The Pre Uni List!

Sadly I just missed out on going to University this year however there is no reason to despair as I have made a list of things that I wouldn’t have been able to do if I had went to Uni this year.

My mum suggested that I create an actual list of all of the things I would like to do before next year when I (hopefully) will be going to University.

So here it is – My Pre University List!!

  1. Learn to Drive
  2. Go see a comedian live.
  3. Travel to Germany
  4. Travel with friends
  5. Have a Harry Potter Movie Marathon
  6. Watch 10 classic films.
  7. Do two new things that you would never think of doing before!!
  8. Take part in the school talent show for the 3rd year and try to get 1st place. (I’ve been 3rd my first year of doing it and then I was 2nd the second time soooo…)
  9. Make a film. (It can be a short film but still I need to get this brain going!!!)
  10. Continue writing on this blog.
  11. Go ice skating again.
  12. Make 5 new meals/food!
  13. Learn to make cocktails.
  14. Complete majority of my Queens Guide award.
  15. Go to Wellies and Wristbands.
  16. Meet new people!
  17. Continue to learn German.
  18. Try 5 new foods.
  19. Get dip dyed hair.
  20. Dye your hair a natural colour.
  21. Have a sleepover with all of your close friends.
  22. Allow a friend to give you a makeover!
  23. Give someone a makeover.
  24. Go on a date with someone!
  25. Complete your adult leadership qualification in Guides.
  26. Organise atleast 2 more sleepovers for Guides/Senior Section.
  27. Perform at an open mic night.
  28. Pass all of my exams.
  29. Make another scrapbook!!
  30. Learn how to do 2 new hairstyles!

Well that is 30 things that I will try my hardest to complete before I go to University next year I will keep you updated when I complete some of these tasks. If you want to keep updated on my daily doings then follow me on Twitter!!!

Top 10 Travel Tips

All over the internet there are thousands of tips and advice for travellers or people who wish to become travellers of the globe. I have tried some of these tips myself and I am going to give you some of my own tips and tricks to help you on your future adventure.

So here are my top 10 travel tips. ENJOY!!

1. Don’t over pack.

This is quite a common tip but it does take a while to learn what you need and what you don’t need. If you are going away for a 3 day trip you don’t need three pairs of shoes, that’s not necessary and it means you need to bring a bigger bag. A good idea is to take one good pair of shoes or boots that are either black or another colour that will go with all of your outfits that you have packed.

Also another thing to remember is that you don’t need to pack three pairs of trousers just, like with the shoes, take trousers that will go with all of your tops and then you can mix and match if you wish. Then you only really need two pairs of trousers for a three day trip.

But practise makes perfect!!

2. Travel Wash Is A Life Saviour.

To help you stretch your clothes when you are going for a trip that is longer than a week bring travel wash. You may be staying in a hostel that has washing machine but why pay 4/5 euro when you can have your won little tube of travel wash.

It is basically a paste in a tube that you use to wash your clothes. You only need a little bit of the travel wash and some water, hot or cold, then you rub it into your dirty clothes and then allow to dry.

Then tah dah clean clothes. It also allows you to not worry if you’re going to be able to wash your clothes because all you need is water and this handy tube.

3. If you are flying put some cling film on your liquid bottles.

This needs a little explaining but if you have any liquids with you such as shampoo or hand sanitiser if you unscrew the lid and cover it with some cling film then put the lid back on this  creates an airlock seal. It basically helps to stop your liquids exploding all over your clothes in your luggage due to the air pressure.

This has saved me quite a few times as there is nothing worse than trying to clean out hand sanitiser that has decided to explode all over your toilet bag. (True story)

4. Look around.

There is nothing worse than not getting the best deal for a hotel and if you’re in a hurry to book accommodation you sometimes don’t really think before clicking that book button. However the best thing is to look around at your options and see if there is a better deal. This could save you quite a bit of money in the long run and could help you cut costs for your whole trip.

Try using websites such as or Hostel world. If you click the button that shows you the cheapest options first but always the location of the hotel/hostel because usually the cheapest options are the furthest away from the city centre. This will result in you spending more money on transport.

5. Don’t have breakfast in your hotels.

If your hotel price doesn’t include breakfast, you will find you’ll have to add another £8 or £9 to enjoy a lovely cooked breakfast however to save some money especially when travelling with a lot of people such as families take your breakfast with you. Another option is to buy it at the closest supermarket.

A great suggestions is the porridge pots you can get that all you have to do is add water. It doesn’t have to be the top brand porridge, Tesco’s own are just as good and they’re cheaper!! Another great option is croissants or those chocolate chip brioche rolls, they are the best breakfast on the go!!

Also you need to remember that you usually have a kettle in your hotel room so take advantage of that and be creative!!!

6. Look out for deals or discounts.

Before Phoenix and I went to Stirling we found a few good deals that helped us to save some money. If you are a student in the majority of cities around the globe you will find great discounts for entry to some museums or castles or on food!

Also some restaurants do certain deals such as pre theatre deals or early dinners. Coast to Coast and the Filling Station do an early dinner deal where you get 2 courses for £12.95 which is a not bad deal and it is quite a nice selection of food.

Another idea is if you are wanting a cheap meal to keep you going through the day, in the UK you will find a Weatherspoons in most cities and big towns. I don’t know if there are equivalents in other countries but Weatherspoons is a great cheap eat with a huge menu that has a wide selection of food. I would really recommend the burgers, they come with chips and onion rings and oh they are pretty good.

But look for deals because everyone loves a bargain.

7. Ask for help.

If you don’t know something or need some advice ask for help!! It may be easier said than done but your friends and family have probably have more experience than you so use their fountain of knowledge to help you make better decisions to ensure your trip is enjoyable.

Also they may have recommendation of the best things to visit or the tourist attraction that aren’t worth the money.

8. Don’t over plan.

When you go to certain places and you only have a certain amount of time to see as much as you possibly can all you want to do is cram in everything so you don’t miss out. Also you don’t know if you are ever going to come back to this place so you need to the art museum in Prague because everyone goes to see it! What you end up with is a huge list of places that you don’t really want to see but you need to because when in Rome!!

A good idea is to write down the top three things you would like to do or see and make them the main events of your trip. Choose what day you want to do them on and give yourself enough time to experience it without rushing around like a headless chicken. You do need to remember you’re on holiday not on a wild goose chase.

Also sometimes when you have nothing particularly planned you may find something to do that you would never of thought about. Even with your extensive research!!

9. Don’t Panic.

If it is your first time travelling away from home don’t panic. Especially if it is your first time travelling alone. There is nothing worse than working yourself up and going over in your head everything that could go wrong.  It does not help one bit. I know!!!

I have travelled many times on trains by myself but the first time I went on a plane by myself was flying from Glasgow to Southampton for Roverway and I had a mini freak-out. The thing is I was completely fine until I had to walk away from Uncle and into the TSA line. I was on the verge of tears because I was getting myself in a state. But I started walking a little slower and took a few deep breaths then I began to relax.

As a consequence of my little freak-out I walked through the metal detector at TSA with my phone in my back pocket because I was panicking so much about going through without it beeping. This meant I completely forgot about my phone until the detector bleeped and I was asked if I had anything in my pockets!

So the moral of the story is don’t freak out but if you do begin to panic take a minute to take some deep breaths to try and stay level headed. Also if you panic, it takes the enjoyment out of the adventure. So relax, you’re on holiday!

10. Use Public Transport

The cheapest way to travel around most cities is public transport whether it’s the Tube in London or the Trams in Amsterdam they are a great way to get around the cities.

With most public transport in cities there are usually passes that will allow you to travel as much as you want with that one ticket. In Amsterdam, you can get a day pass that allows you to hop on and off the trams all day for this one price, this is a huge money saver.

In addition, in London you can get a visitor Oyster card which you pay £3 to activate it (I think) and then you can top it up with whatever amount of money you like then you can use it whenever you want. When I went down to London with my family we got one each and each time I have been down to London since I have brought along the oyster cards to save some money. The idea with the oyster cards is that if you travel in certain areas in the city you will only be charged up to a certain amount each day. Then after you have been charged that amount you can travel in the area as much as you want on that day.

Most cities have something that is similar to these passes but these are the two that I have had experience with.


I hope you have found these tips very interesting and that you may use some of my pearls of knowledge.

I also apologise for my extensive use of gifs I have recently become slightly obsessed. You can see how gif crazy I have become if you go over to my twitter which you can find here!!

The plan for blog posts is that I will be publishing a new post every two weeks however next week depending on Exam results there may be a post however if you would like to keep up to date with all of the bits and bobs I am doing then follow me on twitter!! (Oh all the shameless plugs for my twitter)

If you would like to read about my last adventure where I used some of these fantastic tips then click here.




Doctor Who Tag

In honour of the announcement of the 13th Doctor Who on Sunday I decided to do the Doctor Who Tag. Let’s see if I can remember different parts of Doctor Who!!!

1. New, Classic, or both

I have to admit that I haven’t watched any of the classic Doctor Who (e.g From the very beginning). The first episode I remember watching is when Christopher Eccleston regenerated into David Tennant. So I will have to say New because that’s all I have watched!!

2. Favorite Doctor

I’m always torn between David Tennant and Matt Smith because my first Doctor was David Tennant however I watched every single episode of Matt Smith regiously. Also I have all of Matt Smith’s series on DVD (which is series 5 -7 if your interested!). So I’m going to say Matt Smith but really he’s joint with David Tennant.

3. Favorite Companion

I quite liked Donna Noble because she was funny and sarcastic. She was just so sassy at times aswell and some of her one liners are hilarious.

