping in the S3 German class which is helping me relearn some German and help out some beginners.

To come back to University, I am reapplying this year and I have chosen to apply to 4 different Unis, two courses are at the same Uni however as I can use the majority of my personal statement from last year I have one less plateful of stress to carry!!!

I’d like to do a little bit of reminiscing back at my years while I’ve been at the Academy because to be honest it doesn’t feel that long. It is quite strange being the oldest kids (and I use that word ironically because we aren’t really kids!!) in the school and sometimes I question how much I have changed as a person over the years. By looking back at photos, I am reminded of certain things that I had forgotten. As everyone says, a picture tells a thousand words.

This is me and my two best friends at the time on our last day of Primary school. Phoenix had left her PE kit at school so me and my other friend rushed to catch up with Phoenix to give her it back!!

This is a quite cringy picture from either a first year disco in 2012. I remember that the dress is from Boohoo and I now cringy over the net gloves which I think I bought for a Halloween costume but I thought it looked good!!!

On a snowy day in January 2013 Phoenix and I spent quite a number of hours building an amazing snowman which I ended up given a Mohican. We then decided to make the snowman’s arms look like he was doing the Gangnam Style dance!!! After that we danced around the brilliant snowman singing Gangnam Style in the snow!!!

(This is a bad photo) But this is from 2014 when I took part in the school’s version of Hairspray. We had to wear so much make up for this show but I really liked my hair, I had a plait all the way up the back of my head that went into a massive bun that was absolutely solid from the mass of hairspray!! For the show I wore these little white pumps that I had because they went really well with my outfit but by the end of all of the rehearsing and actual shows they were nearly falling apart and were not white anymore!!!

You may recognise this photo from G in the Park post from 2015. This was taken when I was busking in the massive marquee in front of quite a few hundred guides. I was shaking so much and I played Riptide by Vance Joy, yes that was very stereotypical ukulele tune but I really enjoyed performing.

This was only taken last year at my school’s talent show. It was my second year to take part in it and I ended up 2nd place. The skirt I am wearing is actually my friend’s Phoenix’s and it’s just a little too short so I was completely terrified that you would be able to see up my skirt so I had to sit on the stool in a certain way. But I was wearing high heels aswell so I had to place my feet on the stool foot rests in a certain way aswell to make sure I didn’t fall over!!! Also I had dyed my hair a really dark blue a week before this performance and since dying my hair that colour it has never been one colour because it ended up fading really strangely!!!

It doesn’t feel that long ago that I was in first year but I’m sure in the years to come it will feel strange looking back and remembering when I was in secondary school!!!

This was a little different post. Basically I was feeling a bit nostalgic plus it is quite fun looking back at photos that have posted on facebook of me and friends from the past!!

This is blogtober week 3 and I am very aware that this post is late. Apologies, this is the first week of the tattie holidays and I have been way too relaxed.

If you have missed the first 2 weeks of blogtober then you can click the links below.

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How To – Clothes

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How to – Clothes

Now I am no fashionista however I do know how to look slightly presentable…. with the help from my friends and usually my mum after I use my usual phrase of


As you can see from the photo above, I do have a selection of clothes to wear that ranges from Christmas jumpers to pretty dresses.

However if you are like me your wardrobe/clothes are split into different categories. I have my super comfy clothes, my nice enough clothes and my really nice clothes. These categories exclude my school, work and guide uniforms.

Now I don’t go out every single night partying and I don’t even go out every weekend but when I do I never know what to wear or how to use some of my everyday casual clothes with some of my nice clothes to create new outfits that would suit for any occasion.

So I spent an afternoon going through my wardrobe and picked out a few of my favourite pieces of clothing and with the help of my lovely friend Rose (who is super fashionable) we managed to create 6 outfits. 3 casual and 3 fancy (fancier!!).

Here they are:

ITEM 1 – Culottes Dungarees

Outfit 1

About a year ago I bought these culottes dungarees and even though I love them I find it quite difficult to style them.


I used a plain long sleeved top from Primark and tied a green plaid shirt (also from Primark) round my waist to add some colour.

For shoes I wore my black Doc Martens which made the whole look quite grungy.

Outfit 2 

To dress up my culottes, I replaced the long sleeve top with a red lace top which I wore over the top instead.

I replaced my DMs with some red platform heels from New Look.

Then to add a bit of sparkle I added a black sparkly choker necklace.


Outfit 1

When you’re away on holiday you want to be able to mould your outfits to fit into different times of the day.

So for the day look – I wore my denim jacket from New Look which I have added different pins badges on over my skater dress that I got at H&M in Champs Elysee. On my feet I wore little blue sneakers from new look.

And to add a little bit of jewellery, I wore a choker necklace from H&M.


Outfit 2

To glam it up – I replaced the jean jacket with a mustard blouse(new look) to add a mass of colour.

For shoes I added even more colour with my red heals.


Item 3 – Dark Green Trousers.

Outfit 1

First of all this is my favourite photo ^ and is now my twitter profile pic!!!

With the dark green trouser, I have worn my mustard sweatshirt from Next with my denim jacket over it to add some colour to the outfit. For shoes I have paired the outfit with my blue sneakers again.

Jewellery wise, I added my plain black choker necklace just to add a little extra.

Outfit 2

To make the trousers a little fancier, I replaced the sweatshirt with my mustard blouse that is quite loose but is slightly cropped aswell so it gives a nice shape.

I left the choker as it can be for fancy or casual and it makes my neck not look so bare.

For shoes I replaced the sneakers with my trusty Doc Martens again.

There are my outfits!! I had a lot of fun modelling for the photoshoot for this post. I have to thank my friend Rose for taken the pictures and for helping me put together the outfits!!

This is a new style of post that I have never done, however this is the start of a How To series I am starting. So once a month I will publish a new How To post with different topics for each post. If you have any topic or thing in particular that you would like me to do a How To post then leave a comment down below.

Also this is week 2 of Blogtober and I made it on time!!! If you would like to read my post from Blogtober week 1 which all about Daniel Sloss then click here!! 

Daniel Sloss – Now Tour

First of all, this was my second thing I have ticked off my Pre-Uni List which you can see the entirety of here!

I have never seen a comedian live before, I’ve been to concerts,plays and musicals but never a comedy show. This was one of the best nights out I’ve had for a while and it was one of the cheapest.

The story of why my best friend, Phoenix, and I decided to go and see Daniel Sloss live, goes like this.

After having our usual Chinese takeaway I showed Phoenix a video of Daniel Sloss on Russell Howard’s Good News which I found absolutely hilarious then after crying with laughter at that one video Phoenix asked if we was on tour. (The video below is not the same video as it was too dirty to put on my blog!!! But this video shows his type of stand up he does!!)

Turns out he was coming to the Lemon Tree in Aberdeen and the tickets were cheap as chips so Happy Birthday Phoenix, there is your present sorted.

On a Thursday night after school we went to her house to try and get ready in about 50 mins to catch the 4pm bus to get into Aberdeen for around 6pm. For our dinner we had planned to go to Dr Noodles however after walking past Cosmos and seeing that there was a lot of tables free and realised how hungry we were, we ended going there instead.

After two plates of mains and one plate of desserts (I had some mango cream thing that was delicious!) we headed into the rough direction of the Lemon Tree.

I have been past the Lemon Tree multiple times and I had a rough idea how to get to it from Union Square. We had plenty of time but I was slightly panicky that we would be late because I was overly confident about my directions. Well, we went along one street and then up another. We turned round the corner and there on the right hand side was the Lemon Tree.

It only took us 10 mins to walk there which was a lot quicker than I thought it was going to be and we were early!!

One of the best parts of the Lemon Tree, especially for this event, was that it was unreserved seating so Phoenix and I happily took some seats in the second row so that we were ridiculously close to the stage.

As our refreshment to go along with our comedy night I got us a pint glass (well, a plastic cup!) of cola each that was filled to the brim of the glass (Cup?!). I was completely terrified that I was going to trip and spill them on the way back to the chairs.

The show started at 8pm and was started off by Cai Humphries, the support act. I recognised him but I couldn’t tell you where I have seen him before. However he did a skit about proposing to his girlfriend in Thailand. He was hilarious and filled up his 30 minutes set really well. Cai also did a joke about calling people Muggles. Not Harry Potter Muggles just people who do clique things.

After his set we(thankfully) had a 20 minute break. I had drunk most of my cola too quickly and was bursting for the toilet but I was worried that I was going to have to sneak away during his set which would not have been discreet in anyway.

Then it was the main event. DANIEL SLOSS!!!

I don’t think I stopped laughing. Never in my life have I ever heard someone rant about orange juice with pulp in it. But I completely agreed with him. It’s not juice!!

Through the entirety of the set he kept referring back to if he is a sociopath or not. As part of one of the jokes, he told a story about his gran finding a question in Reader’s Digest which will tell you if you are a sociopath or not. Here it is:

A women goes to her mother’s funeral and meets a man in black. By the end of the funeral she never got his name or a way to contact him.

A few days later she kills her sister. Why?

Now I had no idea, I was thinking the man is death?

The answer is that the women wanted to meet the man again and so she is trying to recreate the situation that they originally met, at a family funeral! I thought it was a genius question and the answer makes so much sense. However if you did get the right answer then don’t worry this does not mean you are definitely a sociopath.

The rest of Sloss’ set was hilarious and at one point Phoenix was cry laughing.

I won’t say anymore on the jokes in with the set just in case you are planning to go yourself! However if you are interested in going along then I would thoroughly recommend it. You can see dates on the gig list on his website.

Now the highlight of the night, WE GOT TO MEET THEM!!!

At the end of his set he said that if you were wanting a wee photo then he would be waiting in the bar area so after a few minutes of waiting. We got to meet Daniel and Cai.

After a hug from both of them and saying to Daniel Sloss that I loved his sets on Conan we got a cheeky selfie.

Guess what is going to be my new Facebook wallpaper????

I really really enjoyed my night and I am hoping to go again next year if he comes back to the Lemon Tree.

That is the first part of BLOGTOBER!!!!! WOOW WEEK ONE DONE!!!!

Let me just highlight that while writing this it is 29th September, the day after I went to see Daniel Sloss and while you are reading this it is 6th October. ORGANISATION!!!!!

I finally figured out how to write ahead…… How long will this last….. who knows.

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Here we are already. October. The month of Halloween, tattie holidays and the beginning of winter.

So what have I decided to do….

I have challenged myself to post a blog every week in October and the official name is BLOGTOBER!!!!

Very creative, I know!

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See you in October.

A few years ago I did a challenge slightly similar to Blogtober. This was Booktober, where I read a book every week and I kept all of you updated on here.

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Girl Boss – Series Review

I love it. I love this series so much!!!! First of all if you haven’t watched Girlboss you need to go and watch it now!!!! Second there will be spoilers in this review so you have your spoiler alert so no moaning!!

*********SPOILERS AHEAD********************

The series overall is amazing, I love the style of the series and the soundtrack is absolutely amazing(little side note – you can find a playlist with the whole soundtrack on spotify).

Favourite songs from the soundtrack are :

  1. Whistle (While You Work) – Katy Tiz
  2. Je Veux Te Voir – Yelle
  3. I’ll Come Crashing – A Giant Dog

The characters are great and the whole feel of the series is quite real to life. There are a few of the episodes that I didn’t like as much however all together I really really enjoyed this series.

Episode 1 – Sophia

The opening scene of the first episode just jumps straight into the story and introduces you to the main character, Sophia, straight away. This scene when her car runs out of petrol and her pushing the car really captures part of Sophia personality. Her characteristics are portrayed even more when the tram is behind her but she is not going to be told to get out of the road because she will get to the gas station which is just slightly up the hill. From her interaction with the tram driver it truly shows her “There is a problem with my car but I will deal with it by myself” attitude.

I think the speed of the storyline is brilliantly done because in under 10 minutes you are introduced to the main character, her best friend and her love interest. You are also introduced to Sophia’s personality and how she interacts with different people.

The intro to ebay is quite sly being that it is when she is searching up vintage clothes while at her job in the shoe shop. But this really starts of exploring Sophia’s love for clothes, especially vintage clothes.

I really like the scene where she has just gotten fired and she calls her best friend. She begins to well up however she doesn’t allow herself to overcome with sadness.

Also I liked that the first place she goes to cheer herself up after being fired is the vintage shop. This shows the happiness that Sophia links with clothes and vintage clothes. If that is through finding a one of kind piece or just browsing.

I loved the editing of the vintage store scene where she is looking through some of the clothes and when she picks up an item, she turns to the mirror and suddenly her reflection is in this whole outfit that fits perfectly around this top. This really emphasises Sophia’s creativitness.

The fact that Sophia has such an extensive knowledge about clothes is emphasised when she finds the jacket. This is the turning point in the story and it happens in under 20 minutes.

The scene following Sophia purchasing the jacket is brilliantly done. The music is high energy which emphaises the new found energy in Sophia. Sophia is filled with a hell of alot of confidence as she has that “Damn, I look goooood!!” feeling which is just enhanced by her checking herself out in the shop window

I also liked dinner scene as it showed the relationship between Sophia and her dad. It is as if Sophia has tried doing so many different projects or jobs but her dad is so used to her failing at them or giving up that Sophia’s hope and energy about starting an ebay business is thrown back in her face but her dad.

However even though her dad doesn’t believe in her she arrives at home she goes straight to taking a picture and uploading it onto ebay.

The end scene shows her humanity and just her lifestyle in general but once she sees the price her hopes are fulfilled.

I thought this was a great first episode as it introduced the characters very quickly, the storyline was fast paced and all together set up the whole series extremely well.

Episode 2 – The Hern

The start of this episode starts off where the first episode ended. I love the music in this scene as it emphasises Sophia’s happiness. I also love that she is just dancing around in celebration about the jacket.

Also Lionel, Sophia’s neighbour, is a great secondary character. Some of his lines are so sassy and are great come backs to Sophia.

^ This is one of my favourite interactions between them!!!

The editing in this episode is beautifully done. In a way the music is emphasising her happiness and once she gets the hern, her happiness ends and so does the music!!!