4. Favorite “non traveling” companion

Does Strax count…. I think he does. I find him so funny and some of the stuff he comes out with is so blunt but you have to remember he is a sontaron.

5. Which Villain would you not want to run into?

Either (sorry I am very indecisive when it comes to Doctor Who) Weeping Angel because you can’t really run away or get away from them as quite as possible.

Or the Cybermen because they could actually turn you into a Cyberman and take away your humanity which I would not be happy if that happened to me!!

6. Why did you start watching Doctor Who?

I think my dad showed me it when it was on TV and we just started watching. I’m not sure but I think I must of been 6 or 7 years old when I watched my first episode…

I have googled when David Tennant started being the Doctor which was in 2005 so I started watching it when I was 5 years old. (Damn that’s along time ago, I didn’t realise I was so young) That was reason I didn’t watch some episodes because I was terrified. The episode that scared me the most was the one with Queen Victoria and the werewolf, I hid behind a cuddly toy for most of that episode. Oh and the Water on Mars episode I couldn’t watch all of it because it freaked me out with the water spewing out of their mouths all of the time.

7. Top 3 episodes

These are in no particular order and be aware that I have had to google all of the doctor who episodes to remind me of certain episodes.

A definite one is Vincent and the Doctor – 1) It is written by Richard Curtis who wrote one of my favourite films (which I haven’t reviewed on here, why is that….) 2) It is educational in a way as it teaches you about Vincent Van Gogh 3) Included in the cast is none other that Bill Nye and 4) I have sobbed at that episode so many times.

Another episode that I loved was a two parter (so I’m going to name both of them because there is one of my favourite scenes but I can’t remember if it’s part one or two) those are The Sound of The Drums and Last of the Time Lords. They both have the Master in them which is wonderfully played by John Simm. Now, my favourite scene is when The Master is dances around this certain room to “I can’t decide” by the Scissor Sisters and I absolutely love that scene because it is so cruel but funny as the same time .

The third episode I liked was…… Now I am a not a huge fan of Peter Capaldi but this particular episode I thought was brilliant. That is the Husbands of River Song. It is just so funny and I absolutely adore Alex Kingston as River Song. Also her little rant about the Doctor not caring enough to be there is just a great part.

I completely forgot the 50th Anniversary episode…. OH I’m such an eejit. I also love that episode.

8. What is your favourite Doctor Who quote?

Either (I know I can’t make decisions last time I promise)

“It’s a fez. I wear a fez now. Fezzes are cool.”     Or

“I will not forget one line of this, not one day, I swear. I will always remember when The Doctor was me…”

That quote just makes me well up so much.
9. Suddenly the Doctor shows up at your door. Do you go with him?

Totally, right now I would like to go a few weeks in the future to see if I got my results for University. However I would love to go back in time to the 1300 so I could punch Robert the Bruce. (If you learn more about him in history you will realise that he deserves it.)

10. What are you looking forward to most for the future of Doctor Who?

Oh, I’m not sure. I want to see what their going to do with a female doctor and I would like the see if the new producer/writer gives Doctor Who some new life because I found that when Steven Moffat it gaves a new feel to the show which I loved.

My Stirling 2017 Adventure

On 17th May 2017 I had an early wakening at 5am. After dragging myself out of my friend’s cosy bed and pulled on my already planned outfit I was nearly ready to head on my adventure!!

I repacked my extremely well packed backpack which had all of my clothes for three days, one pair of pajamas, my toilet bag and another pair of shoes (yes, I even impressed myself however Phoenix (my best friend) was completely amazed about how on earth I was able to fit so much in a bag that is not very big in the first place)

After getting ready we headed outside to wait for the bus that would take us into Aberdeen.

Now usually I’m able to get a child’s ticket as I look about 12 however I was asked for my ID on the bus for the first time ever. So I had pay £12.60 for a one way ticket (ONE WAY!!) when countless times before I’ve only payed £8 for a child’s ticket.

When we arrived in Aberdeen after our 2 hour bus journey we went to Starbucks for some breakfast and to meet up quickly with Phoenix’s dad. My choice of beverage was a Caramel frappacino with coffee and cream (let’s just say I was slightly buzzing by the time we got on the train.) and a pan au chocolate.

We inhaled breakfast and hurried to the train. I thought I had booked seats while buying the tickets however it turns out that was not the case. But we were okay as the train wasn’t busy at all and we managed to get a table for the two of us. #thegangstertrainlife

The journey was beautiful as the train hugs the coast most of the way down and we were greeted with some amazing views on the journey to Stirling. Also another plus was that the weather was absolutely wonderful so we had the sun shining off some lovely blue sea as part of our  view during the journey.

WP_20170521 1

The train journey went very smoothly and we did manage to get off the train at Stirling without any hiccups. Our next challenge was to find the hotel!!!!! Now from looking at maps before going down I was sure it was about a 10 minute walk from the train station. After staring at the map, hunting down street signs and making funny faces while looking back and forth from the map to the street, we managed to find the hotel.

To describe the hotel all I have to say is OH MY GOSH ITS SO FANCY!!!!!! Now when I was booking the room I thought this was a pub type hotel that has a nice restaurant with lovely pub grub and that it just looked like a lovely place in general. Well let me tell you, Phoenix and I were the youngest people in that hotel by far, bear in mind it was during school time and during the week. However we may have not stopped grinning while wandering through the hotel.

We dropped our bags off and headed into the restaurant at the hotel to get some lunch before we went our first exploration of Stirling!!! The menu was lovely and kind of expensive but thankfully there was a lunch menu with a few cheaper option. I went with a baked tattie with haggis and cheese while Phoenix chose a ham sandwich.

After we devoured out food we went to find a bus stop to figure out a bus that would take us to Bannockburn. We managed to figure which one would be best and found out that  we only had about 10 minutes to wait which was a plus.

However I had the sudden thought “Do I have the confirmation of our tickets?” The answer to that was no as it was in a poly pocket in one of the bags we had dropped off at the hotel. So after quickly saying that to Phoenix (while slightly panicking), we rushed around the corner to the hotel quickly asked the lady at reception if we could get our bags. I flicked through the pieces of paper in the poly pocket and shimmied out of the piece of paper we needed after shoving it in my handbag, we hurried back to the bus stop.

We had missed the bus. But after finding out there was an other bus that would get us there in time for when we had booked our tickets for we soon relaxed.

Thankfully we arrived early at Bannockburn and found out that the place was empty. We handed over our conformation in exchange of a snazzy pair of 3D glasses.

We walked around the little courtyard bit that is in the centre of all of the building. In that courtyard there is this amazing mural of the Battle of Bannockburn.

However after looking at a certain part of the mural I spotted something that was a bit out of place for a mural of a battle.

There is a cat in among all of these soldiers which made Phoenix and I giggle!!!

We decided to head back inside to make sure we were in enough time for the tour section of Bannockburn. The only people that were in our “Group” were Phoenix and I. That was it. Bare in mind – School Day, Middle of May, During School Time.

So we went on our little tour of the place and got to feel the weight of axes and chain-mail. The best part of Bannockburn is the battle simulation game thing. (very well explain, Lauren!) I don’t know how to explain it but basically you control what happens in the battle.

The last time I was at Bannockburn it was during the holidays therefor it was busy and everything involved only controlled a small part of either the Scots or the English army however as it was just Phoenix and I, we got to control an army each.

I was in control of the English army and Phoenix controlled the Scots. During the whole battle we were referred to as Queen of England and Queen of Scotland by the tour guide which just made it even better. My favourite part was when I completely destroyed Phoenix in this battle as the aim of winning the battle was to kill the King (*cough cough* Queen) and then you would win.

Well, Phoenix decided after my army was advancing towards hers that she would retreat her King (Queen!) however I chose to use three lots of archers to all fire onto the King which killed him and crowned me VICTORIOUS!!!!!!!

I was very proud and will totally be putting that on my skills and achievements for the rest of my life. (Maybe not?)

After I did the very much needed celebration, we watched the last video and after a little look around the gift shop we headed back to the Hotel. Oh and we obviously took the obligatory selfie with Brucie himself.

For dinner, we both really like Chinese and had basically planned what we were eating for most of our meals. So on our first night in Stirling we found out that there was a Jimmy Chungs ,which from very fond memories before the one in Aberdeen burnt down, led us to decide that we had to go and try to eat our body weight in Chinese, because why not?

Now it wasn’t as great as I remembered but it still was not too bad. We went back to hotel very happy and very full.

The next day after a lovely sleep in our comfy hotel beds we got up and ate our little porridge pots. (This is a great tip for saving money in hotels or when you are going away they are only a few pound and Tesco’s own brand is quite tasty as well)

Our day’s activity/adventure was going to the Wallace Monument which we only had to pay £4 each for entry thanks to a lovely lady at my Stirling University Applicant day that was handing out these little discount tokens.

After arriving at the actual monument we began our ascension.

On our journey up in one of the levels was a lovely cut out of a Scottish teddy bear warrior.

Sadly Phoenix’s photo of her being a Scottish Teddy Bear warrior had disappeared as she needed more storage on her phone!!!

The view from the top is absolutely amazing.

I found out that you could see the entire campus of Stirling University which as the massive nerd I am took a lovely photo and while taking it pointed out all the different parts of the campus to Phoenix.

On the way down from the Wallace Monument we decided to walk down the foot path, that I assumed would go in the woods a little and then would come out beside the road that was beside the little centre place at the bottom of the hill. Oh how wrong I was….. We went down and then up and then down again. The worst part was that there wasn’t anyone else in the woods!!!!

Finally after sweating while walking through a winding path in with the trees,which did not help with sheltering us from the boiling sun, we managed to reach the paved path beside the little centre at the bottom. By that time we were both needing a seat from all the walking so we went and waited for the bus that would take us back into the centre of Stirling.