In this episode one of the main story lines is Sophia trying to find more one of a kind pieces of clothing to sell for more dolla!

The scene of her going through all of the different stores and looking is really nicely edited. It has a good flow to it but in each little clip she gets even more and more irritated. Before long she just goes back to the original place where she found the jacket. By then she is in such a rage that it brings some humour to the interation between Sophia and the guy in the vintage shop.

Again the editing for the scene where she is searching for the state sales is brilliant. I love the fact they have a search bar in the frame showing what she is typing. In addition I love that they had Sophia’s imagination of who the clothes used to own to shown through a little clip that it looks like Sophia is looking at the scene through her window.

The final scene is great, I love the climax of the episode. Her day has gotten worse and worse, finally it has all climaxed up to a point where she is just too much and she is literally being rained on her parade!! Her rant concludes all of the turmoil she has had to deal with during the day and it makes an unusual ending however her rant sums up all of the hurdles she dealt with in this episode.

Episode 3 – Thank You. San Francisco

The intro of this episode starts with Sophia being very creative with clothes. It basically shows her creativeness.

(Little side note – I would love Sophia to style me!!)

Also in under 10 minutes it introduces what the whole episode is about. She needs to find a name.

The scene of Sophia trying to brainstorm names for her ebay page is great. By editing it with her moving from different places shows the time that has passed and that she has changed her location slightly to try and give her some inspiration. Also the song totally fits the scene.

When Sophia is walking along with Shane I love the composition and the colourful streets that are used in the background.

I also really like how the conversation between Shane and Sophia flows quite nicely. They are really comfortable with talking with each other.

The way they look at each other it just lovely. But I don’t think Sophia realises that she is slowly falling in love with him.

Also through the majority of the time that Sophia and Shane were talking while in the streets, they were in focus however the background was blurred/out of focus so it was like they were in their own little world.

In addition after watching it for the third time (I love it!) you catch that Shane talks about cheating on his last girlfriend which foreshadows Shane cheating on Sophia. I thought this was done quite carefully because it is close to the start of the series that by the time she gets cheated on you forget about it.

The scene where they are up in the tower and are looking out at San Francisco, I really like the lighting on Sophia’s face. It highlights her face beautifully. Also I thought it was quite funny when the tourists began to pour into the view point.

After she finally finds a name during the bus journey she starts to over think the name and I think that really emphasises the pressure that she needs to find a name or she cant sell.

I also like that she finds her name from the bar where she usually goes to and the dancing/singing scene is brilliant!!!

Episode 4 – Ladyshopper99

This episode is one of my least favourite episodes as I just think that its an irritating episode. It is fine but not the best.

It is a strange beginning with the bride weeping over a dress and then we go to a flashback to Sophia having the dress sent back to her. I love her attitude in this scene when she says “Dis, colour be a stain” so good!

I thought the count down to til the wedding was quite good.

Also can we take a little second just to express how great Nathan and his mum are. The slight montage of Nathan, Sophia and Nathan’s mum at dinner is quite funny. It goes from a normal dinner and then suddenly they are eating ice cream and singing you raise me up.

From episode 3 we know that Sophia hates bridges, so it is quite funny to see her coping meganism for crossing the bridge which is running and screaming. Also the editing between her screaming and the screaming art thing at the art school is just hilarious.

I quite liked the last scene where from experiencing what Nathan’s relationship with his mum is like that she could have a good relationship with her dad. So when she calls him, it was like she was opening up her feelings to her dad and then had second thoughts and just decided to leave the relationship as it is.

Episode 5 – Top 8

Again this is another episode that I guess isn’t completely needed however it does show the progression of Annie and Sophia’s friendship.

I like the editing of showing what they are seeing through the camera, I thought that was quite creative.

The modelling scene is really funny, from the interactions between Sophia and Annie to the model eating a fly.

The whole theme of the episode was again introduced in under 5 minutes. It was all about My Space and the Top 8s on My Space.

It showed how much people cared about being in someone’s Top 8 as Annie said “it is the only public way to say you love some one” which I understand but it ain’t the end of the world.

This episode was made up of flashback through key moments in Annie and Sophia’s friendship.

I quite liked the flashbacks. They showed how much Annie and Sophia have grown as people and as friends.

My favourite flashback was the last one when they are going Coachella. I thought it was funny when the truck driving calls them helpless little girls. Then Sophia is like “We are not helpless little girls” which is followed by Annie going “Help me its too high.” This was a great little line that made me giggle.

Basically the message of this episode was that you need to remember that you are always going to have friends to rely on and help you but you need to be respectful to each others thoughts and what each other finds important. Even it is being on your My Space Top 8.

Episode 6 – Five Percent

The opening was kind of awkward for this one. I found the sex scene kind of cringy just because of how awkward it was but I think it was suppose to feel that way. The fact they were having sex on money was quite funny however still cringy.

I really liked the montage in this episode where Sophia gets into a routine. Getting a coffee, sitting/letting people through at the Art school, changing the price of the tops and so on. Before long she gets bored of the routine and I loved the editing of slowing down the music more and more to show that her world is slowly coming to a hault.

Basically her screaming fit is her finally exploding from anger and boredness of her now daily life.

I thought the aftermath of her surgery was quite funny because she is drugged up when she sees the money on the bed I thought it was funny when she said “It’s because I was having sex on you!!”

Also I liked it that Annie was the one that was there when she woke up.

The song at the end I really liked because it was actually an acoustic version of the song that was playing through the montage of her daily routine thing but because it’s the acoustic version it kind of shows that she is doing her own thing and not just copying everyone else.

Episode 7 – Long-Ass Pants

This episode had its good parts but mostly I thought it was fine.

I thought the opening sequence was good because it showed that Sophia was on a roll with her ebay business and it showed the progress and effort that she is putting into the business.

Also I liked the editing when they had the text from Annie read out by Annie just to emphasise how she would say it.

The editing is also great when she finds out she has had an article on a website written about her but the music stops when she scrolls down and looks at the comments. This kind of shows that her happiness (shown by the music) is pulled to a stop when she starts reading the hate comments.

I found it funny when she bought the Long Ass pants then suddenly finds out that Remembrances ended buying the pants/trousers from her aswell. Sophia’s reaction was brilliant.

After this bit I kind of thought the episode was a bit annoying. I find the girl from Remembrances really annoying.

I thought Sophia’s explanation on why she changes and sells the clothes was really nice. But I thought it was interesting finding out why the Remembrances girl wraps vintage clothes in acid free paper and so on as the clothes that were her mums is the only thing she has of her mum.

By the end of the episode I thought it was nice that they understood why each other did what they do. However I thought it was quite funny when Sophia goes back to old habits by upcycling the dress.

Episode 8 – The Trip

In this episode I found it funny when Sophia and Annie kept doing the “Road Trip” chant! The fact Sophia has a survival kit just highlights the type of person she is.

Little side note – I love Annie’s outfit.

The contrast between Sophia and Shane’s relationship and Dax and Annie’s relationship is really shown in this episode. At the start it is Annie and Dax that are arguing and Sophia and Shane who are all lovey dovey.

However I think it was good that Sophia and Shane had their feud because that is just life after being away from each other for so long they didn’t know how to deal with each other.

Also can we just highlight how awkward the shower scene was.

Episode 9 – Motherf*ckin’ Bar Graphs

The opening of this episode showed the reality of trying to run a clothes business from a tiny flat. I thought it was quite funny  with the domino effect that results in the worst thing that could happen wine spilling on a shirt.

Also the scene of her renting office space is quite funny, again I love her attitude.

I also thought it was quite a throw back when Sophia was using the trusty paperclip on the computer to help her make a bar graph. Brings back memories.

The dinner scene with her dad in this episode is such a contrast to the first episode. It shows how much Sophia has grown as a person. She is on time, she is well put together and she has a buffer(shane) to help her.

I also liked how you think that the result of the dinner has gone bad because you hear Sophia saying Motherf*kin. But actually its praising the bar graphs, I thought that was clever editing/script writing.

When her dad is wanting to sign the form in his name, in a way it is saying he doesn’t trust her to keep up this business. That just really sucks.

At the end I liked the editing when they are in the huge warehouse and it starts to show what they are going to make the warehouse look like.

Episode 10 – Vintage Fashion Forum

In this episode I found the scene where Annie is typing away in the Fashion Forum and makes them saying things that have dirty meanings is quite funny.

I liked how they edited like they were having a little conference.

I was really irritated that Sophie didn’t realise the full extent of what Annie does for her.

Episode 11 – Garbage Person

I thought it was funny when Sophia shouts at the carollers. She doesn’t have anyone to help her get out of this slump and now that she has been blocked on Ebay and has lost Annie her daily life has been shattered.

The fact that she went and bought back the jacket that started this whole problem, I thought that was a bit extreme.

I liked the editing of her buying the ticket, then going on the plane then showing where she has arrived at. It just allowed the episode to flow quickly.

We are introduced to her mum is a lot like Sophia however unlike her mum Sophia is a lot more driven.

I found the play or musical thing really cringy and thought it was quite pointless.

I liked that she finally decides that her dad is still there for her (slightly) and decides to have Christmas with him.

Episode 12 – I Come Crashing

I really like the swooping shot that goes through all of the bar and then ends up with Sophia and Annie.

It was quite funny when they were mimicking each others laugh and then finally got back together as friends.

Sophia realises she needs Annie!!!!

I absolutely love their first Nasty Gal meeting. So dramatic and just rounds up how perfect their friendship is.

Also the montage of them getting ready for the launch is really nicely done, it is quite satisfying seeing all of the posted notes getting taken off the wall.

It was also quite funny when Annie used the steamer and was just going “YYYYEEAAHH, Open those pours.”

I love Annie so much and she is the voice of reason when Sophia is basically having a complete breakdown.

It is ironic that she goes to see Shane to get a breather from all of the stress but turns out he is just another bit of stress and she walks in on Shane cheating on her.

Episode 13 – The Launch

It is quite sad that Sophia thought that she had to fake happiness just to try and cope with the launch. Also I thought it was quite clever that every time Sophia was thinking about Shane cheating they would play that one song very quietly as if its niggling the back of Sophia’s brain.

I like the montage of Sophia and Shane in bed and she is just needing to explode but she has enough on her plate at the moment.

FINALLY she admits it and see says everything that she wanted to say. But she took her time.

The grand launch of the website was quite funny because Nathan uses the tiny scissors. Sophia shows how anxious she is about the launch when she starts to press the refresh button over and over. But again Annie, her voice of reason comes to save her.

I loved Sophia’s entrance to the now transformed Warehouse. The streamers are beautiful and its just looks fabulous in general.

The transition from Sophia looking at the laptop to her taking the cork of the champagne bottle with a sword is so well done. So smooth and we get to see her party trip!!!

However I think that it is quite sad that she was still not over the break up with Shane. But by the end of the episode when she goes into the warehouse the day after the launch the music and her attitude shows clarity in life and that she is ready to work her but off.


Now this was quite different from my usual film reviews. Overall I really enjoyed Girlboss and I will rewatch it a few more times.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. If you have reached the end and are actually reading this little bit then congratulations because this is a long post!!!!!

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Confessions of A Film Lover Tag

Now I have watched a lot of films but there are quite a few classics I have not watched. But instead of listing my favourite films I thought I would do a tag about films.

So here is the Confessions of A Film Lover Tag:

1. Yeah, well, that’s just, like, your opinion, man.” – The Big Lebowski
Your most unpopular film opinion.

I don’t like the original Spiderman films. I have watched these films a few times as they are always playing on the TV but they make cringe so much. There have been a few people that have really enjoyed Spiderman 3 but I think that’s the worse one. No one wants to experience the scene when Peter Parker has been possessed by Venom and made him act strangely.


Also (not to objectify anyone but….) some of the faces Toby Maguire makes in these films are just strange.

Then we have the lovely Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland.

I just prefer the other spidermans. But don’t make me choose a favourite……


2. “The limit does not exist.” – Mean Girls
A Guilty Pleasure film you can watch over and over again.

I haven’t watched it recently but I really love the film Street Dance. When I first watched I became obsessed with street dancing and I loved the soundtrack. This film inspired me to buy one of these hats.

Three times, I’ve worn this hat. 3 times. I still keep it though because I spent £20 on a hat!!!!!


3. “Are you not entertained” – Gladiator
A film that is universally loved that you found boring.

Breakfast Club. I tried to watch it a few weeks ago however this was quite late at night and I nearly fell asleep while watching it. I think is quite clever how they used quite a small amount of characters in one main setting. However I don’t really understand the storyline and I am going to need to rewatch it to fully understand it. I do have to admit that I did skip my way through the film.

4. ” Sorry! My Prada’s at the cleaners! Along with my hoodie and my ‘fuck you’ flip-flops, you pretentious douchebag! “ – The Social Network
The most pretentious film you’ve ever seen.

Dancing with Wolves. Is that a pretentious film…. It has won 7 Academy Awards. But I watched the extended version at school when I was 12 or 13 years old to learn about Native Americans.  To be honest I’m not a big fan because I just didn’t like it.

5. “Draw me like one of your French girls” – Titanic
A film that describes your aesthetic.

About Time with Rachel McAdams and Bill Nye. I love this film and it is one of my favourite films of all time. It has romance, there is comedy and is just about living life to it’s limit. The music is lovely and the composition is beautiful. The film flows beautifully and has some amazingly well done scenes. It progresses through the storyline at a nice speed and doesn’t rush through a scene at anytime.

It is one of those films that gives me all the fuzzy feelings and is a great film to cosy up with a blanket and a cup of tea.

6. “That’s a bingo” – Inglorious Bastards
A director who has never let you down.

I think I’m going to say Steven Moffat even though he normally directs series. I have watched all of the episodes of Doctor Who that he has been the head director/producer and I have watched all of Sherlock. He did a really good job with Series 5 -7 of Doctor Who but I don’t know if he did the best job of the Peter Capaldi series.

I absolutely loved all of Sherlock though!