We, again, went through the University campus and then headed back for lunch.

I managed to find a discount on Groupon for Friars Wynd in Stirling which was £9.99 for two lunches and you could choose between 4 or 5 options. Both Phoenix and I went with the toastie with skinny fries. We were both starving so scoffed them down quickly.

After lunch we walked the extremely short distance back to the hotel to prepare ourselves for our fancy night out!!!!

Basically our plan was to go see one or two films at the cinema with dinner in between and then maybe a Mcflurry or milkshake afterwards.

We took our time beautifying ourselves and headed to the cinema to go and watch Whisky Galore which was filmed in Portsoy which is in our local area. What I found out while we were walking there was that Phoenix’s mum’s friend was an Extra in it so one of the days they went down to watch them filming and one of the main characters is played by Sean Biggerstaff.

Now what you may not know is that he played Oliver Wood in Harry Potter!!!!

This guy ^ was in my local area and  I DIDN’T KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, the film was really great and gave me a really warm fuzzy feeling of pride for my local area being shown in the silver screen!!!!! I would suggest to watch it just for a laugh.

After the film we walked to the Filling Station that we found out does a deal for an early dinner. For a starter we ended up choosing potato skins and for the main I got a meatball pasta thing (very descriptive, I know!!)while Phoenix got something that looked like smothered chicken!!

During our meal there was a group of boys who past the restaurant and were wearing short shorts!!!! Phoenix couldn’t resist taking a picture of these completely fabulous boys!!

After an hour or so of chatting and discussing about everything, we went back to hotel but then decided to go and find milkshakes. The only place that was still open at this time (8pmish) was Flip ‘n’ Shake which was right beside the cinema. So we headed to the shop and got our delicious milkshakes.

Phoenix chose a bubblegum milkshake (on the right) which was made freshly with amazing ice cream. I however chose a VIP milkshake which was called Salted Caramel Crunch (or something like that). It was salted caramel milkshake with a crunchie blitzed together and served with squirty cream and even more crunchie on top. (On the left)That was the best milkshake I have tasted!!!

While slurping on our milkshakes we walked back to the hotel and tried to eat some more of our pile of snacks that we had dragged to Stirling.

This was going to be our last night in the hotel so I decided to pack my bag as much as possible before going to sleep.

The next morning we both got up around 8am and sorted ourselves out for the rest of the day. We were able to leave our bags at the Hotel however we needed check out before we went exploring.

Our final day’s exploration was Stirling Castle!!!!

The castle was the closest place to hotel however we had to walk up a massive hill and some stairs to arrive to it!!

After having a short stop halfway up the hill we stumbled across the Tourist Information and the Youth Hostel. (I would highly recommend if you are looking for a budget place to stay in Stirling then the hostel is about a 5/10 minute walk from the castle and a 10/15 minute walk from the Train station.)

When we finally got to the Castle we found out that there was 3 or 4 bus loads of school kids. This was not something that we were expecting however we were able to sneak around them and queue up for tickets quite easily.

Also on the way in we managed to grab a cheeky selfie with the statue outside of the Castle entrance.

The line for tickets was reasonably long for a Friday but the weather was still pretty good so we didn’t mind.

While waiting we started chatting to a friendly American lady who was in front of us in the queue. During our conversation we found out that she was on a tour that was going around some of Scotland as well as some of Ireland and that she had traced back her ancestor’s to Ireland. When they were on the tour she actually got to see one of her ancestor’s grave stone.

After our lovely chat and getting our tickets (we managed to get a discount (10% I think) with our Scotcards, so if you are going to Stirling Castle remember your Young Scot Cards as you’ll get a bit of a bargain!) we headed into the Castle. Now this is quite a big castle and we didn’t really know where to start.

So we began at the front and worked our way round all of the different sections and rooms. In one of the corridors there were different rooms where you could interact using your different senses so there was one all about paintings during Ye Olden Days so there were boxes for you to smell and guess what was in it. There was also a room where there were a few musical instruments to play and Phoenix’s favourite room was the dress up room.

There was a pile of medieval clothing for kids and adults. Phoenix excitedly tried on two lovely dresses however I passed on this opportunity. But here, presented to you is Princess Phoenix.

After spending most of the morning in the Castle we headed back down the hill to find some food. We ended up passing a Weatherspoons which we decided to go in for lunch as it is lovely and cheap.

I decided to get a BBQ Burger which has chips and six onions ring also including a drink and this only cost me £6.40. NOTHING! Absolutely nothing!!! In addition to that it was a pretty good burger as well!

As we were now quite full and still had some time to kill we headed down to the shopping centre to have a little look around. There was a shop that I recommended to Phoenix which is called the Flying Tiger and basically it is a Paperchase however it is really affordable and has a lot of lovely bits and bots that are great for little fillers for presents.

While we were in the Flying Tiger, I was quite controlled and only bought some pens and that was it. After that we headed to Primark to go and try a few things on. Phoenix continued to point clothes out and go “that’s pretty, do you wanna try it on?” so we both ended up heading into the changing rooms with a small handful of clothes. Both of us weren’t very successful however we looked through the PJ section after coming out of the changing rooms and I manage to find a pair of cute Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them PJs. Also I found a PJ top that says “I dreamt I was human, then I woke up.”

We walked through quite a number of shops trying to use up some time and we both managed to pick up a few little things for example I bought some cute socks that were on sale in New Look. Phoenix managed to buy gifts for the next few birthdays that are coming up that she needed to get things for.

After feeling quite tired from trailing around the shops we went and had some food in McDonalds then picked up our bags from the hotel and headed to the train station.

We still had about an hour/40mins until our train but we just went through the gates and waited patiently. However we both started to really need the toilet so Phoenix decided to so hunt for the toilet. Thankfully she found it however when she came back she looked a bit shocked.

She had dropped her phone down the toilet but it was still working god knows how. As a just in case she mass sent all of her photos from Stirling to me through WhatsApp. Her phone was okay but on the train journey is was the most dramatic phone ever as it died and then came back alive and then died again.

Thankfully she didn’t loose any of her photos or anything and managed to get it sorted out the week after we came back.

The train ride home was quite quick and as we went through Perth the rain began to pour!! Which was perfectly timed for us as we already had the three days of sunshine we needed!

When we arrived to Aberdeen we both wearily got off the train and headed towards my mum was waiting for us, ready to take us home.

I had an absolutely lovely time and it was a well needed break during study leave as after I came back I felt a lot more focused and ready to revise my but off for my German exam.

Thank you very much for reading my post and coming on my blog if you would like to read more of my adventure that I have been on if you click here for that.

If you would like to follow me on twitter to get updates whenever I publish a new post could you click here.

And finally just to give you a little update, I will be doing 2 posts a month as part of my Queens Guide Award so be prepared for some amazing content that may include some food ideas, travel tips and lots of other interesting blog posts (*crosses fingers*)

Lauren x




Now We Wait…

After over a month of study leave and completely al of my exams without having a complete breakdown, I now need to wait for 2 very long months until I receive my results. The results will mould the next portion of my life and decide whether I stay at school for another year or start a University degree.

This is a big deal….

I really, really want to go and I also think that my exams went quite well however I don’t want to hype myself up and set myself up for disappointment. One way or another there will be tears on 8th August whether they are happy or sad depends on the letters on that piece of paper (well, erm digital paper first). Thankfully I have signed up for an email and text message so at 8am on the 8th August all will be revealed.

But first I need to plod through these 2 months.

*crosses fingers*

Why Feminism is needed in the 21st Century?

In 2016 not many people know the true meaning of feminism or what feminism is as a whole. The majority of people seem to fear the word and see it as man hating or females thinking that women are superior. As the world has grown strongly against this word women in particular have ignored the true definition and why they should proudly call themselves a feminist. These are the reasons why I think Feminism is needed more than ever in the 21st century.

The actual meaning of feminism is the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes. I understand this as the equal rights of both men and women not about women thinking they are better than men but equal. In the 21st century more and more female celebrities including Emma Watson and Nicole Kidman have joined forces with the UN for Women and have become ambassadors of this charity where they are “dedicated to gender equality and the empowerment of women” and are global champions for women and girls.

The UN for Women have started a movement called HeForShe which is for gender equality pointed towards men who want to join the feminist movement. On the website men can sign up to the HeForShe commitment, “I am one of billions of men who believe equality for women is a basic human right that benefits us all. And I commit to taking action against gender discrimination and violence in order to build a more just and equal world.” I completely agree with that statement and if I was myself a man, I would sign up in a heartbeat.

Feminism is for both genders. The stereotypical idea of being a “man” is to be strong and not to show any feminine qualities, such as crying when they are hurting or feeling emotional. This is not right. Men shouldn’t have to deny their emotions because that it’s what is to be “manly”. Men should be able to show their emotions. In a speech ambassador Emma Watson referred to suicide being the biggest killer of men between the ages of 20-49 years old in the UK. In 2013 the percentage of suicides by men was 78% that is a drastic increase from 1981 when it was 63%.

It has come to a point where men and women can’t act or say as they wish. Society says men and women have to fit into a certain box. I should be able to grow up and be who I want to be. I should be able as a female to choose a career because I am interested in it. I shouldn’t be judged as strange or automatically seen as a tomboy because I want to a job that is stereotypically for men such as a Policeman. Men should also be able to pursue their passion for hairdressing and not be called girly or gay.

Inequality is still out there in the world. In many countries women are not allowed to have an education. But an inspirational young woman decided to fight for her right for an education. At the age of 15 Malala Yousafzai was targeted by the Taliban, a middle-east organisation because she wanted to be educated. Malala was shot on a school bus in the North West Pakistan by one of the Taliban. After being in hospital for a week Malala woke up, this was the start of her campaign of trying to get education for women across her own country. Her hard work and dedication to this issue gained her the Nobel Peace Prize of 2015.

In the majority of history females are seen as second class citizens. It wasn’t right for women to have a career because they were supposed to stay home and look after the children. Eventually women became fed up and fought for equal rights, these women were known as Suffragettes and theses were they first feminists. These were the first females to question why they were being treated differently but in the 21st inequality still exists. Women don’t get paid the same wage as men do. In 2011 a male doctor would earn an hourly rate of £35.45 but a female doctor would earn £25.35 that is a difference of 28.5% and they are doing the exact same job.  In recent years the gap between wages has closed slightly but still not equal. Women shouldn’t be treated differently to men. We are all human and it does not make sense to me that a women who is doing the exact same job as a man will be paid less.

However many women are completely against feminism. The campaign Women Against Feminism has lots of support from women who don’t need feminism. On their website they say that feminism is “A “movement” that advocates for the rights of one gender over another is sexist and inequal by nature…”

Many of the women who support this organisation have said that they don’t need feminism because they aren’t a victim. If there wasn’t feminism in history women wouldn’t be able to vote, have a job or be able to choose how to live their life. They may not be one of those many women who are under payed because of their gender but without feminism Women would be under strict rules and regulations.

Additionally women don’t need feminism because they don’t want women to be superior. Feminism isn’t a female orientated matter it was started by women and is for both genders. Feminism is the advocacy for equality of the sexes. If you believe differently you don’t understand the definition.

In conclusion I would proudly call myself a feminist because I believe and understand that feminism is about equality. I completely disagree with females who don’t need feminism because without it we would be in a very different world. Feminism is for everyone. All we want it equality and that is what we will get one day.


Round up of 2016

At the beginning of this year I set myself some goals….

Let us just say I haven’t done very well on my goals for this year. I think I have completed 4/10 possible 5 but definitely four.

This year has been an extremely busy year. I have been in London three times this year. I went to my second Briefing Weekend for Roverway 2016, then in the summer I went to the actual event of Roverway 2016 in France. During that amazing event I canoed, cycled, walked and met some incredible people who I hope to keep in contact.


In addition I have attended SS16 where I again met a great group of people from Orkney and Perth. I drank tea and fell in love with maple glazed gammon!!


In September I had the absolutely amazingly magical experience of seeing Harry Potter and The Cursed Child in the beautiful Palace Theatre in London.


Early on in the year I had played a huge city wide came of Monopoly in Aberdeen where I spent a day running around Aberdeen with two girls I had never met before and an inflatable alligator!!

WP_20160619 8

At the moment my 2017 looks a little bit emptier that this year of 2016 but my priorities are on my school at the moment as if I want to leave after summer then I need to pass all of my highers!!! However I am always trying to find something new to do.

So for my resolutions/goals for 2017

  1. Read More

For 2016 I set myself the goals of reading 50 books because I managed to read 30 in 2015 so why not 50 in 2016. What I did not see coming was a gigantic book slump that took up the majority of the year. This does not mean I did not read absolutely nothing but 13 books is not an awful lot at all. I also started the very irritating habit of starting a book but not finishing it. At the beginning of 2016 I started Enders Game but I sadly still have not finished it.

2.  Write More

I don’t completely know what I entail as write more but I have a lot of thoughts and ideas in my brain and the only way to get them out it to write. This will probabaly mean to try and write more reviews on this blog as I have done a terrible job of writing posts in general. I will probably just free write on a regular basis to try and find new projects.

3. Actually Make Films

If you did not know I really want to be a film maker but the only experience I have had is editing different clips through the year and adding music to it. The worst part is that I do have ideas but the combination of procrastination and the fact that I usually over think the whole thing I have never actual made a video/film with a script or an actual format. This will change because the only way to learn something and to improve is to do the thing first!!!!

4. Pass All Exams 

At the beginning of September this year I would like to University but to enter I need to pass my 5 Highers. This is going to be a bit of a challenge as I don’t have a great view of one of my subjects. I am really hating maths at the moment and I would be quite happy to achieve a C just so I can say I have passed Higher Maths!!!!

5. Take More Pictures

By pictures I don’t mean take selfies every single day but during some days and moments I would like to capture those memories so I can have the photos of my everyday life along side the ones of my adventures across the globe. I am going to try and scrapbook  more and collect different trinkets that will spark of the different memories of 2017.






Roverway 2016 – Paris

This is the third and final part of my Roverway 2016 Adventure…. So if you need to catch up check out the links below.

The Beginning

Briefing Weekend 1

Briefing Weekend 2

The Road


After a 2 hour bus journey from Jambville we arrived at Gard Du Nord train station. We took a few moments to figure out how to get to our hotel but finally after two metro rides and a 10/15 minute walk with carrying full kit we found our accommodation for the next two days.

For a little side note.

While we were at the different Briefing weekend we were encouraged to build our own adventure whether that is to come to France earlier than Roverway started. Or in our case, we decided that as we were getting dropped off in Paris we might aswell spend a few days exploring the city because when in Paris!!!

Once we went into our budget hotel, we decided to make a plan for the rest of the afternoon so we could try and use our two days very carefully.


The first thing we all did was use the lovely warm showers. The best part was that you didn’t have to be as quick as possible because there was only two of you sharing the one hot shower. I was very happy to be lovely and clean and finally gave my hair a well needed scrub.

After that we took the metro towards Notre Dame and found an Italian restaurant to have our first dinner in Paris!!!


Then we went for a little walk around the streets of Paris and bought some snacks.


That night I had a wonderful sleep on an actual mattress. The next day we got up bright and breezy, bought a delicious pan au chocolate in the bakery on the way to the metro.


We went on the metro to the Louvre. I fell in love with the old metropolitan signs.


Then we walked through part of the Louvre to see the glass pyramids that I have seen many times in pictures but now have seen with my very own eyes.


It turned out that near the Louvre there was a macaroon place that Eleanor had been to before and recommended that we went. It was beautiful.


After buying some absolutely delicious macaroons we headed for Shakespeare and Company. We walked along the Seine river.


First we went to see Notre Dame Cathedral again but this is daylight.


Caitlin then remembered about a crepe place that was close so we went and had a snack of some yummy crepes. I chose a simple crepe with sugar and lemon juice.


After our food we went to Shakespeare and Company.


This is a lovely bookshop which you see all over pinterest and it is adorable. You weren’t allowed to take pictures inside because this is some people’s local bookshop so it is just respectful. I had to buy something and as it is Shakespeare and Company I decided to buy something Shakespeare. I chose Macbeth because it was the first Shakespeare play I read. I obviously got it stamped so I can prove where I bought it. Also I bought a lovely tote bag which has been used many times already!!

After daydreaming in this beautiful bookshop and waving to some other scouts we spotted, we headed to the Eiffel tower. On route we picked up some bread, cheese and ham so we could have a picnic underneath the Eiffel Tower.


We enjoyed our picnic in the shade under the amazing Eiffel Tower. A little story is that, while being in Paris we all had neckers on to make sure we could spot each other easily, when we were having our picnic there was a small group of some girls and boys who sat near us in the little grass area and they asked us if we were scouts. Turns out they were also Scouts and we ended up chatting with them. The funny thing is that they hadn’t been to Roverway!!! Which just made it even stranger but amazing at the same time.

It also turned out that some the Austrians from our Road had stayed in Paris with Elias and we ended up meeting up with them on front of the Eiffel Tower.


After had a small chat with the Austrians we headed to the Arc de Triomphe and Champs Elysees.


During the day we found out that the majority of our Tribe was still in Paris and Elias was having a little party that all of the Tribe was invited to. As we didn’t have time to go back to the hotel and change(I didn’t even have anything of party material) we decided to try and find a shop of some kind. We ended up going into H&M where I bought a lovely summery dress which is now known as my Champs Elysees dress!!!! Which makes it fancier than it is!!

After spending a few hours at my first ever house party, a few of us went back to the hotel. I had to deal with my backpack that managed to explode all of my clothes all over the hotel room. I spent a good hour sorting out clothes that I couldn’t remember how many times I had worn!!!

The next day we finished sorting out our backpacks and headed to the Garde Nord to drop off our bags in the lockers so we could explore a little bit with the small amount of time we had left.

Some of our patrol were a bit grumpy from partying a bit too hard the night before and decided to hangout in the Macdonalds while the rest of us walked up to the Sacre Coure.

roverway-2016-223 sacre-cour-selfie

After our very sunny visit we headed back to the train station and get ready to head home. We sat in the non- air-conditioned train station while completely sweating because of the temperature being 30 degrees!!!!! That is something I am not used to!!

When on the way home we played buckaroo with Caitlin by balancing some pieces of paper and a pringle on her head!!! After 2 hours on the Eurostar we arrived in London where we had our quick goodbyes. Surprisingly, I did not cry at this farewell. I don’t really know why, I think it may have been a mixture of exhaustion and the happiness of being in the same island as my home.

roverway-2016-226 roverway-2016-235

I then went on a train to Sheffield to meet up with my parents and to see my cousins who I had missed out on a family reunion by being away in France. During the train journey I used the free wifi to chat with my tribe. We discussed who had the longest to travel and messaged the delightful news that they had arrived home. By this time it was probably about 11 or 12midnight. I was extremely but happily typed away on my phone at the same time as trying not to fall asleep, in fear that I would miss my stop. I however did not win that battle of conciseness and nodded off a view times while mid message!!! By the time I arrived at Sheffield I was wearing my Champs Elysees dress, trainers that were dirty and did not match with my dress at all and my Roverway UK contingent jumper.