7. “Don’t believe his lies” – Memento.
A film you were told was bad but you loved.

Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief. Now before you go crazy, I haven’t read the books so from just watching the film without having read the books before, I really enjoyed the film. But I do plan to read the books, however I thought the film was funny in some places and I really liked the characters and the storyline.

Also I just love Logan Lerman, he is a great actor!!!

8. “It’s only forever, not long at all– Labyrinth
If you could only watch one film for the rest of your life, what would it be?

The Book Thief. I love this film and I can say the lines along to the majority of it so if I only had this film to watch I could learn all of the lines. But it has the historic aspect to it, there is romance, humour and there are some tear jerking moments. Also the music is beautiful and there is some German in it!!! So it’s educational and entertaining!

Also there is the book so I can read that aswell if I get fed up of the film!!! HA HA! I FOUND A LOOPHOLE!!

9. “Were you rushing or were you dragging?”
A long film you thought was perfectly paced.

Titanic. I think…

I really enjoyed it but I think it could’ve cut off some of the start when there searching the wreckage. But a apart from that I thought the story flowed quite well.

Also I really liked the fact that the majority of the film is basically the destruction of the Titanic but it shows what it would be like to be from the different social classes. I also love the transitions in the film that make it flow so smoothly.

This is one of my favourites.

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I have to apologies for the lateness of this posts, I had managed to get in a routine of a post every two weeks however Wednesday came and went and I hardly noticed.

My publishing day is going to change to a Friday as that will give me a bit more time to finish posts and all that Jazz.

(There will be a post next week to try and start the routine again!!!)


The Pre Uni List!

Sadly I just missed out on going to University this year however there is no reason to despair as I have made a list of things that I wouldn’t have been able to do if I had went to Uni this year.

My mum suggested that I create an actual list of all of the things I would like to do before next year when I (hopefully) will be going to University.

So here it is – My Pre University List!!

  1. Learn to Drive
  2. Go see a comedian live.
  3. Travel to Germany
  4. Travel with friends
  5. Have a Harry Potter Movie Marathon
  6. Watch 10 classic films.
  7. Do two new things that you would never think of doing before!!
  8. Take part in the school talent show for the 3rd year and try to get 1st place. (I’ve been 3rd my first year of doing it and then I was 2nd the second time soooo…)
  9. Make a film. (It can be a short film but still I need to get this brain going!!!)
  10. Continue writing on this blog.
  11. Go ice skating again.
  12. Make 5 new meals/food!
  13. Learn to make cocktails.
  14. Complete majority of my Queens Guide award.
  15. Go to Wellies and Wristbands.
  16. Meet new people!
  17. Continue to learn German.
  18. Try 5 new foods.
  19. Get dip dyed hair.
  20. Dye your hair a natural colour.
  21. Have a sleepover with all of your close friends.
  22. Allow a friend to give you a makeover!
  23. Give someone a makeover.
  24. Go on a date with someone!
  25. Complete your adult leadership qualification in Guides.
  26. Organise atleast 2 more sleepovers for Guides/Senior Section.
  27. Perform at an open mic night.
  28. Pass all of my exams.
  29. Make another scrapbook!!
  30. Learn how to do 2 new hairstyles!

Well that is 30 things that I will try my hardest to complete before I go to University next year I will keep you updated when I complete some of these tasks. If you want to keep updated on my daily doings then follow me on Twitter!!!

Top 10 Travel Tips

All over the internet there are thousands of tips and advice for travellers or people who wish to become travellers of the globe. I have tried some of these tips myself and I am going to give you some of my own tips and tricks to help you on your future adventure.

So here are my top 10 travel tips. ENJOY!!

1. Don’t over pack.

This is quite a common tip but it does take a while to learn what you need and what you don’t need. If you are going away for a 3 day trip you don’t need three pairs of shoes, that’s not necessary and it means you need to bring a bigger bag. A good idea is to take one good pair of shoes or boots that are either black or another colour that will go with all of your outfits that you have packed.

Also another thing to remember is that you don’t need to pack three pairs of trousers just, like with the shoes, take trousers that will go with all of your tops and then you can mix and match if you wish. Then you only really need two pairs of trousers for a three day trip.

But practise makes perfect!!

2. Travel Wash Is A Life Saviour.

To help you stretch your clothes when you are going for a trip that is longer than a week bring travel wash. You may be staying in a hostel that has washing machine but why pay 4/5 euro when you can have your won little tube of travel wash.

It is basically a paste in a tube that you use to wash your clothes. You only need a little bit of the travel wash and some water, hot or cold, then you rub it into your dirty clothes and then allow to dry.

Then tah dah clean clothes. It also allows you to not worry if you’re going to be able to wash your clothes because all you need is water and this handy tube.

3. If you are flying put some cling film on your liquid bottles.

This needs a little explaining but if you have any liquids with you such as shampoo or hand sanitiser if you unscrew the lid and cover it with some cling film then put the lid back on this  creates an airlock seal. It basically helps to stop your liquids exploding all over your clothes in your luggage due to the air pressure.

This has saved me quite a few times as there is nothing worse than trying to clean out hand sanitiser that has decided to explode all over your toilet bag. (True story)

4. Look around.

There is nothing worse than not getting the best deal for a hotel and if you’re in a hurry to book accommodation you sometimes don’t really think before clicking that book button. However the best thing is to look around at your options and see if there is a better deal. This could save you quite a bit of money in the long run and could help you cut costs for your whole trip.

Try using websites such as or Hostel world. If you click the button that shows you the cheapest options first but always the location of the hotel/hostel because usually the cheapest options are the furthest away from the city centre. This will result in you spending more money on transport.

5. Don’t have breakfast in your hotels.

If your hotel price doesn’t include breakfast, you will find you’ll have to add another £8 or £9 to enjoy a lovely cooked breakfast however to save some money especially when travelling with a lot of people such as families take your breakfast with you. Another option is to buy it at the closest supermarket.

A great suggestions is the porridge pots you can get that all you have to do is add water. It doesn’t have to be the top brand porridge, Tesco’s own are just as good and they’re cheaper!! Another great option is croissants or those chocolate chip brioche rolls, they are the best breakfast on the go!!

Also you need to remember that you usually have a kettle in your hotel room so take advantage of that and be creative!!!

6. Look out for deals or discounts.

Before Phoenix and I went to Stirling we found a few good deals that helped us to save some money. If you are a student in the majority of cities around the globe you will find great discounts for entry to some museums or castles or on food!

Also some restaurants do certain deals such as pre theatre deals or early dinners. Coast to Coast and the Filling Station do an early dinner deal where you get 2 courses for £12.95 which is a not bad deal and it is quite a nice selection of food.

Another idea is if you are wanting a cheap meal to keep you going through the day, in the UK you will find a Weatherspoons in most cities and big towns. I don’t know if there are equivalents in other countries but Weatherspoons is a great cheap eat with a huge menu that has a wide selection of food. I would really recommend the burgers, they come with chips and onion rings and oh they are pretty good.

But look for deals because everyone loves a bargain.

7. Ask for help.

If you don’t know something or need some advice ask for help!! It may be easier said than done but your friends and family have probably have more experience than you so use their fountain of knowledge to help you make better decisions to ensure your trip is enjoyable.

Also they may have recommendation of the best things to visit or the tourist attraction that aren’t worth the money.

8. Don’t over plan.

When you go to certain places and you only have a certain amount of time to see as much as you possibly can all you want to do is cram in everything so you don’t miss out. Also you don’t know if you are ever going to come back to this place so you need to the art museum in Prague because everyone goes to see it! What you end up with is a huge list of places that you don’t really want to see but you need to because when in Rome!!

A good idea is to write down the top three things you would like to do or see and make them the main events of your trip. Choose what day you want to do them on and give yourself enough time to experience it without rushing around like a headless chicken. You do need to remember you’re on holiday not on a wild goose chase.

Also sometimes when you have nothing particularly planned you may find something to do that you would never of thought about. Even with your extensive research!!

9. Don’t Panic.

If it is your first time travelling away from home don’t panic. Especially if it is your first time travelling alone. There is nothing worse than working yourself up and going over in your head everything that could go wrong.  It does not help one bit. I know!!!

I have travelled many times on trains by myself but the first time I went on a plane by myself was flying from Glasgow to Southampton for Roverway and I had a mini freak-out. The thing is I was completely fine until I had to walk away from Uncle and into the TSA line. I was on the verge of tears because I was getting myself in a state. But I started walking a little slower and took a few deep breaths then I began to relax.

As a consequence of my little freak-out I walked through the metal detector at TSA with my phone in my back pocket because I was panicking so much about going through without it beeping. This meant I completely forgot about my phone until the detector bleeped and I was asked if I had anything in my pockets!

So the moral of the story is don’t freak out but if you do begin to panic take a minute to take some deep breaths to try and stay level headed. Also if you panic, it takes the enjoyment out of the adventure. So relax, you’re on holiday!

10. Use Public Transport

The cheapest way to travel around most cities is public transport whether it’s the Tube in London or the Trams in Amsterdam they are a great way to get around the cities.

With most public transport in cities there are usually passes that will allow you to travel as much as you want with that one ticket. In Amsterdam, you can get a day pass that allows you to hop on and off the trams all day for this one price, this is a huge money saver.

In addition, in London you can get a visitor Oyster card which you pay £3 to activate it (I think) and then you can top it up with whatever amount of money you like then you can use it whenever you want. When I went down to London with my family we got one each and each time I have been down to London since I have brought along the oyster cards to save some money. The idea with the oyster cards is that if you travel in certain areas in the city you will only be charged up to a certain amount each day. Then after you have been charged that amount you can travel in the area as much as you want on that day.

Most cities have something that is similar to these passes but these are the two that I have had experience with.


I hope you have found these tips very interesting and that you may use some of my pearls of knowledge.

I also apologise for my extensive use of gifs I have recently become slightly obsessed. You can see how gif crazy I have become if you go over to my twitter which you can find here!!

The plan for blog posts is that I will be publishing a new post every two weeks however next week depending on Exam results there may be a post however if you would like to keep up to date with all of the bits and bobs I am doing then follow me on twitter!! (Oh all the shameless plugs for my twitter)

If you would like to read about my last adventure where I used some of these fantastic tips then click here.




Doctor Who Tag

In honour of the announcement of the 13th Doctor Who on Sunday I decided to do the Doctor Who Tag. Let’s see if I can remember different parts of Doctor Who!!!

1. New, Classic, or both

I have to admit that I haven’t watched any of the classic Doctor Who (e.g From the very beginning). The first episode I remember watching is when Christopher Eccleston regenerated into David Tennant. So I will have to say New because that’s all I have watched!!

2. Favorite Doctor

I’m always torn between David Tennant and Matt Smith because my first Doctor was David Tennant however I watched every single episode of Matt Smith regiously. Also I have all of Matt Smith’s series on DVD (which is series 5 -7 if your interested!). So I’m going to say Matt Smith but really he’s joint with David Tennant.

3. Favorite Companion

I quite liked Donna Noble because she was funny and sarcastic. She was just so sassy at times aswell and some of her one liners are hilarious.

4. Favorite “non traveling” companion

Does Strax count…. I think he does. I find him so funny and some of the stuff he comes out with is so blunt but you have to remember he is a sontaron.

5. Which Villain would you not want to run into?

Either (sorry I am very indecisive when it comes to Doctor Who) Weeping Angel because you can’t really run away or get away from them as quite as possible.

Or the Cybermen because they could actually turn you into a Cyberman and take away your humanity which I would not be happy if that happened to me!!

6. Why did you start watching Doctor Who?

I think my dad showed me it when it was on TV and we just started watching. I’m not sure but I think I must of been 6 or 7 years old when I watched my first episode…

I have googled when David Tennant started being the Doctor which was in 2005 so I started watching it when I was 5 years old. (Damn that’s along time ago, I didn’t realise I was so young) That was reason I didn’t watch some episodes because I was terrified. The episode that scared me the most was the one with Queen Victoria and the werewolf, I hid behind a cuddly toy for most of that episode. Oh and the Water on Mars episode I couldn’t watch all of it because it freaked me out with the water spewing out of their mouths all of the time.

7. Top 3 episodes

These are in no particular order and be aware that I have had to google all of the doctor who episodes to remind me of certain episodes.

A definite one is Vincent and the Doctor – 1) It is written by Richard Curtis who wrote one of my favourite films (which I haven’t reviewed on here, why is that….) 2) It is educational in a way as it teaches you about Vincent Van Gogh 3) Included in the cast is none other that Bill Nye and 4) I have sobbed at that episode so many times.

Another episode that I loved was a two parter (so I’m going to name both of them because there is one of my favourite scenes but I can’t remember if it’s part one or two) those are The Sound of The Drums and Last of the Time Lords. They both have the Master in them which is wonderfully played by John Simm. Now, my favourite scene is when The Master is dances around this certain room to “I can’t decide” by the Scissor Sisters and I absolutely love that scene because it is so cruel but funny as the same time .

The third episode I liked was…… Now I am a not a huge fan of Peter Capaldi but this particular episode I thought was brilliant. That is the Husbands of River Song. It is just so funny and I absolutely adore Alex Kingston as River Song. Also her little rant about the Doctor not caring enough to be there is just a great part.

I completely forgot the 50th Anniversary episode…. OH I’m such an eejit. I also love that episode.

8. What is your favourite Doctor Who quote?

Either (I know I can’t make decisions last time I promise)

“It’s a fez. I wear a fez now. Fezzes are cool.”     Or

“I will not forget one line of this, not one day, I swear. I will always remember when The Doctor was me…”

That quote just makes me well up so much.
9. Suddenly the Doctor shows up at your door. Do you go with him?

Totally, right now I would like to go a few weeks in the future to see if I got my results for University. However I would love to go back in time to the 1300 so I could punch Robert the Bruce. (If you learn more about him in history you will realise that he deserves it.)

10. What are you looking forward to most for the future of Doctor Who?

Oh, I’m not sure. I want to see what their going to do with a female doctor and I would like the see if the new producer/writer gives Doctor Who some new life because I found that when Steven Moffat it gaves a new feel to the show which I loved.