I must of been quite a sight for my mum as I stepped off the train carrying three bags and looking slightly tanned. Even though I was very tired I was very happy to see my parents after 13 days away from my family. While driving back to my relatives house I started telling them about my adventure. When we got to there house I fell asleep nearly immediately and did not wake up until 10.40am the next day!!!

I have to saw that even though this is the end of my Roverway adventure, it is really the beginning. This has to be one of the best experiences I have had, so far, and I think this is just the beginning. I now have an amazing circle of friends who I am still in contact and there is nothing better than having like minded people who you have managed to grow close to over 2 weeks. This was my first experience of travelling abroad without my family and even though being my first time away for an extensive time I didn’t feel home sick. But when I finally arrived back my small home town I was very happy to crawl back to my bed.

Through signing up and going to Roverway 2016 I have pushed my boundaries and my comfort zone. I have travelled on a plane by myself, I’ve managed to get around Paris with a group of teenagers without getting completely lost and I have found out that I can make a very interesting presentation!!!!! If anyone that is reading this is thinking about going forward for any opportunity that is similar to Roverway or not, just go for it!!!!! What could go wrong!!!! You may be nearly in tears with fear while watching towards TSA by yourself in an airport or panicking because you don’t know how to start a conversation with people who aren’t from your home country but this is when you found out who you truly are as a person!!!

I hope you have enjoyed this little series and I hope there may be another one.

At the end of this year I decided to start my Queens Guide Award, if you would be interested in reading about what I plan and what I do end up doing to work towards this award then please leave a comment!!!

Once again thank you for reading!




The Christmas Tag – 2.0

It is December!!!! WWOOOOWW!!! Let us welcome the carol singing, the sweets treats and lovely crisp air. I thought to get me in the festive spirit I would do The Christmas Tag!!!! So enjoy!

1. What is your favorite Christmas film?

I absolutely love Miracle on 34th Street. I love it so much but it has to be the most recent one because that is the one I watched first. It is such a lovely story and the first time I watched it I was convinced that Santa looked like that.

2. Have you ever had a White Christmas?

Yes I have. I think I have had two. It must of been 2011 or 2012. It snowed so much and I was off school for a whole week because of the snow. That was the first time I every went sledging. I remember accidently bashing into fence and had a huge bruise on my leg.

3. Where do you usually spend your holiday?

At home in the warmth usually in pajamas with my family.

4. What is your favorite Christmas song?

I think it would be Kelly Clarkson – Underneath the Tree or Wizzard – I wish it could be Christmas everyday. They are just both good songs but the ITTTSS CHRISTMASSS is iconic and it makes me smile.

5. Do you open any presents on Christmas Eve?

Usually I am allowed to open one. But its usually after me going just one please just let me open one. This year my family have done a secret santa and we are going to open those on Christmas Eve.

6. Can you name all of Santa’s reindeer?

Prancer, Dancer, Blitzen, Donner, Rudolph, I cant remember anymore…

7. What holiday traditions are you looking forward to most this year?

All of the food, I just love all of the food and decorating the living room.

8. Is your Christmas tree real or fake?

Fake, it is a small tree that when you plug it is there are bits that change colour. It is probably 3 or 4 years old. But there are some small ornaments that I usually decorate it with.

9. What is your all-time favorite holiday food/sweet treat?

Food would be Pigs in Blankets. If you are unaware what this is. It is a pork sausage wrapped in bacon and it is delicious. For a sweet treat I love candy canes I just really like them.

10. Be honest: do you like giving gifts or receiving gifts better?

I like organising what I am giving people and then seeing them open them up and being happy with what they have received.

11. What is the best Christmas gift you’ve ever received

I remember when I got my DS Lite when it was really really cool and it was pink and I absolutely adored it. Oh I got my first ukulele for Christmas!!! I named him Phil!!! That has to be the best one.

12. What would be your dream place to visit for the holiday season?

I really want to go to Germany. I study German and I want to see the lovely Christmas markets and it just looks beautiful.

13. Are you a pro-present wrapper, or do you fail miserably?

I love wrapping presents. I had to teach my friend how to wrap presents and she tricked me into wrapping my own present. I own a tin that it filled of ribbons and bows and labels (I actually need to get some more bows) but it has some tissue paper and I have a few options for wrapping paper.  I will make sure all of the wrapping it matching and everything. What annoys a lot of my friends is that I usually wrap everything separately. I once wrapped a small handcream tube and I put ribbon and a bow on it.

14. Most memorable Holiday moment?

There was one Christmas where we had the whole entire family in our house and we spent the whole morning in our pajamas which was lovely.

15. What made you realize the truth about Santa?

I kind of figured it out but when my mum officially told me I cried.

16. Do you make New Years resolutions? Do you stick to them?

I actually started making a list of things I would like to achieve through the year instead of just resolutions.  If you would like to see my list for this year then click here

17. What makes the holidays special for you?

I enjoy being with my family and giving all of the presents. I quite like all sitting a lovely dinner aswell. It just a lovely time and very chilled.

Okay!!! That is all the questions. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year!!

Roverway 2016 – Jambville

Catch up on the first part of my Roverway Experience here – Roverway 2016 – The Road

Or go back to the very beginning – Roverway 2016 – The Beginning


After a two and bit hour drive in the bus we arrived at Jambville!!!!


We were shown our campsite which was part of the Moulin Rouge sub camp. We set up our tent for the final time on once again solid ground. Our campsite was under trees so I decided to give up on guy ropes for the sake of my sanity and my pegs.

After we had set up our campsite we were given the task of building a table for the tribe. I had no idea how we were going to build this table so I stepped back and watched. In the end we had an oriental style table as it was easier than making seats.


We then decorated the table with our flags.

After that we met up with the rest of our UK contingent so we could go to the open ceremony together and take some group pictures. We were given an update about different bits and bobs and then we marched!!!! Well… walked to the open ceremony while singing. Oggy oggy oggy and Everywhere we go. Both are very noisy and make sure that everyone can hear us.


After our group photo we ate and then it was the opening ceremony!!!

At Jambville as part of our entertainment there was the Rover Band which was made up of Roverway participants, two of which were from the UK contingent!!! The first thing played was the official Roverway song which everyone danced along to. The Rover Band also played other songs including champs Elysee and  Imagine by John Lennon. During the opening ceremony I was pulled along into multiple congas that intertwined through the group.


When the Opening Ceremony finished all of the cafés opened. These included the Rainbow Café and Moulin Orange which was set up by the Dutch Contingent. There was also the silent disco which me and Hannah went along to first. After dancing to some questionable music I decided to go to sleep because I was extremely tired and it was just after midnight.

The next morning we were wakened up by music. EXTREMELY LOUD MUSIC. One of the songs was the Circle of Life. So you can try and imagine a very tired Lauren trying to wake up and all you can hear is AAAAAHHHHHHSWENYYAAAAAAAAAAA. There was a lot of grumbling from me that morning.

During that day we had different activities that we could choose to do. I went, with the majority of patrol, to an activity that was about the badge Free Being Me which was made in a partnership between WAGGGS (World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts) and Dove (A soap company). We had to certain things to achieve this badge. One of the activities was that you had to write down three things about your body that you like. I said my eyebrows, my eyes and I think I said my hands. Then we had to walk around in the group we were in and then stop and say one of the features you liked about yourself and why. So basically you had to say, to the majority of these people I had never met before, Hello I like my eyebrows because they are nicely shaped and I like them! This was a bit awkward but I now have the Free Being Me badge and I have a lovely wristband aswell.


In the evening we had some more music and went off to the different cafes and such at night and then went to sleep.

The next day we were all very tired and quite exhausted after again being wakened by loud music. As a patrol we decided to go to an activity that we listened to this really friendly man talk about minerals. I felt quite sorry for him because I was nearly falling asleep and I was consciously trying to make sure I didn’t fall off the bench. But I am just not that interested in science so when he is talking about different things I was just thinking that I could do with a nap.

After we finished listening about minerals I headed back to my tent to have a sleep so I could enough energy for an activity in the afternoon.

The activity we did in the afternoon was one of my favourites. It was another WAGGGS activity but this time we were talking about gender equality and as a feminist myself I found it really, really interesting.

The final day was a bit strange. We did an activity which resulted us being in groups which resulted in that group to make your own culture. As part of your own culture you have rules, song, monument and clothes. I chose to do the rules and we had a really interesting conversation about politics and such. I didn’t really know what to make of the whole activity but it was fun anyway.

In the afternoon I found some of my patrol and we went and got an ice pop from the Rainbow Café which was well needed as it was a very, very hot day.


After our ice pops were devoured we tried to nap in the shade but Eleanor and I couldn’t sleep but while Caitlin was asleep we started to put bits of grass and twigs to see if she could sleep through it which she did!!!

We were then reunited with the rest of our patrol and played some more Frisbee. I at some point used face paint and painted a lovely flower on Matt’s arm.

That night was going to be the kind of closing ceremony as the next day we were parting ways with everyone. However there was still the night to dance away. But as I am not really a party animal and because it was a bit of an early rise the next day I decided to go to my bed early and try and pack my bag. I ended up having to remove a cricket and a spider from my tent as they managed to get in somehow. However that isn’t strange part of the night. I was all snuggled up in my bed (sleeping bag and blanket) and I started hearing Matt half whispering half shouting LAUREN, SCOTMAN MOVE OVER. I thought he was outside my tent and was just being a bit annoying. But half asleep I looked down to the door of my tent and there is a bright light being shone in my eyes. Once again LAUREN MOVE OVER SO WE CAN GET CAITLIN IN. So I groaned rolled over and fell asleep instantly. The next morning I woke up and stared at the side of the tent. I started thinking of the night before and tried to figure out if it was real or not. I turned over to see a pile of tin foil which had Caitlin underneath it all. I later found out that Caitlin had a bit of a fainting spell and they were trying to get me to move over because I was right in the middle of the very small 3 man tent that we were sharing. When I told the rest of the patrol that I thought it was a bit of a dream they found it highly amusing.