My Stirling 2017 Adventure

On 17th May 2017 I had an early wakening at 5am. After dragging myself out of my friend’s cosy bed and pulled on my already planned outfit I was nearly ready to head on my adventure!!

I repacked my extremely well packed backpack which had all of my clothes for three days, one pair of pajamas, my toilet bag and another pair of shoes (yes, I even impressed myself however Phoenix (my best friend) was completely amazed about how on earth I was able to fit so much in a bag that is not very big in the first place)

After getting ready we headed outside to wait for the bus that would take us into Aberdeen.

Now usually I’m able to get a child’s ticket as I look about 12 however I was asked for my ID on the bus for the first time ever. So I had pay £12.60 for a one way ticket (ONE WAY!!) when countless times before I’ve only payed £8 for a child’s ticket.

When we arrived in Aberdeen after our 2 hour bus journey we went to Starbucks for some breakfast and to meet up quickly with Phoenix’s dad. My choice of beverage was a Caramel frappacino with coffee and cream (let’s just say I was slightly buzzing by the time we got on the train.) and a pan au chocolate.

We inhaled breakfast and hurried to the train. I thought I had booked seats while buying the tickets however it turns out that was not the case. But we were okay as the train wasn’t busy at all and we managed to get a table for the two of us. #thegangstertrainlife

The journey was beautiful as the train hugs the coast most of the way down and we were greeted with some amazing views on the journey to Stirling. Also another plus was that the weather was absolutely wonderful so we had the sun shining off some lovely blue sea as part of our  view during the journey.

WP_20170521 1

The train journey went very smoothly and we did manage to get off the train at Stirling without any hiccups. Our next challenge was to find the hotel!!!!! Now from looking at maps before going down I was sure it was about a 10 minute walk from the train station. After staring at the map, hunting down street signs and making funny faces while looking back and forth from the map to the street, we managed to find the hotel.

To describe the hotel all I have to say is OH MY GOSH ITS SO FANCY!!!!!! Now when I was booking the room I thought this was a pub type hotel that has a nice restaurant with lovely pub grub and that it just looked like a lovely place in general. Well let me tell you, Phoenix and I were the youngest people in that hotel by far, bear in mind it was during school time and during the week. However we may have not stopped grinning while wandering through the hotel.

We dropped our bags off and headed into the restaurant at the hotel to get some lunch before we went our first exploration of Stirling!!! The menu was lovely and kind of expensive but thankfully there was a lunch menu with a few cheaper option. I went with a baked tattie with haggis and cheese while Phoenix chose a ham sandwich.

After we devoured out food we went to find a bus stop to figure out a bus that would take us to Bannockburn. We managed to figure which one would be best and found out that  we only had about 10 minutes to wait which was a plus.

However I had the sudden thought “Do I have the confirmation of our tickets?” The answer to that was no as it was in a poly pocket in one of the bags we had dropped off at the hotel. So after quickly saying that to Phoenix (while slightly panicking), we rushed around the corner to the hotel quickly asked the lady at reception if we could get our bags. I flicked through the pieces of paper in the poly pocket and shimmied out of the piece of paper we needed after shoving it in my handbag, we hurried back to the bus stop.

We had missed the bus. But after finding out there was an other bus that would get us there in time for when we had booked our tickets for we soon relaxed.

Thankfully we arrived early at Bannockburn and found out that the place was empty. We handed over our conformation in exchange of a snazzy pair of 3D glasses.

We walked around the little courtyard bit that is in the centre of all of the building. In that courtyard there is this amazing mural of the Battle of Bannockburn.

However after looking at a certain part of the mural I spotted something that was a bit out of place for a mural of a battle.

There is a cat in among all of these soldiers which made Phoenix and I giggle!!!

We decided to head back inside to make sure we were in enough time for the tour section of Bannockburn. The only people that were in our “Group” were Phoenix and I. That was it. Bare in mind – School Day, Middle of May, During School Time.

So we went on our little tour of the place and got to feel the weight of axes and chain-mail. The best part of Bannockburn is the battle simulation game thing. (very well explain, Lauren!) I don’t know how to explain it but basically you control what happens in the battle.

The last time I was at Bannockburn it was during the holidays therefor it was busy and everything involved only controlled a small part of either the Scots or the English army however as it was just Phoenix and I, we got to control an army each.

I was in control of the English army and Phoenix controlled the Scots. During the whole battle we were referred to as Queen of England and Queen of Scotland by the tour guide which just made it even better. My favourite part was when I completely destroyed Phoenix in this battle as the aim of winning the battle was to kill the King (*cough cough* Queen) and then you would win.

Well, Phoenix decided after my army was advancing towards hers that she would retreat her King (Queen!) however I chose to use three lots of archers to all fire onto the King which killed him and crowned me VICTORIOUS!!!!!!!

I was very proud and will totally be putting that on my skills and achievements for the rest of my life. (Maybe not?)

After I did the very much needed celebration, we watched the last video and after a little look around the gift shop we headed back to the Hotel. Oh and we obviously took the obligatory selfie with Brucie himself.

For dinner, we both really like Chinese and had basically planned what we were eating for most of our meals. So on our first night in Stirling we found out that there was a Jimmy Chungs ,which from very fond memories before the one in Aberdeen burnt down, led us to decide that we had to go and try to eat our body weight in Chinese, because why not?

Now it wasn’t as great as I remembered but it still was not too bad. We went back to hotel very happy and very full.

The next day after a lovely sleep in our comfy hotel beds we got up and ate our little porridge pots. (This is a great tip for saving money in hotels or when you are going away they are only a few pound and Tesco’s own brand is quite tasty as well)

Our day’s activity/adventure was going to the Wallace Monument which we only had to pay £4 each for entry thanks to a lovely lady at my Stirling University Applicant day that was handing out these little discount tokens.

After arriving at the actual monument we began our ascension.

On our journey up in one of the levels was a lovely cut out of a Scottish teddy bear warrior.

Sadly Phoenix’s photo of her being a Scottish Teddy Bear warrior had disappeared as she needed more storage on her phone!!!

The view from the top is absolutely amazing.

I found out that you could see the entire campus of Stirling University which as the massive nerd I am took a lovely photo and while taking it pointed out all the different parts of the campus to Phoenix.

On the way down from the Wallace Monument we decided to walk down the foot path, that I assumed would go in the woods a little and then would come out beside the road that was beside the little centre place at the bottom of the hill. Oh how wrong I was….. We went down and then up and then down again. The worst part was that there wasn’t anyone else in the woods!!!!

Finally after sweating while walking through a winding path in with the trees,which did not help with sheltering us from the boiling sun, we managed to reach the paved path beside the little centre at the bottom. By that time we were both needing a seat from all the walking so we went and waited for the bus that would take us back into the centre of Stirling.

We, again, went through the University campus and then headed back for lunch.

I managed to find a discount on Groupon for Friars Wynd in Stirling which was £9.99 for two lunches and you could choose between 4 or 5 options. Both Phoenix and I went with the toastie with skinny fries. We were both starving so scoffed them down quickly.