Because the night before was so eventful the majority of the UK patrol was tired and the thought of having to strategically fold a tent to fit into a bag was very hard to think about. Thankfully we had the wonderful Austrians. I have never seen a tent been taken down so quickly and folded once and then put in the bag without any struggle. I asked if they wanted to come home with me and come to all of my camping trips but they refused (must be the weather). Also because Caitlin was still not completely 100% from the night before the wonderful Austrians offered to carry her backpack…. At the same time as carry their own.

Roverway 2016 125.JPG

The funny part is that when we were walking to the bag drop off points they were miles a head of us and they were carrying more!!!!!

After dropping bags off we decided to take a tribe picture underneath the Jambville Eiffel tower.

Roverway 2016 134.JPG

A thing that Caitlin pointed out, that also made me smile was that if you look at this photo you can see that we are all mixed up there is a complete mixture of uniforms.

What this photo doesn’t show is the aftermath… About 5 minutes after this photo was taken I started to cry a little and did a very bad job at hiding my tears behind my sunglasses. This was the beginning of the end of Roverway 2016.

After I mopped up my tears we headed down to the stage for the actual closing ceremony where the baton (well a baguette) was passed onto the Dutch contingent who are hosting the next Roverway in 2018. The Rover Band played a few songs including Imagine – John Lennon, Champ Elyse and I’m Yours – Jason Mraz.

We all said our promise together which sounded like a mumble of different types of promises but was a lovely moment all the same. Then the words were said. “Thank you all for coming to Roverway 2016 and we hope to see you all in 2018”

I was okay for a few moments. I took I deep breath to try and stop water works happening. But I turned around and spotted that Elias had started to try and that was me off. I was sobbing my heart out. I gave up on the sunglasses because they weren’t helping in any shape or form. I think I hugged nearly everyone in our tribe. Some people I hugged twice because we just kept on crying. Eventually I ended up hugging Matt and Joe because I was just crying and couldn’t really stop. Matt then called my the Crying Scotswomen a few times while we were trying to get away but still hug everyone. I eventually walked away and took a deep breath. But as we were waiting for Caitlin to finish her good byes I was asked by one of IST who were with Matt and Joe if I was okay which I answered with a little sob and a no. I then received another hug which was very appreciated.

We then got our lunch and had to sit in the hot sun for a couple hours waiting for our bus to go into Paris which we would then build our own Adventure.

Roverway 2016 142.JPG



Roverway 2016 – The Road

If you haven’t read my past Roverway Posts here they are,

The Beginning

Briefing Weekend One

Briefing Weekend Two

All caught up now???


On 3rd August I woke up at 4.30am to catch my first plane of the day. After a flight from Glasgow to Southampton I met up with my patrol. While checking in my bag the second time I managed to break one of the straps on my backpack which I did manage to fix later on in the trip.

After a few hours of waiting in Southampton airport we were on our way to Rennes. We were welcomed by some lovely people who took us to the bus stop we needed to get on. Our opening ceremony was in a place called Le Triangle. When found this place we registered and were giving name badges on Roverway lanyards, a bag and some other goodies. I ate my squished sandwich which had managed to survive the journey from Southampton and then the ceremony began!!


There were so many people. We managed to find some fellow brits and screamed as loud as we good when the UK was shouted upon. This was when were taught the dance to the official Roverway song. Through the ceremony the song was played probably about 5 or 6 times.

After splitting into our tribes and doing some games and ice breakers we headed onto a bus to begin our road.

My patrols road was Viking Experience and it was great!!! In our tribe we had Austrians, Spanish, French, Finnish and Portuguese.

We were in the bus for about 2 hours and stopped at a place that was an activity centre (I think??). We set up our tents for the first time on very hard ground. After a light dinner we went off to bed… well sleeping bag!!

The next day we were split into two groups half of us would be doing canoeing in the morning while the other half would do cycling. In the afternoon we would switch.

I took part in the canoeing first and it was so much fun!!!!imag4254

We paired up and set off down a river. Along the river were some man made slides in some rapids so you would slide down in your canoe. At the first slide two of the French boys fell out of their canoe!!! Which resulted in a lot of splashing back as revenge!!!!

At one point we had to get out of the canoe and carry/drag the canoe across some land and then back in the river.


We canoed for about 14km which took us just over 3 hours. During these 3 hours Caitlin and I managed to sing through the majority of stereotypically British songs. Including Queen, Mcfly and lots of Scouting for Girls.

After we reached our destination we stopped for lunch. As we were in soggy clothes and there was nowhere to really get changed there were a lot of very expertly done towel changing. Here is a tip for girls who may have to towel change do not wear a swim suit, wear a bikini it is so much easier to change if you have a bikini!!!!!!!

Following lunch we set off on bikes which started off with a hill…. this was one of many hills we had to bike up. (well I pushed my bike up the majority of them…. all of the up hills I did) One of these hills was a 30% hill which we witnessed a few cars struggling to get up. After 15 minutes we managed to get to the top of the hill. The view was beautiful.


We cycled about 14 or 15 km. Thankfully the part just before our final destination for the day was down hill!!!!

After a well deserved snack we once again set up tents in another piece of hard ground. Thankfully their were some showers which were used by the majority of the tribe. This resulted in a very cold shower. It was freezing so I had the quickest shower ever by I managed to, well sort of, wash my hair.

While waiting for the shower I found out that one of Finnish, Sofia, was going to be moving to Aberdeen in the September and was going to be attending the University of Aberdeen. Well I had a very excitable conversation because I literally live 2 hours from their!!!!!!! (And a little side note I will be meeting up with her for a little catch up next week… I am SO EXCITED!!!)

Also while waiting I had an extremely interesting conversation about what I thoughts on why young people should vote.


That night we had a lovely dinner and then were giving biscuits that looked and tasted exactly like chocolate digestives which I was very happy to devour. I did try and convine the French that it was a chocolate digestive!!!!!!

In the morning the Brits (AKA us) were on breakfast duties which I slept in for but Matt and Joe had the pleasure of waking everyone up which they did by banging pots and pans together. I think they were sworn at in multiple languages for that but they were very happy running around the campsite banging away!!!!

That morning we showed some people how to make a proper cup of tea with proper British tea thanks to Matt who took 140 Tetley tea bags. (We didn’t even use half of these!!!)

After breakfast we packed up tents and then everyone was on bikes that day. But this time we were on lovely paved, flat ground. No hills NO HILLS!!!!


We cycled along on the nice flat road and stopped every now and then to have a drink of water. Then we stopped for a two hour lunch break!!!! During these two hours some of the Spanish and the Portuguese had a nap in the shape…. well a siesta.


While they were sleeping some of us went down a little path that came out beside a river. We started skimming stones and before long it was time to get back on the bikes.


As an afternoon activity we had to decide if we wanted to see some beekeeping or go to a Roman Museum. I chose to go to the Museum. We had to go up a big hill on the way their and we got a little lost but we managed to find it. This was just after 2pmish so it was hot, very hot. I had managed to finish my water very quickly but we were very happily surprised by the cold water fountain which we may have used half of the water!!!!

After the museum we cycled to Caen (which none of the brits or anyone could say properly…. sorry!) and then to Ornavik which was where we were going to be staying the rest of our Road.

Ornavik is a Viking villiage that is looked after by a lot of volunteers. They are in the process of building a church and a castle from the Viking times. If you are ever planning on going to Normandy France I would thoroughly suggest you go and visit. They are only open on a Sunday but the people who work there are lovely and they are all dressed up as Vikings.

Once at Ornavik we set up tents on once again hard ground and then we were giving a tour.


We then had chicken in a creamy sauce with rice for dinner and then were told a bit more about what we were going to be doing at Ornavik.

As part of everyone’s road you would be doing some kind of service. We had a choice from a few different things that needed to be done. On the first day there was stone sorting, which was where there was a huge pile of stones that needed to be sorted by width as these were what the church was going to be built with. There was making charcoal, which was where they had to move a massive pile of hay from one part of Ornavik to the other and pile it on top of a pile of wood which would be later set alight and then eventually turn into charcoal. Also there was a pile of sand that they were going to flatten over the stones that was at the entrance to make a wheel chair friendly access.

imag4327 imag4328 imag4340

Me, Eleanor and Hannah helped taking out all of the old hay in the Viking tents and put new hay back in. We also moved the old hay into the animals hut which recycles it.

imag4336 roverway-2016-027

We then had some free time. The brits all sun bathed beside the tents and we were all amazed that there was literally not a cloud in the sky.

roverway-2016-030 roverway-2016-032

During our time at Ornavik each night two countries would prepare dinner. The first night was the Spanish and Austrians who made Spanish omelette and Kasespatzle. Both were delicious.

The evening activities were also in charge of two countries each night. The first night was the Brits (us!) and the Portuguese. We decided to do a campfire and sing some songs.

imag4359 roverway-2016-039

The next day was when Ornavik was open to the public so we helped to tidy up the place and then we got to dress up as Vikings.


While Ornavik was open to the public we got to choose if we wanted to learn how to make flatbread or learn how to do some of the games they had.

imag4371 img_3623

Eleanor and I learnt how to do a kind of knitting…. Well Eleanor learnt how to do, I tried my best to do it but failed quite badly. Some of the boys were very happy when they got their hands on helmets and swords.


In the afternoon we changed back to our normal clothes and I learnt how to do some of the games. It turned out that the Finnish used to play these games when they were younger so they were all experts.


For dinner it was the turn of the Finnish and the Brits!!!!!

We made bangers and mash. Well, beef sausages (some people were kosher so makes life easier), gravy, cauliflower and carrots and mash tatties (*cough* sorry potatoes). Everyone was very happy with the food and so were we. However by the time we got our food we could not see our plates it was so dark!!!!

The next day was BEACH DAAYYYYYYY!

As a treat we went to a beach somewhere in Normandy. It was beautiful.


The flags that lined the walkway were actually the flags of the different countries that had landed there on D-Day. (Which I thought was pretty cool)

At the start of the walkway was a little shop that sold ice cream, crepes, chips and filled baguettes. I got a Nutella filled crepes which was delicious. We had lunch together and then were instructed to be back at that point at a certain time. Before heading onto the beach Eleanor and I bought ice cream. I got two scoops, one caramel and one cookies and cream.


We set out our blankets on the sand and had a quite dip in the sea, which was freezing!!! The wind was quite strong and cold. I was quite happy lying on my towel with my sun glasses on.


I did end up falling asleep. But no one had realised!!!!! I woke up and it was time to go. While waiting for the bus back Eleanor had noticed that the back of my legs were bright red. So I lathered on the aloe vera cream. When we arrived back at Ornavik I found out, in the most painful way that my back was also burnt. I didn’t realise how sore it was until later on that night when I had to lie down. It didn’t help that I was slouching the whole of dinner which made the task of straighting up and then lying down so sore.

That night all of the Brits were basically falling apart. The majority of us were sun burnt, Caitlin had sun stroke and we were all feeling completely rubbish. We apologised to the patrols who were organising the evening activities as we were going to sleep because sleep helps everything!!!

In the morning I inspected my back burn and found out that I had three circles on my back. One in the centre of my back and one on each shoulder. Loose clothing was worn that day and trousers were worn to cover the burn!!!!

This was also the day that the Brits and the Austrians were getting a half day in Caen. (Again I don’t know how to say it… apologise.)

In the morning I did stone sorting and at lunch time I found out my first ever exam results!!!

4 As (Maths, English, German and History), 1 B (Hospitality) and 1 C (Computing Science)

I then proceeded to tell everyone I PASSED ALL MY EXAMS!!!!!! WWOOOOOOOOOOWWW!!!

We had our visit in the afternoon which started off with a visit to the pharmacy. Then we visited a MacDonald’s (I know very French) for some food or a drink and to use their free wifi. I found out my brother had gotten the results he needed to get into College and that a lot of my friends had gotten straight As.

We then visited the castle which was so cool!!!


After walking up to the castle we went back to the pick up point and then went back to Ornavik.

This was our last day in Ornavik and as a farewell from the volunteers of Ornavik they did a kind of barbeque. They had roasted legs of pork and had some pasta and some other bits and bobs.


We were also given a taste of some Normandy cider (ooohhhhhh all 2.0%), it was very tasty!!!! After dinner, we went into a circle and were given a Roverway 2016 pin badge from Jean Yves and Anne Claire who were the leaders of the Viking Experience Road. Sadly they weren’t joining us in Jambville and we had the sad task of saying goodbye the next day.


I got a lovely hug from Anne Claire and she said to me that she was very impressed by how supportive and close the UK patrol was and she was felt quite happy that she had met us. This made me on the slight verge of tears.

After packing up all of our things and helping put back Ornavik the way we found it we said our final goodbyes and went onto the bus.

Off we went to Jambville for the next part of our Roverway 2016 adventure!!!!!!







Harry Potter and The Cursed Child

First of all I will say that there is will be a lot of me just going oh my gosh this was so amazing and I was very lucky to go see the actual play in the Palace Theatre with all of the gorgeous people who were playing these amazing characters.

Also a key point as the queen of Harry Potter (AKA J.K.Rowling) has asked us personally (through a public video on youtube!!!) to #KEEPTHESECRET I am now giving you a spoiler alert.

*INSERT ALARMS******** SPOILER ALERT IF YOU READ ON IT IS YOUR OWN DOING AND IS NOT MY FAULT**************************************************************************

As that is out the way I will carry on.

Here is a pretty picture of the gorgeous outside of the theatre. Myself and my friend Phoenix (yes that is her real name and the man whom we collected the tickets from didn’t believe it!!!!) geeked out so much.


So I am going to try my best to not just say it was amazing and actually simply tell you my favourite parts, favourite quotes and share some fabby photos and some other bits and bobs. Please be aware that I was seriously geeking out the whole day and I am again reliving that geeking out…. which is amazing.

I had pre-ordered the script but had not read it because I wanted it to be a surprise and I’m really happy to say that was the right decision (I have now read the book and understand why people whom have not seen the play in person have been slightly disappointed but honestly it was an amazing story, performance and a great chapter to the Harry Potter Story).

We had signed up for priority booking for the tickets so we have been waiting for a year. A YEAR!!! For this and were very excited when it finally came around. In the morning we collected tickets (which are beautiful by the way).


We then had a painstakenly 2 and half hours to wait. AGGHHHHHHHHHHHH

We went to costa where I had some coffee which was a bad mistake because I was buzzing even more. We were organised and had booked a table at chiquitos for in between Part One and Two so we could actually eat food because I was not going to mcdonalds (just NO!).

We had found out that just behind the Theatre there was a shop called the House of Mina Lima where the designers of all of the different props, posters and books for the films had given to the shop to display. It was free and if you are in London any time soon I would definitely go and see it.




wp_20160912-11wp_20160912-13 wp_20160912-14 wp_20160912-12


It was amazing to see all of the work that only two people had done.


We walked through the different rooms and then headed to queue to get into the theatre.

We were very early. We were the second group of people in the line and it was awesome. When we walked in I got a programme and we found our seats which were very high up and very steep but you could see the whole stage at one glance.

I was extremely excited…… extremely excited.

Finally after what felt like an eternity of waiting the show started.

Now I had pre-ordered the script but had not read it so I had no spoilers and I had been avoiding any articles about The Cursed Child just in case.

I enjoyed it so much. I loved it. I was completely overwhelmed by the story that I could have watched both parts without any breaks and it would have felt as if I had been sitting there for seconds.

I fell in love the characters new and old. I felt pity for Albus and enjoyed Scorpius’ many wity lines.

I enjoyed being taken back in time to moments I know well from the books and the films. I loved the story and gasped and giggled alongside the rest of the audience.

I found it amazing that everyone in that room understood all of the reference and laughed at the same moments. It was great.

I was shocked by finding out who Delphi was and the changes that happened every time Albus and Scorpius travelled back and forth through time. One of the most amazing parts that I thought was quite an epic way to encapture the audience with the story. During the Dementor scenes there was one that flew out at the audience. Also when the Dementors were on stage there was a high pitched screaming noise that added another element of evilness to them which I adored.

One of my favourite parts was when Albus and Scorpius are in Godric Hollow, and it doesn’t say this in the script their reaction, they figure out that Bathilda Bagshot lives and Scorpius basically hyperventilates. But later on when they are in need of some equipment and Scorpius says “Rumour has it Bathilida Bagshot never saw the point in witches and wizards locking their doors” when they swing open the door both Albus and Scorpius fangirl and it was the best reaction ever. Oh I loved it!!!!

After seeing this fabulously nerdy play I was very sad to leave. On the very tube back to hotel I was chatting to Phoenix about our favourite parts and when we arrived back to the Hotel I turned to her and said I want to go see it again!!!!!!

If someone offered me a chance to go see it again I would in a heartbeat.

The day after the play felt strange because we didn’t have a plan or a tight schedule. We did a bit of sightseeing and dropped our bags off at kings Cross left luggage where we saw platform 9 3/4 but did not feel like queueing the extremely long line.


With the very short few hours we had left in London we went and saw Big Ben and the London Eye.


For my lunch I had a delicious waffle with chocolate sauce and then we headed to the airport.

The next day was quite an anti climax because we had school and it really didn’t feel like we had been to London or that we had went to see The Cursed Child.

The night I came home I read the script in a day and now have sticky notes marking my favourite quotes.

I have to say I do understand why people who haven’t seen the play on stage and have just read the script found it disappointing. From the perspective of someone who has seen it on stage, the script doesn’t explain all of the reactions of the cast or the tone of which the lines are said and when all that there is written is that they transform through the polyjuice potion and nothing else when you read it, it feels like an anti-climax. But I assure it is amazing on stage, there is nothing better that being surrounded by a bunch of excitable nerds who have been waiting a year to see this and it was totally worth the wait!!!




On July 1st I travelled by train to Edinburgh to attend a weekend filled with Senior Section Spectacular fun. I came back with a mass of great memories and friends who I hope to stay in touch with.

I had never been to a weekend away with just Senior Section members (well Senior Section Members from across Scotland) but I was really looking forward to meeting like minded people who enjoyed the amazing opportunities of guiding.

When I arrived in Edinburgh I met in with a group of Perth Rangers and quickly started chatting with them. After some food we waited for a group of Orkadians (People from Orkney) while waiting for the bus that would transport us to Netherurd.

On the way there I talked with the girls and we discussed school, guiding and where we were from.

I am from the Banff and Buchan county which I found out very quickly that no one knew where it was…. However everyone did know the location of Aberdeen so my basic and very vague way of explaining the location of my town was Its north of Aberdeen.

We arrived at Netherurd and were giving a necker, a health form and a name tag. On the name tag aswell as your name it said your county which was helpful in some cases.