After lunch we walked the extremely short distance back to the hotel to prepare ourselves for our fancy night out!!!!

Basically our plan was to go see one or two films at the cinema with dinner in between and then maybe a Mcflurry or milkshake afterwards.

We took our time beautifying ourselves and headed to the cinema to go and watch Whisky Galore which was filmed in Portsoy which is in our local area. What I found out while we were walking there was that Phoenix’s mum’s friend was an Extra in it so one of the days they went down to watch them filming and one of the main characters is played by Sean Biggerstaff.

Now what you may not know is that he played Oliver Wood in Harry Potter!!!!

This guy ^ was in my local area and  I DIDN’T KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, the film was really great and gave me a really warm fuzzy feeling of pride for my local area being shown in the silver screen!!!!! I would suggest to watch it just for a laugh.

After the film we walked to the Filling Station that we found out does a deal for an early dinner. For a starter we ended up choosing potato skins and for the main I got a meatball pasta thing (very descriptive, I know!!)while Phoenix got something that looked like smothered chicken!!

During our meal there was a group of boys who past the restaurant and were wearing short shorts!!!! Phoenix couldn’t resist taking a picture of these completely fabulous boys!!

After an hour or so of chatting and discussing about everything, we went back to hotel but then decided to go and find milkshakes. The only place that was still open at this time (8pmish) was Flip ‘n’ Shake which was right beside the cinema. So we headed to the shop and got our delicious milkshakes.

Phoenix chose a bubblegum milkshake (on the right) which was made freshly with amazing ice cream. I however chose a VIP milkshake which was called Salted Caramel Crunch (or something like that). It was salted caramel milkshake with a crunchie blitzed together and served with squirty cream and even more crunchie on top. (On the left)That was the best milkshake I have tasted!!!

While slurping on our milkshakes we walked back to the hotel and tried to eat some more of our pile of snacks that we had dragged to Stirling.

This was going to be our last night in the hotel so I decided to pack my bag as much as possible before going to sleep.

The next morning we both got up around 8am and sorted ourselves out for the rest of the day. We were able to leave our bags at the Hotel however we needed check out before we went exploring.

Our final day’s exploration was Stirling Castle!!!!

The castle was the closest place to hotel however we had to walk up a massive hill and some stairs to arrive to it!!

After having a short stop halfway up the hill we stumbled across the Tourist Information and the Youth Hostel. (I would highly recommend if you are looking for a budget place to stay in Stirling then the hostel is about a 5/10 minute walk from the castle and a 10/15 minute walk from the Train station.)

When we finally got to the Castle we found out that there was 3 or 4 bus loads of school kids. This was not something that we were expecting however we were able to sneak around them and queue up for tickets quite easily.

Also on the way in we managed to grab a cheeky selfie with the statue outside of the Castle entrance.

The line for tickets was reasonably long for a Friday but the weather was still pretty good so we didn’t mind.

While waiting we started chatting to a friendly American lady who was in front of us in the queue. During our conversation we found out that she was on a tour that was going around some of Scotland as well as some of Ireland and that she had traced back her ancestor’s to Ireland. When they were on the tour she actually got to see one of her ancestor’s grave stone.

After our lovely chat and getting our tickets (we managed to get a discount (10% I think) with our Scotcards, so if you are going to Stirling Castle remember your Young Scot Cards as you’ll get a bit of a bargain!) we headed into the Castle. Now this is quite a big castle and we didn’t really know where to start.

So we began at the front and worked our way round all of the different sections and rooms. In one of the corridors there were different rooms where you could interact using your different senses so there was one all about paintings during Ye Olden Days so there were boxes for you to smell and guess what was in it. There was also a room where there were a few musical instruments to play and Phoenix’s favourite room was the dress up room.

There was a pile of medieval clothing for kids and adults. Phoenix excitedly tried on two lovely dresses however I passed on this opportunity. But here, presented to you is Princess Phoenix.

After spending most of the morning in the Castle we headed back down the hill to find some food. We ended up passing a Weatherspoons which we decided to go in for lunch as it is lovely and cheap.

I decided to get a BBQ Burger which has chips and six onions ring also including a drink and this only cost me £6.40. NOTHING! Absolutely nothing!!! In addition to that it was a pretty good burger as well!

As we were now quite full and still had some time to kill we headed down to the shopping centre to have a little look around. There was a shop that I recommended to Phoenix which is called the Flying Tiger and basically it is a Paperchase however it is really affordable and has a lot of lovely bits and bots that are great for little fillers for presents.

While we were in the Flying Tiger, I was quite controlled and only bought some pens and that was it. After that we headed to Primark to go and try a few things on. Phoenix continued to point clothes out and go “that’s pretty, do you wanna try it on?” so we both ended up heading into the changing rooms with a small handful of clothes. Both of us weren’t very successful however we looked through the PJ section after coming out of the changing rooms and I manage to find a pair of cute Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them PJs. Also I found a PJ top that says “I dreamt I was human, then I woke up.”

We walked through quite a number of shops trying to use up some time and we both managed to pick up a few little things for example I bought some cute socks that were on sale in New Look. Phoenix managed to buy gifts for the next few birthdays that are coming up that she needed to get things for.

After feeling quite tired from trailing around the shops we went and had some food in McDonalds then picked up our bags from the hotel and headed to the train station.

We still had about an hour/40mins until our train but we just went through the gates and waited patiently. However we both started to really need the toilet so Phoenix decided to so hunt for the toilet. Thankfully she found it however when she came back she looked a bit shocked.

She had dropped her phone down the toilet but it was still working god knows how. As a just in case she mass sent all of her photos from Stirling to me through WhatsApp. Her phone was okay but on the train journey is was the most dramatic phone ever as it died and then came back alive and then died again.

Thankfully she didn’t loose any of her photos or anything and managed to get it sorted out the week after we came back.

The train ride home was quite quick and as we went through Perth the rain began to pour!! Which was perfectly timed for us as we already had the three days of sunshine we needed!

When we arrived to Aberdeen we both wearily got off the train and headed towards my mum was waiting for us, ready to take us home.

I had an absolutely lovely time and it was a well needed break during study leave as after I came back I felt a lot more focused and ready to revise my but off for my German exam.

Thank you very much for reading my post and coming on my blog if you would like to read more of my adventure that I have been on if you click here for that.

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And finally just to give you a little update, I will be doing 2 posts a month as part of my Queens Guide Award so be prepared for some amazing content that may include some food ideas, travel tips and lots of other interesting blog posts (*crosses fingers*)

Lauren x




Now We Wait…

After over a month of study leave and completely al of my exams without having a complete breakdown, I now need to wait for 2 very long months until I receive my results. The results will mould the next portion of my life and decide whether I stay at school for another year or start a University degree.

This is a big deal….

I really, really want to go and I also think that my exams went quite well however I don’t want to hype myself up and set myself up for disappointment. One way or another there will be tears on 8th August whether they are happy or sad depends on the letters on that piece of paper (well, erm digital paper first). Thankfully I have signed up for an email and text message so at 8am on the 8th August all will be revealed.

But first I need to plod through these 2 months.

*crosses fingers*