After being told where our rooms were I was surprised to find out that one of my roommates was a guide I had met before at a different event. Also joining me was the Perth Ranger Guides. In the room across from us were the Orkney group we met on the bus.

If there is one thing that there is always plenty of at guide camp is food.

On the Friday night we had three types of pasta to choose from then later that night we had the best hot chocolate I have ever tasted.

WP_20160707 1

There was a campfire where we sang a lot of songs. The majority I had never heard of but I have now found my new favourite guide song, An Austrian. The best part of it is that you yodel a bit and it is in my top 5 guide songs now!!!!


On the Saturday we woke up to a delicious breakfast which was Lorne Sausage (or square sausage) and tattie scones. I had both in a roll with ketchup, one of the best ways to eat tattie scones!!!

In the morning I was going to a castle but not Edinburgh Castle. This was a castle that wasn’t really open to public all of the time.


I am a big history nerd so I was looking forward to this. The castle was called Nepdeith Castle and it was huge. It wasn’t fancy in anyway but it was huge. Turns out Mary Queen of Scots had stayed in this castle because it belonged to William Grey which was one of her husbands. Also because it was a huge castle and in ye olden days they didn’t have radiators they used a fire. Now, this was biggest fire place I have ever seen. We managed to fit the whole group of about 20 girls in this fireplace.


There were balconies which had an amazing view but it was very windy. Very windy.

After the tour we headed to the bus. I asked one of the Rangers if they would take a picture of me with this epic castle and while taking one of the pictures there was a car I could hear coming so I panicked. So I have a nice picture….


Then I have a panicked one.


When we arrived back at Netherurd and had baked tatties with chilli con carne which, again, was delicious.

After having a small break and putting waterproofs on as it had started to pour of rain I headed to the main house for my second activity of the day which was archery.

I have done archery a few times but one of those times I was pretty good, the other time was a bit of a fail.This time however even though it was raining the whole time I hit the middle of the target quite a few times.

WP_20160707 3

We fired arrows for a good few hours and then back to house to dry off and to have a chill out as we had a gala dinner and a ceilidh later on that night.

For the gala dinner we all had a three course meal and it was delicious.

I had tomato soup for a starter, Curry for main and an apple and pear crumble. After that we pushed the tables to the side and had a ceilidh.

I love a ceilidh so I joined in with nearly every dance apart from two but the best was saved the end. The Orkadian Strip the Willow and I dance this with an Orkadian.

After our ceilidh and a quick shower it was off to bed so we would be wide awake for the Senior Spectacular Tea Party which was happening on the Sunday.

We woke up the sunday and did a Mad Hatter Themed Wide Game around Netherurd. My team were not successful in collecting all of the things we needed but in the afternoon we had the tea party.

WP_20160707 7

At the same time that we were having our tea party all of the commissioners were having their own tea party in the Netherurd House. (Before hand we had a little look around the house and it was sooo cute)

WP_20160707 4

But back to the tea party. When we entered the room there were huge tables filled with cake stands filled with delicious treats which were explained with a menu.

WP_20160707 5

There were a variety of sandwiches. My favourite was the maple glazed gammon (it was literally the best thing I have tasted ever).There were two different types of punch you could have and a selection of teas, flavoured and the usual. There were scones and cake and tarts.

It was lovely.

After stuffing ourselves full of all of the amazing food we had a chill to let all of the food to digest.

That night we did a movie quiz/challenge. Which included guess the tune bingo, match the princess to the castle and make a dress out of newspaper and cellotape.

WP_20160707 6

My group’s dress was modelled by Hannah who wore it fabulously. Sadly we did not win anything but in our hearts we were the real winners.

After that we watched Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland. While watching we were giving the choice of cheesy nachos, hot dogs or pizza (well you could have a bit of each if you wished to do so). Half way through the film we were giving slushies and popcorn.

Then once again our bed was well appreciated as we were all quite tired.

The next morning was an earlier start but we were giving French toast (or eggy bread) which was very filling. The rest of the morning contained stripping beds and packing as we were leaving that afternoon.

We were told to make up a sandwich which was slightly like a deluxe version of subway. Over two big tables there were many different types of fillings to choose from. Cheese, ham, tuna, salad, sauce and what I choice Maple Glazed Gammon!!!!!!!

I was very happy to fill a wedge of crusty bread with cheese and a lot of the delicious gammon.

After making up our deluxe pack lunch myself, the orkadians, the Perthonians and two girls from Aberdeen headed to wait for the bus that would take us to Edinburgh Waverly station.

When we arrived I had about 20 minutes until my train but as the train was at the platform we decided to head to the train. (Just a little explanation… it turned out that the two girls from Aberdeen were on the same train as me which was quite cool. we then found out we were on the same carriage as each other.)

I said my goodbyes to the Orkadians and the Perthonians and walked through the barriers to the train. Once on the train we found out that our seats were little parallel with each other.

After a 3 hour train journey which included an amazing sandwich and some great conversation we arrived in Aberdeen. I said goodbye to the girls and then headed to costa to get a coffee while I waited for my next train.

I enjoyed my coffee while trying to get through some of Lord Of the Flies (which is my book for Higher History) then it was time for round two of train journeys. Then two hours later I was home.


Roverway Reading Material

As I will be doing a lot of travelling for Roverway 2016 I am going to be taking two books with me. One is Lord of The Flies by William Golding which is the book I need to read for school but I will be taking another along.

But I can’t decide. This is where you can help me. I have narrowed down my choice to three but I’m not quite sure which one I should take to read



On the 18th June 2016 I went into Aberdeen and heading to the Girlguiding Headquarters in Aberdeen for the first time. This was where the beginning of Aberdeenopoly would be.

Now I had no idea of what was happening until I arrived and was explained about what I was going to be doing.

We were split into teams of 3 or 4. The majority had came with other guides from their unit but I was a solo guide which meant I was paired up with two awesome girls from Portlethin. We were giving some maps and a piece of paper that had a list of multiple different places in Aberdeen. The majority of which I had never heard of before. On another piece of paper there was a monopoly board which had letters on each of the different squares. Theses letters matched up with the different places.

The rules were simple. You had to try to get to as many places on the list as possible. When you got to each place you would take a picture.

Like this…..

WP_20160619 1

Then you will tick off that place on the checklist. Each place had a different amount of points but if you had found three of the places that were the same colour on the monopoly board you would achieve an extra 100 points.

Also you would get points for a picture of water works, electricity company, jail (well a policeman) and GO signs. In addition if you found 4 GO signs you would achieve another 100 points. As well as those extra points if you found Aberdeen Bus Station, the First Bus Depot, Aberdeen Train station and a taxi rank then you would earn 20 points each then an extra 100 points (it may have 200 points but 100 sounds about right)

So after the rules were explained, we were issued with our playing piece. Well inflatable animals…. (Actually one group had an inflatable banana). My group got a crocodile. We named him Collin. (This will explain the excessive tweets which had random pictures of people holding and inflatable crocodile, which looks like a lizard in some pictures, with the hashtag Collin Rules.)

Also just a little side note. We got to name our team so we chose…… CHOCOCROCS!!!

After naming our crocodile and our group we conjured up a game plan. We were going to go to closest places first then the further away ones. Also during the day when we had access to free wifi we were to tweet the pictures of the places we had been to. (This also explains the mass amounts of tweets I did on this day)

Off we went and heading to Robert Gordon’s College. Then we turned around and took a great picture of the Academy (which is just a small shopping centre).

WP_20160619 WP_20160626


We walked along the road a bit and got Bon Accord and St Nicolas Centre (Also shopping Centres)

But just a short walk down the road was the Martial College…. which was worth a great wopping 640 points!!!!!

WP_20160626 1

After that we stopped to grab a pic outside a police station and then followed the road onto Union Street where we got three groups of points. One for the Tollbooth, one for Ship Row and one with a Policeman.


We then headed to Union Square where we added another 3 lots of points. The Bus Station, the Train Station and Union Square its self.

WP_20160619 4 WP_20160619 8

After stopping for lunch we headed towards the bus stop which would take up to the beach.

On the way to the bus stop we spotted a taxi rank!!!

WP_20160707 1

Then we hopped on the bus and arrived outside Aberdeen University.

We then asked for directions for a cathedral and then realised while walking towards this beautiful church that there was a wedding on.

WP_20160619 5

Took this sneaky photo as proof.

Then we walked towards the beach.

WP_20160619 7

We went to Aberdeen FC grounds, the sports centre, the Ice Rink, Beach Boulevard (which the name of a restaurant),the Stratosphere (Sciency Place)  and the beach promenade.


After our touring around the beach we decided that we would wait for a bus back into the centre of town.

So we waitied…….

WP_20160619 10

Then after a few minutes of waiting we decided to walk back and then hoped onto another bus that took us to Duthie Park.

WP_20160619 9

Our last place, that we would be able to claim before going back to head quarters, was RGU. More commonly known as Robert Gordons University. Our original plan was to walk to nearest bus stop that has a bus that can take you the door step of RGU. So we walked. And we walked some more. We had a lovely view of the river Dee. Then we walked some more.

When we finally arrived at the bus stop we would have to wait 10 minutes for a bus. We came up with a new plan. We could see where it was so we walked. We walked up the gigantic hill that was bigger than we thought.

By the time we reached the top we found the first sign we could see.

WP_20160619 11

After collapsing on the ground for a few minutes we waited in the bus stop that we should have stop off with the bus that we could have waited for and headed back with our photos.

I had to leave early because I needed to get a train to meet my parents but I texted my group to see what the results were and…….

We weren’t in the top 3.

darth vader no

So we were left gutted and after spending a day becoming attached to Collin. He was taken away from us.

But after walking around the majority of Aberdeen I was extremely happy to crawl into my bed at night.